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  1. My girlfriend is considering getting into riding. I'm going to take her out to put around on a friend's XR100 and XR200 to learn the basics. If she likes it, we are looking at some of the 200cc series bikes (Suz. DR, Yam XT225, etc.). All of them seem pretty much the same excep the TW. Here is our non-off-road requirements. 1) It has to be street legal so she can start learning street technique as well as off-road technique 2) It has to go 50 mph so she can safely ride on the 40mph in-town roads around here (to go to the ice cream shop) 3) It has to be mild mannered She does not plan to do jumps but only trail rides on relatively mild trails. If she ever progresses to the point of more difficult trails, we will consider another bike. I am thinking the TW is the right bike for her. I believe with the big tires, it will be easier to handle off-road. It should handle ruts, sand, and mud better. Am I correct with this thinking? Are there any downsides to the TW vs. the other dual-sports in its class? Thanks!
  2. yellowducati900ss

    Electric Heat

    I have a Gerbings Jacket Liner that, I think, uses 44W. I use a heat troller and ride an '01 E with the Baja Designs kit on it. I did a test where I put on a Volt Meter on my ride to work one day. I was barely (and I me BARELY) able to keep the voltage above 12.5v with the headlight on low beam and the Gerbings on high. I could comfortably run with the Gerbings on 2/3 and keep the voltage at about 13v. I also had the option of turning off the headlight but keep the bike running when I was sitting still at lights and thus saving juice. The S model most likely doesn't have that option. I second the motion to put the bike on a charger when not riding if you are going to be draining the system like this. I haven't used the vest but a few times on the DRZ so I don't know of any long term effects. YMMV.
  3. yellowducati900ss

    Steering Head Bearings

    Over the weekend I pulled apart the steering stem on my '01E and my lower bearing needed replacement. It was rusty. I called the Suzuki place and they want $40 each for the bearings . I went to the local bearing place and they could not find the bearings (made by NTN and both have the same part number) in the book. However, after initially saying they probably can't do anything for me, a very helpful employee called up NTN and low-and-behold, the bearings can be ordered for about $14 each! The guy at NTN verified that not only do they have the same NTN part number but they two of them swapped the bearing dimensions. The ID, OD, and the width are all spot on. It will take a few days for the bearings to get here and when they do, I'll post up an update to verify that they work fine. Here's the place I went to. If you need to replace your bearing, make sure you have them check with NTN directly, the bearings are not listed in their books. I've used them for wheel bearings before (on my Duc) and they are usually about 70% cheaper than the dealerships are and you get the same bearing made by the same company . http://www.awbearings.com/awbearings/
  4. yellowducati900ss

    Streeting a DRZ-E?

    I just did this with an '01 "E". In TX, you need the following: 1 - Mirror 1 - Tail light that is operated by the rear brake 1 - DOT headlight with Hi/Lo beams and a Hi beam indicator (the stock headlight does not have Hi/Lo nor an indicator) 1 - Horn If you go with the "E" version, you can get the Baja Designs dual-sport kit from Thumpertalk. It has all of the above except the mirror. You can get that from the Thumpertalk forum as well. I also added the following and HIGHLY suggest you do the same. 1 - Front brake tail light switch 1 - Trailtech computer (has a speedo as well as a lot of other stuff on it) If riding alone, I suggest you go with the "E". On the other hand, I don't care about carrying a passenger. If you want to do that, buy an "S" bike. Your "E" has no rear subframe and the mods necessary are going to cost you more than if you start with an "S" and do engine work to get you back to the HP of the "E". My 2 cents.
  5. yellowducati900ss

    All in the name of science! (mpg study)

    Good to hear you didn't fall off the face of the earth! You missed the IBI's for the year, maybe next year?
  6. yellowducati900ss

    All in the name of science! (mpg study)

    If you mean Plano Rd. in Plano between Custer and Independence, then Yup! I do ride through Richardson but not on Plano Rd. By then I'm on Independence or Campbell. Are you in a car (shame, shame) or on a bike? You may also see me in my other incarnations, my '03 FJR (light silver) and the very exclusive (meaning I almost never ride it to work) Yellow Ducati 900ss.
  7. yellowducati900ss

    All in the name of science! (mpg study)

