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    Has anyone purchased anything from these guys? I foud a BajaDesigns kit there and orded it 8 days ago. They charged my CC but as far as I can tell, nothing has been shipped. I emailed them and got no reply, left messages at the number provided and never get calls back. Of coarse no one ever picks up the phone. At this point I'm just trying to see if they are a legitimate place or if I got hosed for over $400??
  2. I know it's been said already, but a lot of people still seem to miss the point. The primary advantage is not HP gain, but better HP across the rev range and, most importantly, weight! These really pricey pipes are made of stuff like carbon fiber and titanium. These materials are a lot lighter than stainless steel and a lot more expensive. The average guy does not need any of this crap unless his buddies are busting his chops about his stock pipe and he can't deal with the peer pressure.
  3. B12Teuton

    Transmission Locked Up, 450X

    Most all motorcycles use the same oil in the tranny and the engine, BTW. This design is pretty unique to Honda. The tranny oil does not warm as fast by itself and it does not circulate well to the upper gears. Also maybe because the oil level is not correct, again especially when not up to full temp the circulation is insufficient due to the cold, thick oil. It is a good idea I think, just not executed very well. So much for Honda R&D and quality... again.
  4. That's what I was going to say. Make sure you adjust your chain correctly or any fix you do will be short lived.
  5. B12Teuton

    Dirt Rider Bike of the Year?

  6. B12Teuton

    TDC Question

    I just copy/pasted my post from KTM Talk: Some people say getting to the valves is a pain, adjusting them is easy. I thought getting to them was pretty easy, finding TDC was made MUCH more difficult because I spent a long time screwing around with a straw in the cylinder, turning the engine in gear with the rear wheel, watching the sequence of intake/exhaust valves opening and trying to look in the stop-bolt hole at the front of the case. Next time I'm just going to pop the side cover off and turn the cranck the propper way. All these "short cuts" are more of a PITA than anything else. Sorry to all the people that swear by them, but what a crock. It took me longer to adjust the 4 valves on this bike than it does to check and adjust all 16 valves on my streetbike, which has the same locknut and screw setup AND requires you to advance the crack since you can only do half the valves in the initial position. For anyone that is not really familiar with the RFS but does know how to wrench on a bike, do yourself a favor and do it the way they are designed it to be done. Pop off the side cover and advance the crank till it's in the correct position. I'd rather sit next to the bike and slowly advance the crank and watch the valves rather than be F'ing around by the rear wheel, getting my hands dirty or busting my butt trying to turn the engine with the kick starter. Finding TDC is easy watching the magnet. Finding the right TDC is easy watching the valves!
  7. B12Teuton

    First Valve adjustment --- All done.

    I took my rads off. It only took 5 minutes to take them off and another 5 to put them back on and refill. Really not a big deal if you know the steps. You should replace your coolant once a year anyway.
  8. B12Teuton

    First Ride On 06 Xc450

    I have an '06 450XC as well and share your enthusiasm. I don't really thing it's that heavy, TenSandman.
  9. B12Teuton

    Changing offset to 18mm

    Step by step instructions are in your manual.
  10. B12Teuton

    Motor Oil

    Even worse, it's a DIESEL oil!! And it's been great for the last 30,000 miles in my streetbike.
  11. B12Teuton

    KTM Reliability

    I just did the first service on my '06 450XC I bought the straight (now bent) feeler set from SEARS for $5. It has the .005 as well as many others both smaller and larger, so you can tripple check your work.
  12. The new 450XC has stainless valves. I imagine they will work in place of the titanium ones in the sx.
  13. B12Teuton

    ?Which is the better KTM?

    I got the XC after not much contemplation. It's faster, cheaper, and has SX suspension set very plush, so it's great for trail riders and track days both! It also has the sx short stroke engine AND the exc electric start. The engine has maybe a bit less bottom end, but it's quicker and more responsive. You can add a heavier flywheel if you need to tame it down a bit for tight trails, but I've gotten used to it very quickly in stock trim. I ride a lot of tight trails in Georgia. My last bike was a KDX and I am amazed at how easy the transition was. The XC is really the perfect all around bike.
  14. B12Teuton

    2006 450 xc MSRP out the door

    That's what I paid, and the dealer set the sag, put in a 45 (or 48) pilot jet and mounted my bark busters free. www.promotosports.com
  15. B12Teuton

    Motor Oil

    Motorex, Yamalube, Silkolene and Repsol in addition to some others make a 10w-50. I think there is even a Mobil1