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  1. Garett0439

    FAQ - Yamaha 2 stroke. READ BEFORE YOU POST!

    The "Squish Band Measuring By RB Designs" link is broken. Does anyone have it?
  2. Garett0439

    Does coolant matter?

    I am an engineering student so I have studied thermodynamics and heat transfer, chemistry, etc. I ride a lot and am pretty into coolant, so here's my 2 cents. I run a voyager which plots the temperature throughout the ride. I have found that it doesn't really matter what you run- whether it be distilled water (high specific heat capacity) or Evans waterless coolant (low specific heat capacity), they all run about the same temp. I have tried (and boiled) them all, except Evans. If you have trouble with boiling coolants out I would run Evans. Its what the hard enduro pros run(Cody Webb is the one who told me about it) and it will completely eliminate overheating, no fan necessary.
  3. Garett0439

    100LL avgas thread, YZ250

    I use 100LL at 32:1 with Yamalube in my YZ250. It detonates on pump 91 here in CA with stock timing. I did not have to change jetting(still stock). 100LL allowed me to advance the timing all the way to 2*, the maximum of my stator without grinding it. I have not had any detonation problems since. 100LL is currently 3.49$ a gallon here in CA at Santa Paula airport, 24/7 self serve, if I were you guys I would try to find somewhere else cheaper than 5$/gallon in order to promote competition and get the price down.
  4. Garett0439

    Legal/Illegal Places to Ride close to Ventura County

    Ride Ortega Trail; it is super easy, it will be really fun on a pitbike I cant imagine anything funner
  5. Garett0439

    Ortega Trail Online leaderboard, Strava

    Cameron may or may not be my dad, and as for Ronnie Mac that may or may not be his real name. GHILL28 For simplicity sake, I think we should just have one single public Ortega segment. One thing cool about Strava is you can make as many private segments as you want. If you make a downhill segment, let me know your Strava name and I will add you and you can share it with me. We are making a private segment, just to the picnic table, as well.
  6. Garett0439

    Ortega Trail Online leaderboard, Strava

    Regarding the comments about safety: Head on collisions are a real hazard on this trail, the biggest hazard if you ask me. Take a friend and have them leave a few minutes ahead of you. If they see anyone, they stop until you reach them. Strava isn't racing. If it was hundreds of thousands of cyclist could be arrested for street racing. We are simply riding safe and smart while tracking our progress through GPS. In fact, the more we use it the easier it will be to see what days and times the trail gets crowded on. We ( Ojai Valley Dirt Riders) are going to be putting a flip sign up on the trail as well so riders will always know when someone else is already on the trail.
  7. Garett0439

    Ortega Trail Online leaderboard, Strava

    Agreed about the Strava moto section. I believe they are working on it. I believe the best times to the picnic table are in the 19's. We debated making the route to the picnic table, the climb right after it up to 5300 ft is getting real nasty, too good to pass up.
  8. Garett0439

    Ortega Trail Online leaderboard, Strava

    To receive a time simply press "record" on the app and ride the trail. Zoom in on the map to see the start and finish. You time automatically starts at the bottom(south end of trail) about 20 feet in. Time automatically stops just before the metal/rock squeeze where Ortega Trail turns into Cherry Creek. When finished (timing does not matter, it only times you between the start/finish) stop and save the segment and when you get back in cell service it should sync to Strava and you will be able to see your time.
  9. Dear fellow hardcore enduro enthusiasts, Ortega Trail is now on Strava! Strava is an app that records your route using GPS and allows riders to compare times, log progress, and creates "segments" for other riders to compete on. 1. Download the app (its free) 2. Bring a friend to scout ahead to make sure the trail is clear 3. Compete for the title "King of the Mountain"! Here is the link: https://www.strava.com/segments/11233901 Do you know of any other good Strava routes? Post them below.
  10. Garett0439

    Calling All YZ250 Hard Core 1st Gear Types

    The single best upgrade to my YZ has been Evans waterless coolant. Its what all the Pro enduro riders are using. It boils at 356 degrees F. No more fans, batteries, or wires.
  11. Garett0439

    Making a '14 and up YZ450 lighter?

    Believe it or not the tires out there vary by up to a couple pounds and they are unsprung weight which will have the biggest impact on handling. Does anyone have a link for a good thread with tires and their weights? I have weighed quite a few tires and have found that the DUnlop Geomax are very light. Your brand new bike is going to come with ultra thin tubes which although being the lightest thing out there are going to have to be changed for ultra heavy duty tubes, mousse, tubliss, or Tireballs if you are going to ride offroad. I just saved 5 pounds of unsprung weight by switching from ultra heavy duty tubes to Tireballs. Initially I switched because I was tired of getting flats, but was amazed when I weighed the tire balls against the Michelin ultra heavy duty tubes. I believe I saved around 3.5 pounds in the back and 1.5 pounds in the front. I will weigh again next time I wear out a tire and record the weights tot he nearest tenth of a pound
  12. Garett0439

    143.6 hours on piston with yamalube 2r

    Yamalube is great. Its 8.60$ a quart on bikebandit with you AMA card
  13. Garett0439

    Fuel range for 2 hour race

    I think it will be a miracle if you finish the race on one tank. I can get about an hour and twenty minutes at race pace out of my stock tank(2.1 gallons) on my YZ 250. How you ride can be a big factor as well though. I race in A(expert class) so full throttle then full brakes constantly. Every time you twist the throttle the carb literally squirts a stream of fuel just like one of those little hand squirt guns. I would plan on refueling half way, or every hour is a good rule to follow.
  14. Garett0439

    Race fuel

    Another great option is AV gas ( 100LL ), which you can self serve at your local airport. It cured the detonation issues I was having with our local 91 octane, and even allowed me to advance my timing a few degrees which made a noticeable difference mid range power. And not to mention it is a lot cheaper than race gas. I paid 4.09 a gallon last time I filled up which was only a few cents more than 91 octane.
  15. Garett0439

    True Test

    If I can get a GPS location of the hill I will try it, go ahead and PM me. Meanwhile we are doing Fordyce creek trail next week. Wish us luck!