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  1. Mmaxed

    Should I Trade

    I have a '07 450x with a Rekluse and jetting, otherwise all stock. My son has a YZ250 2t with some mods. YZ will out lug the X all day every day. The X needs more flywheel lug well in my opinion.
  2. Mmaxed

    what part is this?

    Only if you have the right color power band. Not good to mix and match!
  3. Mmaxed

    Performance mods etc.

    For the best mod for that V10 contact Mike at http://5startuning.com/. For more positive testimonials than you will care to read check out the V10 forum at http://www.ford-trucks.com/forums/index.php
  4. Mmaxed

    I'm doing it. lt's time. Crack open the wallet...

    - BRP 22mm clamps. Tired of low-siding. More info needed. Please explain the benefit.
  5. Mmaxed

    I had a little get off today! :0)

    47? You're just a pup. Next month I'll be 52. But I do ride like an old man. The X is giving me more confidence to do things I wouldn't have done last year. Now I'm not sure that's a good thing. BTW, if my experience holds true, you will know today or tomorrow if you have a cracked rib. The pain gets worse in a day or 2, not better. I sure hope not, cause a truck is the last place you'd want to be. Get better soon.
  6. Mmaxed

    Trials tires on the 450X?

    While I have never tried a trials tire, I have talked to 6-8 guys that run them. They all are smooth riders and not the tire spinning types. The ride 250 2 strokes to 525 KTMs. None of them will run a knobby again. The only thing that has held me back is that I ride some pavement. Now I'm reading that some of the trials tires work well there also.
  7. Good lookin lid, but I wonder about branches trying to pull my head off instead of sliding across the helmet.
  8. Mmaxed

    Rekluse, what is it like?

    Well it doesn't exactly turn it into a woods bike, but it helps. That's what I'm running and it is a step up from my DRZ. The kid rides a YZ250 2 stroke that has been tuned into a fairly serious woods weapon. He doesn't like the suspension or the slow turning of the X. He is not old and slow like me either. The X does need some suspension work for me but I like the stability. Just have to be a little more aggressive with the body english to get it to turn.
  9. Mmaxed

    first / second day ride imperssions

    My experience with my '07 X is similar to Motomans. I have now removed the snorkel from the air box, blocked smog, (hated the decel pop) put in ?NCSV? Honda needle, 55 leak jet, and a bigger main. Also have the Rekluse Pro and a 14 front sprocket. The bottom end is better, but if you close the throttle completely it is VERY sensitive when you open it even slightly again. Turning in the fuel screw has improved it but not fixed it. On slower climbs when I, yeah I',m old and slow, let off the throttle and try to ease back into it the front end will lift to easily. The balance between traction and power is just right at that point. I will be going back to the stock 13 cs sprocket or maybe even lower for single track work. May even try a fly wheel weight.
  10. Mmaxed

    Suspension Question

    I agree with the break in time. I picked up an '07 this spring with under 100 miles of pavement riding on it. At first I thought it was harsh and had more than enough spring for my 200 lbs. Now with 800 miles on it and the comp clickers turned most of the way out (for rocks) the front springs are too soft and the rear may be also. This is the first nearly new bike I've had and am really surprised how long it took the suspension to loosen up. I am old and slow, must not ride hard enough. Ride it until the suspension loosens up and maybe play with the clickers some to soften it up.
  11. Mmaxed

    Part 2 of the 2 part question thread

    Unlike my sarcastic and untruthful response in part one of OMs 2 parter I'll be honest here. How many times do you work out during the week? None to 3 or 4. Over a year ago we bought a Bowflex and have a Air Dyne. When I do work out every now and then I feel better. Just haven't been able to keep it up. How good are the foods you eat? Fair. I eat too much meat and fatty foods. That probably won't change soon since I grew up on a farm/ranch with a meat and potatoes diet. I do eat more veggies than I used to. Are you over weight? I'm 6' 2" and about 200. I would like to get back to the 190 where I was for years. Are you having health issues? Was born with bad knees and age isn't making them better. The bike falling on one of them a few weeks ago didn't help. Exercise helps....see answer to question on working out. Are you on meds because of your bad health? No. I also chew tobacco and probably drink more beer than I should. Have cut down a lot on the chew the last few years. I did change the oil in the X yesterday. Peer pressure you know.
  12. I think he's waiting for my reply to get to the second part. How often do you change your oil? Change the oil??? Are you kidding? Never changed it in the old Honda 3 wheelers and them suckers wouldn't die. Since it's a Honda checking it once a year should be all that's needed. How often do you wash it? Almost every day. Gotta look good right? How often do you ride it? When ever I feel like it. It's not my wife. How often do you treat your bike to some new parts? Haven't had it long enough to have a good answer yet. But like I said above it's a Honda so it should run for ever. How often do you check the tire pressure, if it not right do you add air or lower the pressure right then? Not often. I put about 50 psi in em and don't much worry about it unless on is kinda flat lookin on the bottom side.
  13. Mmaxed

    F250 advice needed

    If you're on a budget a used diesel with no warranty is the last thing you want. Injectors, injector pumps, glow plugs and controllers, etc, etc, can add up to big $$$$ real quick. I have an '08 F250 with the V10. It is a 3 valve engine which by most accounts makes less mileage than the 2 valvers in the '04 and earlier rigs. I get 11-13 running solo on the highway at 75 mph. Pulling a 14k fifth wheel toy hauler get between 5-8 depending on terrain and wind. Not enough around town type stuff to give an honest estimate. Check out http://www.ford-trucks.com/forums/index.php for more info on the 10er.
  14. Mmaxed

    Chain/Sprocket choices

    Which DID chain is on from the factory?