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  1. I only ride 4 strokes but if I'm not mistaken the ooze coming out of the silencer is normal.
  2. Nope learned it from Tyler Wozney (has his pro card), I took a lesson from him and have followed his rules and they work well. Maybe you should expect differently sometimes.
  3. I would email Greg Wozney, he is a pretty nice guy and he does my lettering on all my gear and hoodies.He is also a retailer for GoldenTyre. I hope he uses the same email as he does for his lettering company. But I would try it. I also noticed that you live in PA they live in Delaware and are often to the races around. greggwozney@yahoo.com
  4. I only use my back brake going down hills with lots of breaking bumps or when I'm going to slide my rear tire into a berm. Otherwise its all front break all the time.
  5. I don't ride in the woods. But I see what you mean. If your on the trail why can't you just stick it in your backpack because it's not like your race is on the line. Shit thanks!!!!
  6. So sick and tired of paying $14 for a 20 pack of tear offs. Do any of you have use roll offs? I have 100% goggles if that helps any.
  7. I used to have a 2004 kx250f and it was a pretty good bike in my opinion. I put a Pro Circuit pump on mine and it didn't over heat ever. Rode that SOB to the wheels fell off.
  8. Buy the 13 it's really amazing to have a brand new bike.
  9. Until the apex of the turn keep using your front brake. Its called dragging the front brake, it will help keep your front tire in the rut and set you up for the exit. Hopes this helps. PS: I learned this from my trainer that has a pro card. So its not something just made up.
  10. I honestly love mine fits real nice and got the new chest protector in the mail that fits with it made by atlas themselves.
  11. I got a full gear setup which looks really good imo and I got my dad the T-shirt that matches my hoodie that had the same design.
  12. I think that would be best asked to the head specialist that looked at you. Also not be be a ass but this is a motorcycle site so its really not the proper place to put it.
  13. Track looks pretty sweet. Not going tomorrow but gonna hit it up this summer. Good luck!
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