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  1. Hello Just picked up a 2009 Beta 400RR with the KTM RFS motor. Would anyone be able to confirm if this Beta version of the KTM motor has the newer locking lever, or would have the older style with the ball bearing? Thanks in advance
  2. snowstorm

    Beta radiator cross reference

    I believe the rads are pre-2006 KTM, at least what I heard. Not certain the outlets are the same angle. For guards, I just installed the Unabiker guards for the 10-12 Beta's. They fit great, it the exception of the rear cross bar needing to be a little longer which was easily accomplished with a spacer. Great kit for $100 Would imagine any guards for the newer Beta enduros would fit as well
  3. snowstorm

    Maintenance, adjustments, and modifications to our Betas

    Would anyone know if there is an aftermarket kickstand that would fit a 2009 Beta 400RR? Simiar to the Probillet would be ideal