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  1. RickyT

    Husky Spares

    Have you tried 'Huskysport' or 'Motosupplies' ?
  2. RickyT

    2000 TE 410 Crossovers

    Hi I used to have a 410 left kicker and it never failed. Here are links to a parts catalogue and a service manual. The 410 and 610 are the same just some parts in the motors are different obviously. Lots of pattern parts are available. http://docs.wavenetworks.us/parts//2000%20TE-TC%20410-610.pdf http://docs.wavenetworks.us/manuals//2001%20TE-TC-SMR%20400-570.pdf this one is for years 2001 but all the mechanical detail is the same.
  3. RickyT

    Strange master link chain wear?

    I always find the pins wear down and the clip can drop off. I normally use 3 split links to the life of the chain,
  4. RickyT

    Cam chain wear measurement? - 2004 TE250

    Pdf manual, Cam chain check chapter G. page 10 The chain can be replaced with motor still in the frame. http://docs.wavenetworks.us/manuals//2004%20250-450%20ENGINE%20Repair.pdf
  5. RickyT

    Husky SMR 450 55 reg '04 plastics/graphics

    This is a photo of them; The part that has the 'H' on fits the two stroke rad scoops which are bigger at the bottom so they can be trimmed to suit the 4 strokes.
  6. RickyT

    Husky SMR 450 55 reg '04 plastics/graphics

    You have an 04 and the TE, TC plastics of that year will fit your SMR. Your rear mudguard looks like an 05 onwards, originally it would have been blue. If you are in the UK then give Motosupplies a call for spares. they are in carnforth and specialise in Husky SMoto. I have got a spare set of graphics from 'Blackbird racing' but they have the Swedish and Italian flags on them. (Blue/Yellow and Red/White/Green)
  7. RickyT

    TE250 electric start

    The job is not too bad. One of the nuts is a left hand thread I'm sorry I can't remember which it is (clutch basket or primary gear). The sprag clutch is directional make sure you fit it the right way.
  8. RickyT

    TE250 electric start

    The way you describe it I would say it is the free wheel behind the flywheel. It's usually called a 'Sprag Clutch' They are not cheap mine was £60 for a second hand one and new about £130.
  9. RickyT

    bleeding the clutch on a gas gas.....fluid to use?

    Just done mine an 04 250 pro with Dot4 brake fluid. They did an upgrade to mineral and it should say on the master cylinder cap what to put in, The mineral oil version also has a dark green cap instead of the black one.
  10. RickyT

    graphics for gas gas

    I've posted you some details on the other 'TC' site.
  11. RickyT

    graphics for gas gas

    The 2002 to 2008 graphics will not fit a 2001. the tank, airbox and rear mudguard are different outlines.
  12. RickyT

    TE 250 2005, again a big end bearing

    I used a ball of rags jammed in the gears and then a good fitting spanner on the nut then shock the end of the spanner with a heavy copper mallet. Or do you know anyone with an air impact gun?
  13. RickyT

    husqvarna front wheel

    I used to have a 410 left kicker but have no photos so I can go from memory, here is a link to the parts catalogue I use these for the exploded drawings of all the individual bits and how they go together. I'm not sure what you mean about the nylon ring that attaches to the screw thread. http://docs.wavenetworks.us/parts//1999%20TE-TC%20410-610.pdf Hope it helps.
  14. RickyT

    husqvarna front wheel

    Is the speedo cable an electric wire or like a clutch cable ? If it is like a clutch cable then there are no magnets. When you fitted new bearings have you fitted the metal ring that engages the speedo drive? Also the drive cable inside the cable sleeve is prone to breaking where it is clamped to the fork leg.
  15. RickyT

    04 TE 250 - Mikuni TMR needle plastic washer

    Rodolfo, I have emailed you a photo from the workshop manual. Rick.