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  1. kauwboye

    KX green

    Wow I guess nobody knows
  2. kauwboye

    KX green

    I’m doing a project KX500,what color green powdercoat is out there to use,would like it as close to Kawasaki green as I can get
  3. kauwboye

    2018 rmz450 question

    I recently bought an 18,I previously owned a 13,on the handlebars I have the kill switch and I also have another button,what is the other button 🤷‍♂️
  4. kauwboye

    Spring rates and intercomp

    Can you dummy down your math?
  5. kauwboye

    Spring rates and intercomp

    I have a fork spring in that I know is a .51kg,I compress it 10mm and it reads 11.50,I have no idea what that means
  6. 18 Rmz450 forks dampening tube,is that a preload adjustment
  7. kauwboye

    Spring rates and intercomp

    On using the intercomp fork spring tester,how should I go about get a spring rate [ kg/mm]???
  8. kauwboye

    Spring rates and intercomp

    Anybody got a picture of how they setup there intercomp fork spring tester 100061
  9. kauwboye

    Spring rates and intercomp

    Nobody has any advice on using it????
  10. kauwboye

    Spring rates and intercomp

    I was wondering because I thought I had it all figured out,I’ve only had it for like 2 months so I’m still trying to make sure I’m doing it right, I got a set of springs to install in a set of forks,I ordered.46 and I measured them both a few times and they are coming out to .43,I’ve contacted RaceTech and they keep blowing me off so now im turning in this direction,so any help will be appreciated
  11. Anybody using the spring rate testers from intercomp? I see they have the coil spring tester and the fork spring adapter
  12. kauwboye

    Lets do a clutch experiment

    I installed a Hinson hub and pressure plate,stock basket and clutches,I didn't put the 2 washers in,my question is why does Suzuki use 3 different fibers
  13. kauwboye

    Decked Cylinders

    Got one that is .005 decked
  14. kauwboye

    13 RMZ450 cams

    Anyone change the cams on a 13?,what did you use
  15. kauwboye

    decking rmz450 head for more compression

    You can .005