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  1. Hey TT. Ive been having a problem with climbing hills on my cr250. On steep hill ill start out fine usually in something like second gear, but when i reach the very top, ill have it WOT or close and it will catch traction and bog like crazy with it still WOT. Any advice for me? Thanks everyone
  2. Jscar45

    Post pics of your CR's

    My '00 cr250
  3. Jscar45

    Post pics of your CR's

    My '00 250
  4. Jscar45

    Cr250 fuel tank for harescrambles.

    im interested. Could you message me it.
  5. Jscar45

    Cr250 fuel tank for harescrambles.

    nah, i wanna keep my stock one.
  6. Im starting my first harescramble this month and i need to get a bigger tank for my 00 cr250. Will a 3.1g clarke tank be enough for a 1.5hr race or should i step it up to a 3.7g ims tank? Thanks
  7. Hello TT. Just wanted to show everyone my new motovlog channel first video. here's the link. Thanks!
  8. Jscar45

    FMF Turbinecore 2 SST silcncer?

    Thanks! That helped a lot!
  9. Im looking at getting a new fmf gnarly for my cr250. the bike currently has an sst pipe and what im guessing is a turbinecore sst model. would i be able to run the gnarly with this silencer or do i need a new one? thanks
  10. Jscar45

    Help Finding a Bike to Buy

    WR250 of CRF 250X. couldn't go wrong with either. Good luck!
  11. Jscar45

    What pipe is better?

    FMF SST with a shorty would probably work out well for you if you are reving pretty hard.
  12. So the forks on my cr250 are pretty much mangled pieces of crap to put it lighty, i found a set of pretty nice cheap crf450r forks for a good deal on ebay. I know that i will need a new mounting bracket to get the caliper to fit, but i was wondering if i would need anything else for them to fit on my bike. Also if they will be any good on my bike, if anyone has experience with this year of forks. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  13. Jscar45

    450f or 250f

    Im deciding to get a 4 stroke mx bike soon to help me progress in mx. I ride a cr250 right now and really like the power it gives me. I was wondering if the 250f would be enough power or should i step it up to a 450. I would say im halfway decent on track. I would also use it for trails as well.
  14. Jscar45

    New to me 2000 cr250

    Ive got a 2000 cr250 with a 2001 cylinder, vforce reeds, fmf sst and turbine core 2 silencer. Pretty wicked combo. Love it.
  15. Jscar45

    cr250 brake pad pin

    I've got a 2000 cr250 and im doing a brake pad job on it and that brake pad pin is on really tight and im just messing up the flat head groove. Any suggestions to getting this thing out or is it going to be a drill and re-tap.