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  1. LukeBrinkerhoff

    Let's see your RM-Z450!

    2015 Graphics....I have new ones for 2016 on the way.
  2. LukeBrinkerhoff

    Should I bump up when I have the money?

    Every bike has a flywheel...flywheel weights add more inertia. Gives the bike more controlable power, won't rev up as fast, and it won't die as easy for the woods. My exc has a bigger flywheel than a normal mx bike. My rm250 has a dinky flywheel. Put a 10oz weight on it, it helped, but not really as much as I thought it would, but it did help.
  3. LukeBrinkerhoff

    What Have You Done To Your KTM Today?

    Hey everybody. Back after my absent from TT and my KTM. I got the blown crank back together, and almost ready to run. Work will be hard tomorrow, all I will think about is firing up my good'ol 300. I will have pictures up later, not sure how to do it on my phone.
  4. LukeBrinkerhoff

    What to wear at the track?

    Knee braces, protect your knees! I already have a bad knee, and I watch it like a hawk. They are expensive, I would always suggest to get them. it would be pointless if you don't plan on riding, and getting serious about racing, but there is always that one day like me, you are just having fun, riding around, then BAM, you have a bad knee.
  5. LukeBrinkerhoff

    When adding a flywheel weight...

    seeing it in other pictures, it doesn't seem like it sticks out, but I will have to form my shifter. I am guessing it's bent. I won't spend $40 to find out where I want my gearing.
  6. LukeBrinkerhoff

    DIY Gripper Seat Cover

    only had it for a week now, it seems to be the same, or better than the old one I had on. I would get it again if that answered better.
  7. LukeBrinkerhoff

    DIY Gripper Seat Cover

    I got my neutron gripper cover, for $18
  8. LukeBrinkerhoff

    When adding a flywheel weight...

    Why was this moved to KTM? there is no reason at all...it is not at all about KTM, the main topic is about flywheel weights, general info on them like listed above. if any thing It should have been moved to Suzuki 2 stroke, because that is what the flywheel weight is going on.
  9. LukeBrinkerhoff

    When adding a flywheel weight...

    Just wanting to know some info...how far will the cover stick out? I see that they give a spacer, but my shifter already is next to the case, so that means I have to either get a different shifter that will stick out further? or customize mine so that it will fit. Then my stock pegs might not be out far enough, and I will run into the problem of hitting my foot against the case every time I try to put my foot back...I am guessing that the spacer has to be as thick as the weight, but then again a 10oz(which is what I plan for) might not be that wide as I am thinking. Going from suzuki, to KTM, back to suzuki, I realized how much of a lazy man's bike the KTM is. I do fine with not killing my bike when I have energy, but when I start loosing it, it get's bad. one problem, I have the smallest front sprocket that I could get, way back when I was slow, I think that really messes with me, because I have a hard time knowing what gear I am in, I will think I am in a low gear, then find out that I am not, and kill it right away. so hoping putting a bigger counter shaft sprocket on, it will help me distinguish the difference in the gears. I know that I could tell every time what gear I was in on my KTM.
  10. LukeBrinkerhoff

    300 Pictures

    Well, now it doesn't...Rod bearing went out, so now it will be sitting till I have time to fix it. back on the old RM now.
  11. LukeBrinkerhoff

    Lets see The Rm's

    Anybody know how easy it is to get a 2k+ rear fender onto a 96'? does the sub frame have to be changed?
  12. LukeBrinkerhoff

    RM250 Intermittent spark.

    Well, if it holds up, and that really was the problem, it was the gap between the stator, and pickup. it was around .037, and from what I found it should only be .010. which naturally makes sense, it was having to jump too far. but I only got it safely to .018, now it seems to start one kick, rather than not.
  13. LukeBrinkerhoff

    RM250 Intermittent spark.

    not trying to start anything, just saying. surprised a mod hasn't changed it or something. not sure what the rules are, I seen some bad names, but they were spelled wrong.
  14. LukeBrinkerhoff

    RM250 Intermittent spark.

    Not that bad off a noob with bikes. I have been gone all day, and didn't have time to check everything after the top end. pulled the stator cover, and the gap is huge. going to adjust it tomorrow, and see how it is. p.s. surprised you haven't had to change your name.
  15. LukeBrinkerhoff

    RM250 Intermittent spark.

    I put my 96' rm250 away 2 years ago in the fall, it was having a really hard time starting, it slowly got worse, so I figured it was the top end. I finally got around to rebuilding it. the top end was pretty bad, and now it's really strong. fired a couple times, and it won't run. pulled the plug, and cranked it, watched the spark, seems to spark every other time, or not at all, it's in and out. I tried both br8es, and br8eix plugs. the eix is suppose to be better in sense of being able to spark. any idea of what it could be? going to check all the connections, and the kill switch at some point.