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    Thought I saw a pic. of mouse mccoy at the finish? Or did he race with teammates this year??
  2. CAB

    the goat at Erzberg?

    RC might not win Erzburg the first year- if he decided to race it twice, he would train like a madman and shred everyone....the man is driven to win like no other.....
  3. CAB

    07 Ktm 300 Xc-w Skidplate

    I have an '05 300exc and bought the EE skidplate directly from the dealer at purchase. After I got it in the mail, I didn't even mount it as it was way too thin to be much use here in Arizona. Went with the Flatland Racing unit instead and it was twice as thick. Also have Flatland rad. guards. Good stuff. I've bought lots of other stuff from EE and they're certainly a great source as well. Just bolted up my revalved susp. from Slavens and went for an 80 miler yesterday and the bike is much easier to ride in the rock and chop. Should have made that mod a few years ago.
  4. CAB

    AZ Riders Represent!

    Another AZ native here. Spent three years living in the valley (Mesa). Only stmt that stumpts me is "cold in the winter..."? October-March is what makes the summer bearable and it is by no means cold in Phoenix in the winter. While the overnight lows might get down to 29-33 once in a while, the days are generally perfect for riding. I live in Prescott (5500 ft) and there are some days (far and few between) when it's too cold to ride. On those days, or if there's too much snow in the mountains, we load up and head for the desert 1 hr away where the weather is perfect.
  5. The other advantage to the three-way tie down trick mentioned above is that you don't have to wrench your fork springs down nearly as much. I routinely would leave my bikes loose enough to roll 6" back and forth from corner to corner. But with the three tie downs, there's no chance of the bike going anywhere. Drove thousands of miles this way with nary a problem.
  6. CAB

    Pro Circuit TI-4

    I called them about 8 months ago inquiring about an insert for my Ti-4 and they said the only insert made brings the sound down to about 98 db. Hopefully they've got something else available now to bring it down to 96 db.
  7. CAB

    Pro Circuit T-4 Slip On

    Yeah, per Pro-Circuit, the insert will bring the sound down to about 98 db, still not quiet enough to pass ama sound tests at off-road races. I've explored that avenue as well.
  8. CAB

    Pro Circuit T-4 Slip On

    Do the sport a favor if you're riding on public lands and get something quieter. PC makes the 496(?) and there are some other brands out there that will bring your CRF down to about 94db. The Ti-4 blows about 104 (I know from experience). For closed course riding, it's a great pipe, but too darn loud.
  9. Just saw a brand new 450x advertised in the Prescott sun shopper newspaper. Can't recall what the guy was asking. You might try to pick up a recent copy.
  10. CAB

    alpinestar sole trouble

    The company A-stars uses to do factory resoling (last I heard) is sole performance, 165 S. El Camino Real, Ste. K, Encinitas, CA 92024. Even better, have them put sidi soles on your a-stars as they hold up great. They've redone the soles on both pairs of my a-stars. Last time (2 yrs ago) they charged $90 total (incl. shipping). Turnaround is good and you'll only likely be w/o boots for 2 weeks tops from Wis.
  11. I stored two bikes (CR250 and XR600) in my dining room in 1050 sqft houston condo for three years and never had problems w/fumes. I used carpet scraps over the good carpet and brought those bikes in covered in mud...etc... every weekend for three years!! Carpet was fine and I just picked up or vacuumed up any mud chunks. My iguana loved to hand out on the handlebars. Jeez my wife's cool!!
  12. CAB

    Fastest desert racer

    1) Steve Hengeveld 2) Destry Abbott (super nice AZ guy- sentimental favorite)
  13. CAB

    Frame guards for 03 CRF450?

    Works Connection makes alum. frane guards. I had the same problem and they've helped a bit. The edge of the kickstarter has still cut a large hole into my tech 8's. I seem to be the only one among my friends on crf's with this problem???
  14. CAB

    Pro Circuit exhaust question

    I've got an '03 CRF 450 w/stock jetting and full titanium T-4 setup and the bike starts and runs great. While I think the bike may be running a tad leaner, it doesn't pop and runs great from sea level (dunes) to 8000 ft here in the mountains around Prescott.
  15. CAB

    Toy Haulers

    I have a 22' WW FK model that I tow with a ford 5.4 F-250 w/3.73 rear end. Three years old and no significant problems yet (that I haven't brought on myself). I can't go any bigger or heavier bcz. of the truck and am wishing I'd gone with the V-10 ford now, I've learned to be very patient on the uphills and try to get used to running at 4000 rpm on long slight grades to hold 55 mph. Triton V-8 has taken the abuse very well so far. What kinds of setups are you all running to tie down bikes on your trailer???? Homemade bike shoe setups??? Any ideas you could share?