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  1. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B56v8ADZYy6eT2ZXbUw0R1U4TWc/view?usp=sharing This is a link to a video of the bike running
  2. So finally got the shims yesterday I put them in and they measured at Intake: left 0.13mm middle 0.16mm right 0.13mm exhaust: left 0.21mm right 0.23mm . i know that the middle intake is on the loose side but i figured it would be ok since its so close and the valves tend to get tighter anyhow I think i got really really lucky with my guess on the size . The engine now sounds like a sewing machine and all i can hear is exhaust note. i will ride it for a few hours and recheck the clearances if you guys think thats what i should do. also on a side question Do you guys think maybe since the valves are so close within specs and that the shims are the same size that maybe its a really low hour engine? i will upload a video link if i can
  3. still waiting on the shims guys will update and let you know when they get here
  4. I have been debating weather or not to just get a shim kit. Regardless i will no doubt be buying more shims as I want the valve clearances to be correct. In hindsight i Should have gone thinner with my purchase but they were only $5.36 for a five pack of hot cams shim pads on ebay so if i gotta spend like 40 bucks getting the valves just right so be it. It will still be cheaper than buying a full kit and i will more than likely end up with some spares.
  5. Thank you for the reply. My service manual did not list any shim sizes that I could find I did however notice in one of the photos of the shim adjustment procedure that they were showing a single shim at 1.75mm so based on what zitbit u2 had mentioned and that photo i ordered up a five pack of 1.75mm shim pads and i will start from there. im just been trying to wrap my head around the fact that the bike started and ran fine with no issues except a small ticking coming from the top end.
  6. So heres my problem I just put a 03 yz450f back together I picked up as a basket case. It was in extremely good shape but was missing a few parts like most the plastics and few engine parts. I bought a new wiesco 12:5:1 piston 95mm std bore piston kit and did a fresh light hone. I made sure of the piston rings end gaps were at the tight side of the tolerances. the valves passed a leakdown test so i figured they were good so I reassembled the bike and it started up after a few very stout kicks on the kicker. The bike sounded great aside from some slight ticking on top but i know these yz's can get a little noisy so i ignored it and finished the break-in according to my yamaha service manual. The bike ran perfect although it seemed still stout to kick over but i was attributing that to the lame fact that the 03 yz450f didnt come with a decomp lever to make getting past tdc easier and it had a fresh piston, rings and hone. so after the break-in im checking the valves like is suggested and i find that valves were at : Right ex .73mm left ex .63mm right in .55mm middle in .76mm+ left in .76mm+ i only added the plus cause i dont have feeler gauges large enough to get the measurements. so at this point im baffled.......so i peel back the valve buckets out of curiosity to see what shim pads are in there and whamo no shim pads in the buckets or the valve tops. I know they are not inside the engine im not worried about that but my problem is what size do i need to buy to start shimming? im hoping to get some idea of stock sizes that could have possible came in the bike from the factory? I cannot find any direct info on the web about possible stock sizes. i could use some advise please and thank you
  7. davidbogart

    525exc rebuild tuning advice needed

    Did you take out the throttle slide when you cleaned the carb? Is it possible you may have installed the floating valve plate upside down? Just a thought it is an easily made mistake
  8. davidbogart

    87 Honda XL looking for more power

    Go larger on the rear sprocket
  9. davidbogart

    small gouge in head cover gasket surface, issue?

    I would put a little extra sealant right there and call it good
  10. davidbogart

    Collapsed XR650L Case Engine Mount

    That sucks but definitely fixable. I would use a small round file or drill bit and only take off just enough to get the bolt through.
  11. davidbogart

    XR600 random stalling & stuttering

    I cannot recall if that year had one but Did you check the acv "air cutoff valve"on the side of the carb
  12. davidbogart

    Post pics of your CR's

    My 03 250
  13. davidbogart

    New Problem, dying, backfires

    The rectifier shouldnt give you any running issues. after what I've read on your post I would think the stator would be the most likely suspect
  14. davidbogart

    New Problem, dying, backfires

    Did you check the stator for proper resistance?
  15. davidbogart

    New Problem, dying, backfires

    Maybe check for proper plug gap as well.