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  1. crossEDup

    Brake Pin Fell Out! (Common or Sabotage?)

    I've safety wired those pin clips as well. However, I don't run the wire around the pin inside the caliper because I want the pads to be free to "float" on the pin.
  2. crossEDup

    Enduro Newbie

    -What Swampfox said times 10. -Be sure your bike/trailer/whatever is parked in a secure location. There've been some bike thefts at some events. -Expect lots of sand whoops. -Know your fuel range and set up the appropriate to gas can logistics (the instructions on the event flyer should tell you about gas can drop offs).
  3. crossEDup

    Trail Riding for Kids

    In addition to Taskers, the National Forest Service also operates Pedlar OHV. I think that both systems are seasonally closed from December to March. Never ridden Taskers but heard it's rockier than Pedlar. There's a fair amount of wide and open trails at Pedlar. Should be enjoyable for most beginners.
  4. crossEDup

    Crankshaft/Connecting Rod Repair -- Kit HELP ME

    Another + for Cooksey. Look at his video clips and you can tell he's a craftsman that has a lot of experience and takes great pride in his work. He offers a range of repair options that will allow you to choose how much of the work you want to do yourself. He did a great job on my crank.
  5. crossEDup

    what mounts to get for my cycra probends

    These work very nice. They replace the top bar clamps. Clean looking. http://www.bikebonz.com/images/sitebdy/purbdy/hgm/sm_hgm.htm
  6. crossEDup

    Virginia riders connection?

    Looks like some fun at Berrt's. Will be good to see some other riders out there. Please be gentle when you blast past me.
  7. crossEDup

    Riding boots

    I also have big calves and prefer a "grippy" sole. I've been wearing the Thor Quadrant boot with the "ATV" sole. It has lugs which come in handy anytime I need extra traction when off the bike-like to help pull/push a bike up a slippery hill/creek bank.
  8. I've always used the tubular KTM Hardparts guards. They seem to protect well from impact and the open design allows good airflow and use of the stock front plastic fins.
  9. crossEDup

    Turn Signals in hand guards

    Just my opinion - Those look nice ... BUT... they don't offer much protection for serious woods fiding. They look like the "flag" style handguards that don't offer the more robust protection of the aluminum wrap around type (EE or Cycra, etc). They way I end up ping ponging off trees, the flag style wouldn't last long nor would my hands.
  10. crossEDup

    Good woods/trail/off-road bike

    At 230 lbs., you might prefer the 450 power over the 400. Also,to take advantage of the full suspension travel/adjustment, and get the best handling, a 230 lb. rider on any KTM will need to respring the forks and the shock. The KTM EXC 4-strokes have 6-speed transmissions and plusher suspensions than the XC and SX models so the EXC set up is a little more tight woods oriented. Many EXCs are "street legal" and have lights already installed. Virtually no difference in the weights between the 400 and the 450. The XCW is also wide ratio transmission. The XC bikes have close ratio transmissions, snappier engines, and suspensions more oriented toward motocross. Many of the XC models are prewired for lights but don't have lights mounted.
  11. crossEDup

    Hard of understanding. Front brake.

    The lever zip ty method has worked for me. My theory on why it works is that the constant pressure it puts on the system forces any bubbles to work their way to the resevoir-especially when following Dave's suggestion of letting the bike rest on its side stand with the bars turned left so the resevoir is elevated (just my theory).
  12. crossEDup

    Starting procedure on '02 520EXC

    On my '02 (correctly jetted and valves within tolerance): With cold engine: 1-put the kickstand up (it won't support any more than just the bike's weight) 2-turn gas petcock to "on" 3-pull in decomp lever 4-keep hand off throttle 5-kick a couple of times just to move a little oil 6-release the decomp lever 7-pull out choke 8-push the button warm/hot engine: 1-put the kickstand up (it won't support any more than just the bike's weight) 2-turn gas petcock to "on" 3-keep hand off throttle 4-push the button
  13. crossEDup

    450 exc road miles?

    ++ On previous replies. Here are a few personal "refinements": -If you decide to let the dealer do your 1st valve adjustment, trailer the bike there. Engine should be stone cold to adjust the valves. If you ride the bike to the dealer, you'll need to plan for a long wait for the engine to cool down to stone cold. -If you're running tires with "aggressive" (dirt worthy) knobs, they'll wear pretty quickly on the pavement. Just my 2 cents.
  14. crossEDup

    Where to find switches?

    OOPS. Stupid me. Forgot the link to the switch compan. Sorry! http://www.sicassracing.com/main.htm
  15. crossEDup

    Where to find switches?

    This outfit makes KTM specific switches/wiring. The combination switches will save some room on your bars-comes in handy if you cut the bar width down for trail clearance. As to power for headlight, I run a hi/lo beam bulb on my 450EXC with no problems. If you need more light power, get hold of Trailtech for options. There's also a way to change the stator to DC (you can read about on another bike specific website) that will help your power output.