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  1. Yamaha used a kind of 3rd piston to balance out vibrations.
  2. DinoY

    Changing fork springs KYB

    More or less the same procedure. However I would recommend changing oil as well if you have more than 20-30 hrs. Which would be a different procedure. I'm sure you can find plenty of videos on YouTube
  3. As you said replace the cap. Make sure you are using colored coolant, if there are any leaks to spot them. Did you check your water pump for any leaks? What about engine oil?
  4. DinoY

    AER 48 rebound

    Are you using mx tech's Midvale or the oem?
  5. DinoY

    AER 48 rebound

    The shims under the leaf spring control the preload of your foat. That is of course if the rest of the stack doesn't already preload the shim that acts as the float spring. Now a thicker shim will have more tension hence harder to bend
  6. DinoY

    AER 48 rebound

    The settings on the sheet do not create the float they state, it's actually confusing if you try to figure out how float is created by only reading the settings. Its up to you to setup the float. You have to remove the last shim (the first shim you put, under the leaf spring plate and measure your float, then subtract the thickness of that first shim.
  7. DinoY

    AER 48 rebound

    The RSV takes compression parameter out when you adjust rebound. That means when you are adjusting rebound clickers it only affects rebound because oil does not flow through the orifice when compressing. The check valve closes when compressing and opens when rebound. Now if you don't use RSV then oil flows through when compressing and rebounding , that is the reason I suggested the 26.10 instead of the 25.10 which would allow additional bleed.
  8. DinoY

    AER 48 rebound

    If you are not using the RSV I think the 26.10 bleed is good.
  9. DinoY

    MX Tech AER leaf spring mid valve

    [emoji848] Not quite I do realize it's a marketing name but you probably have seen what mx tech's leaf spring plate looks like.
  10. DinoY

    AER 48 rebound

    Jeremy's settings do use a bleed shim. It even uses a rebound check valve, so a bleed shim or hole would be necessary.
  11. DinoY

    AER 48 rebound

    What bleed do you use 1.5mm? Do you think works better than a bleed shim?
  12. DinoY

    AER clunking noise?

    There's definitely something loose in there. Maybe the Midvalve but the clunking is to loud.
  13. Since the rebound valve got jammed in, your inner tube must be damaged too
  14. Did you use a different bolt on the magneto? You said after you removed the plug engine turned freely Is it squizing somewhere on the plug?
  15. If I'm not mistaken clearances for this bike is 0.13mm + -. 03 intake .0.16mm +-3 exhaust Is your auto decompression working?