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  1. Skreebee

    2005 RM125 Wont Shift into Second

    Thanks for the response! I haven't split the cases yet. I think I might try and sell it like this and just move on to another bike if I don't bring it in for a repair or do it myself.
  2. Skreebee

    2005 RM125 Wont Shift into Second

    Thanks for the response! I have checked the shifter but it's not hitting anything. I did adjust it before but made sure it wasn't hitting the cases. It's strange because I had this problem before but it fixed itself while I was riding one day, now it came back and it's bugging me.
  3. Skreebee

    rm125 wont shift past 2nd....

    I am having a similar problem with my 05 RM125. I can shift into first and neutral but not into second.
  4. Hi, I have a 2005 RM125 with about 14 hours on top and bottom end. My problem is that it will not shift into second. I can shift into first and neutral just fine but I can't go into second. I had this problem about 2 weeks ago but it randomly fixed itself after riding. This past weekend while I was at Redbud it happened again. During practice I was able to shift into all the gears but then randomly it wouldn't shift back to second. I could shift into first and neutral but nothing else. I have a picture attached. Here is the youtube video:
  5. Why thank you . Brand new as well, might resell or keep, haven't decided.
  6. I got a deal on the GoPro Hero 3+ Silver Edition for $200 plus a free headstrap.
  7. Finally to the end...
  8. Skreebee

    Breaking in a new motor

    I've read of a lot of people that have done it before. I personally haven't because I haven't had to do it. I will do this method for sure though when needed.
  9. Skreebee

    Fast Flexx handlebars?

    Also look on ebay for some newer used ones.
  10. Skreebee

    Breaking in a new motor

    http://www.mototuneusa.com/break_in_secrets.htm Run it hard.
  11. Skreebee

    AXO Dart Pro Boots?

    I own a pair of these boots and they are excellent IMO. The boots I was using before were a pair of O'neals that were way too small. These are a huge improvement to those obviously. I feel like I have lots of protection around the ankle area and foot.
  12. Skreebee

    New MX boots

    I use the AXO Dart Pros and haven't had any issues with them. Comfy boot IMO considering before I was wearing a pair of old Oneals that were a couple sizes too small.
  13. Skreebee

    Dirtbike scent

    I have some, the previous owner of my bike had it. I'll take some pictures and put them up later.
  14. Skreebee

    Not good.

    Sorry to hear that. Just remember to stay positive!
  15. Very nice, I really like part chromed frame and part regular.