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  1. Man this gripes my butt !!!!! Don't make a thread in the CRF250 forum, about what you think should be done to riders as far as penalties, and name the thread "Cheap"! We don't care what you think about any of the pro riders, and if we did, we would go to the appropriate section of the forum to read it. That discussion doesn't belong in this forum. Some of us work for a living, long hours, and on weekends. We have to DVR the races, and watch them when we can. WE DON'T WANT TO HEAR RESULTS, OPINIONS, OR PARTICULARS OF THE RACES, WHEN WE VISIT THIS SECTION OF THE FORUM. Man, this stuff just burns me. Mods, delete that stuff, it doesn't belong here, and it just ruins it for us that intend to watch the races at a later time. I guess I will just have to stop visiting the forum altogether, when there is a race that I haven't seen yet.
  2. After about a two year break, I went out on the '08 CRF250R this week. Well, being a bit rusty, I layed it down twice and crashed hard once (most likely a broken rib or two...thats another topic, though). On one of the gentle landings, it managed to stay running. Good. On the day-of-fun-ending crash, and other low side laydown, it seemed to become flooded, after laying down and dying. I kicked for probably more than 10 minutes both times, and only was able to start it, after opening the throttle full, holding the kill button, and kicking about 20 times to clear it, then, after many more kicks, it began to sputter, then eventually fire. There has to be a fix for this. It wears me out, kicking like a mad man, for 20-30 minutes, when I could be riding. The bike is jetted perfectly with a JD kit and adj. AP pump cover, and starts within a kick or two, hot or cold, if I follow the correct procedure. Its just after it gets layed down, it seems to flood badly. Anyone know of a remedy for this? *and don't just say "Don't crash", please. Even though I am in much pain, I am glad to be back!
  3. Jimbo45

    08 crf250 jetting problem

    Check for other air leaks in the intake system.
  4. Jimbo45

    Monster Trucks SUCK

    Maybe to drive, but not to watch, when SX is supposed to be on.
  5. Jimbo45

    Monster Trucks SUCK

    Is this waste of tractor tires almost over, or will it run another hour???????????????????????
  6. Folks, its been almost a year since I started this thread. I am looking for some feedback. I took my 250 out of winter storage last week. I had drained ALL the gas out of it late last summer. Dusted it off, put fresh gas in, and pumped the throttle 6 times, flipped the choke on, found TDC, and it lit easier than ever, in just a few easy kicks! I no longer have issues starting this bike. I think the fact that I learned to pump the throttle more than I used to, and this mod together, makes it start with ease. Please post if you performed the mod, and if you noticed a difference, good or bad. Thanks, guys and gals!
  7. Jimbo45

    You Wont Believe What Happned

    Anybody else see a design oxymoron here? I mean, they put the little bosses on there to hold a GUARD, that is supposed to prevent case damage in the event of a snapped, or jumped chain. Well, what the heck good does the guard do, if when the chain smacks it, it BREAKS THE CASE at the boss, requiring case replacement?!!!! Sound like they need to make breakaway replaceable bosses, or the guard is useless. Or, you could just pay attention to your chain tension, and hope to never have a chain snap, and you don't have to worry,..
  8. Jimbo45

    impossible to start once warm

  9. Whats been going on folks!? I really haven't been on TT in about a year, and didn't ride much last summer. Kids, work, riding buddy not riding much anymore, and other hobbies didn't leave much time. Nobody probably remembers me. I guess my only claims to fame on TT are my early contributions on the "o-ring AP mod" (nobody needs to do it anymore on the new scooters), and my decomp mod "how-to" in the FAQ. Anyway, I've missed everyone, and I'M BACK!!!!!! Last week, I moved all the junk that was stacked around the old (well, pretty new, really) 250 in the garage. Rolled it out, put some fresh gas in it, and took a little burn around the yard. Man, I missed this. Then, I went through it that night, for a full service, and checked everything over. Its ready to go. Seeing how I have a new pickup since last riding, and don't want to pull the trailer, I ordered some folding loading ramps tonight. I can't wait to get out riding again. She almost seemed mad at me, when I started to dust her off. But, all is good now, and I need to go ride! Sorry for the pointless post...just looking forward to hitting the track, and thought I'd check in! So what's new?
  10. I am finding that I can no longer complain about how the '08 starts. Even after sitting for 2-3 weeks at a time, I can turn on the fuel valve and choke, twist the throttle twice, and it will light within 1-2 easy kicks. When hot, I just pull the hotstart, and it fires right up. I attribute my hard starting cure to the following, in this order: 1.) Properly tuned pilot circuit, 2.) Break in time on motor, 3.) Ron's decomp mod. All these conditions work together to make it as easy to start as any other bike. Ron's decomp mod is just the icing on the cake; making the slow speed (kickover) firing cycle that much stronger, allowing easier startup characteristics. I don't have the PowerBOWL, I have the PowerPUMP. I can't say that it helps with hotstalling (I never have that problem anyway, if I have the idle set a bit on the high side), but it did allow me to tune out the bog easily. That picture in SumtinCoo's post, is the REVERSE of the way Ron, and I, have made the grind. Not sure if that grind would have any benefit, as you would be changing the timing (delaying) and shortening the duration of the decomp, if you ground the front side off, like in that photo. With Ron's mod, which I depict in the how-to, only the duration of the decomp is shortened a bit, allowing for a stronger firing cycle during kickover.
  11. Where you able to fix this bike yet? I'm curious.
  12. Did you ride it with that plastic wrap on the seat? Man, take that off already!
  13. Just exactly how are you "re aiming" the AP nozzle???? My stream hits the bottom of the intake runner, near the valve, which I know isn't ideal, but I can see NO WAY to bend that tiny brass nozzle without damaging it. Have you actually done this??? I have, for practical purposes, eliminated my bog by installing a JD jet kit, properly adjusted adj. fuel screw, and an R&D power PUMP. I have to run the adj leak screw about all the way in to completely eliminate the bog, but it doesn't bog like it used to.
  14. Yes, that is pretty funny. I saw this months ago. But, lets not lump all cops in the "dumb" category. Some of them know how to, and love to, RIDE.
  15. Jimbo45

    mean guys LMAO

    Well, that was mature. How is parading around illegally on the street, and antagonizing residents "good work"? I just don't get it. I guess some people just can't help but be a thorn in someone's side. ...and you are the kind of rider that gives the rest of us a bad name, and gets more and more public riding areas shut down. There are rules and laws in this world for a reason. Those that just have to break them, ruin it for the rest, in the long run. If the guy actually had a "pipe", and was prepared to use it on an annoying biker, then yes, that is extreme. But, maybe he did have a right to be a little upset. From the original post, it sounds like he wasn't the only one acting like an "a$$". You guys just don't understand, that most folks in your neighborhood don't look at bikes the way we do. They don't ride, and they don't want to hear them. They don't want to see them running rampant on the streets, and have to worry about hitting somebody riding one. When you live among others, you have to make sacrifices to keep a balance. I guess I am just surprised at the amount of irresponsible riders, that don't see a problem with acting like fool, and making more enemies of the sport. But, I guess I do need to realize that this is the PITBIKE forum, so maybe that explains high number of metal mulisha wannabe's, with the FTW attitude. Good luck in life with that philosophy.