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  1. mlatour

    What am I missing? I’m pulling my hair out!!

    That's quite a long list of parts for a 2016, especially a new cylinder and cylinder head. Was this rebuild following a previous engine failure, if so, what how/what initially failed?
  2. mlatour

    What am I missing? I’m pulling my hair out!!

    By 'no compression', did you take a psi reading? With the decompressor mechanism functioning, you only read about 60psi while kicking it over/throttle wide open. A forgotten rag in the intake boot while things were apart maybe.
  3. mlatour

    2002 KX250 KYB Fork Cap????

    Contact Technical Touch USA in California, they are the KYB replacement parts distributor. Even if that exact replacement part is likely discontinued the new GasGas Ranger has 46mm KYB open chamber forks that is perhaps quite similar.
  4. mlatour

    Crf250x wheel set

    Another small detail that prevents a direct bolt-on, if your CRF250X is equipped with the original cable driven trip meter the R front wheel assy. will require a bit of modification to the hub as it has no notches to engage the odo drive gearbox.
  5. mlatour

    yz250x spring fork preload?

    Thanks I checked out your link for the damage pics. Rather than the 'new and improved' plastic perches, I'm really glad I have the 'old and lousy' metal ones in mine. Sometimes just sticking to Bold New Graphics is a good thing.
  6. mlatour

    Rm250 2 stroke stuck in third gear

    Under the right hand side engine cover you can take a look at the mechanism, 'segment' but you will much likely have to split the cases to troubleshoot/repair that problem. Not a bad thing on any old 2-stroke, inspect everything closely and preventatively replace the crank seals while you're in there.
  7. mlatour

    Cr250 full woods bike opinions

    Keep the suspension revalve into consideration, all the engine grunt in the world is useless if the bike doesn't get traction or the stiff MX suspension settings are deflecting off every little obstacle. A 18" rear wheel could also be on your list. Rather than 12/48, running an equivalent 13/52 ratio would be less stressful on the chain and slider (the 12T has tighter turning radius) Depending on your exact usage, no matter what external bolt-ons you add, you're still stuck with a close-ratio MX gearbox.
  8. mlatour

    2017 YZ-125 pipe

    165lbs is about the limit for the stock spring rates but due to your height (extra leverage) going one rate stiffer on both forks and shock would be a good start. (refresh all fluids while servicing) Depending on your skill level, stock internal valving may be fine as-is.
  9. mlatour

    Buying my son a new KX85

    For cold weather riding, choice of premix (flash point) will also be a contributor to excess unburnt oil / fouling.
  10. #1 concern to me would be parts availability, keep in mind the newest RM, CR and KX you'll find are already 10 years old. (think discontinued OEM parts that aren't offered by aftermarket suppliers) reason why I'd pick a 1999 or newer Yamaha YZ125 as they are more plentiful (2002+ models can fit the latest body style) Pricing depends on your local market, the bike's condition and, the time of year. (usually cheaper during fall/winter)
  11. mlatour

    Fuel mix for a two stroke

    How much oil did you add to the 2 gallons? Not familiar with Motorex but some premix oils aren't tinted at all, Amsoil Interceptor is an example.
  12. Rare occurrence but floats can also go 'bad' and loose some buoyancy, A few years ago I chased a running rich at lower rpms issue for a few rides, trying 1-2 steps leaner pilot jets only to realize my 5 year old float just wasn't functioning repeatably at keeping the proper fuel level in the bowl.
  13. Many 2-stroke YZ's (125 & 250, 250X) have their floats set up too high straight from the factory. Brand new, mine overflowed gas while leaning over ever so slightly / cornering.
  14. If it's only a very small leak, the engine could be consuming enough fuel while idling to keep the level just below overflowing.
  15. Rather than the float's mechanical height, the YZ125 service manual specs a measured fuel height. Typically 10mm +/- 1mm above the fuel bowl and carburetor body mating surface. As pictured in the manual, rather than buying the specific Yamaha tool, you can easily make your own test fixture with a spare bowl drain plug, drilling the appropriate sized hole and inserting a length of clear tubing. As for leaking when parked, if it also tends to leak out when held level you could also suspect a dirty or worn inlet needle and seat.