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  1. BuckeyeXR

    Crf150r 2008 bleeder valve

    I had the same problem as well. Never found a good solution.
  2. BuckeyeXR

    Putting a gopro on a FOX V2 helmet

    I've also used the wrist mount wrapped around the chin bar.
  3. BuckeyeXR

    New 2004 XR250Rrrrr,

    Great bike, love mine. I wouldn't do much past maintenance and tires. Throwing money won't really change it much. I run IMD pegs, they are nice and strong, not sure how much better then cheap china imports. I would upgrade the hand guard to Acerbis and maybe a Renthal bar.
  4. BuckeyeXR

    Buying Advice

    If it's in top shape, $2000 is a fair price. If it needs work, then who knows. If it starts and runs well, fluids look good, you'll likely be good. If it looks rough, I would pass.
  5. BuckeyeXR

    Trail riding crf 150rb

    We did a ton to my sons CRF150R, including gearing, flywheel, etc... The video is long but covers almost all the mods. I think the best where gearing, G2 throttle tube, Power Valve (similar to FMF Snap), radiator guards, and flywheel weight. After riding it a season, the bike performed great. My son had trouble starting it once (cold), and it took forever to clear the flooding, etc... But it normally starts well hot and cold, has nice low RPM throttle response, and has been a great bike. We spent way too much money on it, but it was a fun project and learned a fair bit. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yZu6fBgFx7Q
  6. BuckeyeXR

    2009 rb with seized motor for $200?

    Nice fine, worth easily $1000 in parts, good luck on the rebuild.
  7. BuckeyeXR

    rocky mountain discount codes ?

    Anyone have an extra code for tonight?
  8. BuckeyeXR

    Am I too big for a crf 150r

    Hi, yes you are way too big. I think stock it's rated at 150lbs. I been on my sons, and the suspension can't handle the weight (I'm 180lbs). It's perfect for him (100 lbs). I don't think you can modify the suspension enough to handle 200 lbs easily. I would look for an XR 250 or 400, or a CRF230. All good trail bikes.
  9. BuckeyeXR

    Vance & Hines Cruzers Exhaust System

    Great Sound!
  10. BuckeyeXR

    Honda VTX1800C 2003

    Love it!
  11. BuckeyeXR

    Honda VTX1800C (2003)


    Love it!
  12. BuckeyeXR

    Putting a gopro on a FOX V2 helmet

    I had the same problem on my V2. It's similar to my new V4. The under visor works the best. I've also used the wrist mount on the chin bar with great results.
  13. BuckeyeXR

    Works Connection Hour Meter and Tachometer

    Smaller then I thought, but nicely made.
  14. BuckeyeXR

    MSR Shark Fin Rear Disc Guard

    Thick aluminum, looks good should hold up well.
  15. BuckeyeXR

    Primary Drive 520 ORH Gold X Ring Chain

    Looks cool!