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  1. I'm sure Dungey and Roczen are sure disappointed with their orange bikes right now.
  2. They only handle like crap if set up incorrectly. Work on your suspension tuning skills. Why so much sandgina over one brand? Tired of getting your ass beat by teh orange bikes? Just curious.
  3. HalfNutz

    Setting up my bike for the dunes

    Make sure your chain is long enough so that when adjusted properlly the paddles don't hit the mudflap that protects the shock. Go several clicks harder on compression or your bike will wallow. Lower tire pressure. You will be WFO often in the sand. A little rich on the jetting is much better than lean.
  4. All of my KTM's have run flawlessly, 200, 300, & bored & stroked 525 (576). The only race I ever missed due to a mechanical was my own fault. I've been deep into all of my motors and never had an issue with parts not fitting. It only takes a barely double-digit IQ to order the right parts. KTM's are the shit and rule the PacNW off road scene due to their reliability and raceability. I bought a spare clutch for my 200.... never had to use it.... bike had the original clutch when I sold it 5 years later. That was 3 years of riding at least 3x a month and two years of racing. I think the OP is just overly opinionated and has a hard-on for KTM. KTM makes good machines. To each his/her own. I will say that if I didn't like a bike I simply wouldn't buy one. I definitely wouldn't resort to a full-page diatride. That's just blowing your own horn.... 'look at me'.... 'look at me!'. LOL
  5. HalfNutz

    Getting stains out of jersey?

    My advice: Don't date anyone with the last name of Clinton.
  6. HalfNutz

    19 inch rim with 18 inch tire?

    Ha ha ha ha. You funny man. Bad advice is simply that... bad advice. You need to shut your pie-hole and quit leading this lad on.
  7. HalfNutz

    High Point Winner

    No doubt. I guess there'll always be haters though.
  8. HalfNutz

    What are the "outdoor" rules??

    Qualifiers to determine the field. Then two 30 minute + 2 lap motos. In the case of a tie the winner is the rider that did better in the 2nd moto. Example Scenario: RV2 gets 1st in first moto and 2nd in second moto... RD1 gets 2nd in first moto and 1st in second moto. That would be all tied up (they'd both be awarded the same number of points, however RD1 would be awarded the overall due to his better finish in the second moto.) The overall doesn't really mean anything but bragging rights. There are no extra points awarded, just a big fat trophy.
  9. HalfNutz

    What happened to Dungeys bike?

    You guys are all missing what I said earlier. Metcalf was on the same bike. His bike ran out of gas 200' from the podium on the way to the AMA impound. Whether it boiled off, leaked out, tank was too small... both Zukes ran out of gas. Get over it with the over-analyzing.
  10. HalfNutz

    Does launch control have a place in MX/SX?

    Isn't that kinda like saying I should quit going to the doctor because the advances in technology might go wrong? That's kinda silly IMO. I would have died twice by now from cancer by your way of thinking. The positives outweigh the negatives. If they didn't, the professionals would not be using the tech.
  11. HalfNutz

    Does launch control have a place in MX/SX?

    All you gotta do is purchase the interface and you can dial in all the arm-yanking power you want. Duh. At the pro level, every bike is mapped to the rider's preference.
  12. HalfNutz

    Does launch control have a place in MX/SX?

    Come out of your cave and embrace technology.
  13. HalfNutz

    What happened to Dungeys bike?

    Metcalf's bike ran out of gas 200' from the podium on the way to AMA impound. Same bike. Dungey ran out of gas, plain and simple.
  14. HalfNutz

    Stewart to Suzuki talk - Actual Source

    Fastest man to the scene of the accident. :smirk: There were several SX races this year where he clearly was struggling with bike setup. We'll have to see how he does on a different bike.
  15. HalfNutz

    Stewart to Suzuki talk - Actual Source

    I think Roger is going to put his eggs in the Roczen basket.