    Ok, I took one for the team. As gas prices rise above $2, I wanted to find out just how much my gas mileage would be affected if I did my darndest to control my throttle hand. It was NOT fun. 100 miles with no wheelies and nothing over 1/2 throttle (except emergencies) makes Mike a dull boy. But here are the results... The Bike: <ul type="square">[*]'01 DRZ-E [*]Full Yosh Exhaust [*]K&N [*]Jetted by a dealership for previous owner so I have no idea what settings but it does run very nicely so it appears right [*]Deathwings (18 lbs. front, 22 lbs. rear, not balanced, with rim locks) [*]Stock "E" gearing [*]Baja Designs kit [*]Amsoil 10W-40 Synthetic Oil (750 mi. on the oil) [*]approx. 1000 mi. on the bike total [*]Trailtech speedo was calibrated via the "1-rotation of the front wheel" method so it may be slightly off but it seems pretty close. Note that it will still be consistant so although MPG numbers may be slightly off, the % difference between normal riding and economy riding is still correct. The Test: <ul type="square">[*]Dallas, TX [*]93 octane (premium) gas [*]13 mi. commute each way [*]40 mph speed limit both ways [*]20 mph school zones (5 on the way to work, none back) [*]Approx. 8 lights and 4 stopsigns each way, only one or two that I had to wait more than 30 seconds or 2 rotations [*]Mostly 58 - 90 degrees except one day where it was in the upper 40's [*]On that one day I used my heated vest (on medium) but shut off the engine at 2 or 3 lights to compensate [*]1 - 2 min. warm-up at every cold start [*]99.9% road (I cut through 1 field that has a fire lane through it on the way home) [*]Normally ride medium-high pace with a couple wheelies, fast starts, and hit the rev-limiter once in a while [*]"Economy" riding included nothing more than 1/2 throttle, no wheelies , and general easing on and off the gas as a car would The Results: <ul type="square">[*]Normal Tank of Gas: 48 mpg [*]Economy Riding: 52.47 mpg [*]9.3% increase in mpg The Verdict: <ul type="square">[*]NOT WORTH IT!!! [*]Wheelie more [*]Hit the gas more [*]You only live once, Have more fun! [*]These bikes get such good gas mileage that the extra MPG is not worth your time! Now go out and loft that front end a few times in thanks for my sacrifice!
  8. yellowducati900ss

    Lubing the rear end of an "E" and Chain adjustment

    Thanks, I'll disassemble the rear to lube. I have a Factory manual! Unless I'm going blind (let's not go there), it just says to adjust the chain and the specs for it. It doesn't state whether to do it on the stand, under load, or unloaded.
  9. My '01 "E" has a bunch of grease nipples all over the rear linkages. Only the two main swing-arm pivots will accept grease. I've got a crappy little grease gun, though Do I need a higher power grease gun or do I need to back off the bolts before trying to grease them? Also, the manual does not mention if the chain should be checked while the rear wheel is off the ground, on the side-stand, or with a rider's weight on it. Which should I do?
  10. yellowducati900ss

    semi/or full synthetic 10w40 or20w50?

    DELETED! no spamming!
  11. For an '01E... The service manual calls for several "special tools" for the Fork Maintenance and Steering Head bearing maintenance. I've never had forks apart before. Which (if any) of the tools are really necessary? Can normal wrenches substitute for any of them?
  12. yellowducati900ss

    ZZR1200 Kawa?

    Try the Yamaha FJR1300. You can find used ones now and they are the ultimate in sport-touring bikes right now. I should know, I have one.
  13. yellowducati900ss

    Oil questions

    You will experience no problems switching or indeed mixing oils as long as they are both rated for the bike. In fact, in most bikes you are actually "mixing" oils when you do an oil change. My FJR for instace, holds 5 qts. of oil but the oil change is only 4 qts. That means that at any time, I have 20% of my old oil in there. It is basically impossible to not mix oils.
  14. yellowducati900ss

    Another fine rack from Tom Slick

    Tom and I exchanged an email about the 'E' bikes. Based on the pictures he sent me, I do not believe the rack will fit an 'E' because he bolts it up to the 'S' subframe right behind the exhaust mount. The 'E' bike doesn't have anything there since our subframe ends at the exhaust mount. Is there anyone in CA who can be his guinne pig? I already asked for the first one after the prototype.
  15. yellowducati900ss

    Cush Drive?

    Thanks! Load off of my mind.