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  1. I bought an 01 xr250 "Baja" back in the fall and I am trying to figure out the best way to go about getting it registered. I live in Tennessee and they won't plate a bike with a bill of sale only. I worked that out, but I am wondering if I wont be causing my sister problems when she tries to register the bike in her home state then "sell" it back to me becuse it was not made for the US market. The VIN is an oddball that doesn't meet US conventions because it wasn't sold for the US market. The guy I bought it from had it imported with him after his tour of duty in Japan. I was just wondering if any of you have ever tried to sort this kind of problem out before.
  2. PilotHawK

    Its not ready for the junk pile yet!

    Well its taking up more space than I have. No reserve auction. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=130291630315&sspagename=STRK%3AMESELX%3AIT&viewitem=
  3. PilotHawK

    Its not ready for the junk pile yet!

    Got in from the dunes yesterday...whew I'm beat. The 600 is just too heavy to be fun in the deep sand. In the desert or in the woods, it would be a different story. I got to spend some time on my friend's CRF450x and it was a much better bike for the sand. With a heavy heart I have decided to part with the thunder pig. If anyone is interested drop me a line. Remember that this is a bike WITH a title. I just can't justify having 3 XR's in the stable. I'll make a post for the bike in the for sale section with price and details. The bike ran great, and once I figured out the starting routine, it would start on the first kick.
  4. PilotHawK

    Its not ready for the junk pile yet!

    That was me. It never sold, and I wasn't ready to junk it so I finally got around to fixing it. I hope it'll serve me well. It gets a paddle next week and some dune time! I can't wait. I'm sick of the cold here in TN.
  5. PilotHawK

    Its not ready for the junk pile yet!

    That's exactly where it was. Right above the kick stand gusset/bracket. In one of the pics you can even see where the tube had cracked vertically about 2/3d's the length of the bracket.
  6. PilotHawK

    Its not ready for the junk pile yet!

    The briggs is a 23dr6. 23 cubic inch with a 6:1 gear reduction. I love old iron. The problem is that most of weighs so much. The thunder pig included!
  7. PilotHawK

    85 xr600 rear rim choices

    I ended up using a 1988 XR600 wheel on mine. I thought about relacing a new 18" rim, but finding spokes was proving to be difficult and/or expensive. I think the 88-90 xr600 rear wheels work, and I know for a fact that the 88 does.
  8. I needed more power than the XR400 I had been riding at Glamis, and this is what I came up with. Let me know waht you think. Sorry that the link is off-site, but I only wanted to post it once, and the link is posted on my message board. enjoy! http://www.p-o-ps.com/pops1/viewtopic.php?p=12610#12610
  9. PilotHawK

    85 XR600 18" wheel swap

    I think I may have lucked out. I won an ebay auction last week for an XR600 drum brake 18" rear wheel. The listing stated it was from a 1990, and from what information I can find the bearings and the shoes are the same as the 85. Maybe sometime in the next few days I'll push the pig into the garage and see if the new wheel will work. Now I get to save the 17" wheel for a SM conversion later maybe???
  10. PilotHawK

    85 XR600 18" wheel swap

    I wish I could find a spoke set from an 18 drum brake xr600...even better the entire wheel! Too many people pay big bucks to get the 17" rims on their bikes not to want to keep it! I am lucky in that it is titled and at least in Tennessee it is street legal (well I have a plate for it anyway) which is why I'd like to keep the 17" rim. I keep looking on fleabay for an 18" XR600 wheel, and hopefully I'll find one soon. If not it looks like I'll be sending a spoke off of the current wheel to buchanan to have new ones make. Thanks for the help!
  11. PilotHawK

    85 XR600 18" wheel swap

    I have no idea really what the rim was/is for. It was advertised as a NOS honda rim on fleabay. It is even gold like the stock rim, its just 18" in diameter instead of 17". I guess I will have to get the old wheel off the bike, and apart in order to see how close the two rims actually are. Thanks a ton for the link!
  12. PilotHawK

    85 XR600 18" wheel swap

    I am trying to find an 18" spoke set for my 85 XR600. The 85 has a 17" rear wheel, and trying to find a tire that will work is impossible, and finding a 17" paddle tire...forget it. I have the 18" rim, but now I can't find a spoke set so I can re-lace the rim onto the 85 hub. ANY suggestions? The thing that makes this so difficult is that the spokes are straight pull spokes. I'd reuse the ones off the 17" wheel, but I don't think there is any way they will be close to long enough. Thanks for the help!
  13. What year XR600 parts will fit a 1985 XR600? I picked one for a sweet deal, but I need a seat, and a clutch perch and clutch cable. Also is it possible to convert the rear brake system to a disk brake instead of the drum brake, and if so, how much trouble is it? Other than the basics...change the oil, lube all that needs greasing, etc. What should I do? It doesn't appear that this thing has seen the wet end of a hose for a LONG time.
  14. PilotHawK

    Transport options

    I am headed to Chicago with an empty trailer to pick up a car engine. Will be mostly empty on the way back. Just thought I'd offer the trailer space if anyone needed it.
  15. I am traveling to the Chicago area from Knoxville, TN the week after Christmas. If anyone needs anything moved between the 2 locations let me know and maybe I can help. pilothawk@bellsouth.net