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  1. not quite. I took it on a mud ride and it fell of stand while washing which broke throttle housing and lever. So got that fixed, and retarded the timing, then had a heap of family stuff, so its been 2 months. I rode two days ago to make sure it runs after timing change. So hopefully next weekend
  2. eXc

    New to me 2000 YZ125

    I ended up with three bond 1104. Some discussion here if interested.
  3. Just for my own reference in future, I used Three bond 1104 for the case halves
  4. eXc

    How to avoid head on’s?

    really? don't you guys have trees? We have so many blind corners here, you'd never get out of second gear...actually, second gear is probably too fast for your definition. Many of our corners you get about 4m (15') visibility, and theres plenty more with less than that. When you're already in the corner, add in your reaction time, and you'd have to be going very slow to be able to stop (as opposed to move out of the way). Around most corners I take it easy...but so easy that you could both stop before colliding, at 4m, two vehicles doing anything more than running pace are going to struggle once you allow for reaction time. The other thing I do is just try to keep left (USA would do keep right) around corners, so wide for rights and tight for lefts...but most people would follow the fastest line.
  5. helmet cam lap please!
  6. liability is still an issue in Australia. My neighbor lost his property over it. His grandson came over to ride, with the grandsons friend. The friends bike was damaged and un-rideable (chain or sprocket IIRC), so granddad went to get bits to fix the bike, told them not to ride while he was gone. Came home to helicopter in paddock. the friend jumped on the grand kids bike and went into a barbed wire fence, ripping his neck open. Parents were originally thankful (the grandson saved the kids life, as he kept pressure and rang ambulance), but then 6 months later realized the money grab opportunity, 12 months after that, he lost his property to them. Since then, I am very select over who comes near my parents property, and wont be letting any of my kids friends there.
  7. eXc

    How to avoid head on’s?

    yeah that's what it is. I suppose you guys would do break right... also I specialty break wrong. It implies leaving current course to go left, not use your brakes (though I assume you would do that too). I believe its actually a pilot terminology where you say "break left" or "break right" and it means don't think about it, do it immediately to avoid collision, as opposed to "turn right". Everyone I've discussed it with over the years always replied with "break left" so I just figure everyone knows it as common knowledge.
  8. thanks. will keep it in mind, I think I'll just work on getting stronger hands
  9. eXc

    How to avoid head on’s?

    look ahead and "break left" if required. Hope the other guy knows the same rules. I've had 3 close calls. 2 were avoided as we both broke left. 1 was avoided by fluke. I was almost always lead on the rides I went on. A friend of mine came across 2 solo riders that had a head on. One apparently had his eyeball popped out into his goggle... I don't ride alone..That was one ride I was going to lead, but was sick, so he took it over for me (And regretted it!) Another thing is to listen, depending on the terrain, speed etc. I have been able to hear others when I've been cruising and they are up it.
  10. eXc

    How to start whipping it

    please share video and your experience learning!
  11. whats the rough price of this setup please? Coming from a KTM, I miss the hydro clutch
  12. eXc

    YZ Restoration by P841

    does you aussie neighbor ride? You should do an aussie version for him
  13. eXc

    96-01 YZ to Modern 02 + Gas Tank Conversion

    holy thread dig batman! Nothing to see here, I just wanted to comment so I can find this again later, as my 99 tank is leaking.
  14. opinions can't count. They are inanimate objects.