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  1. Doug.


    Nice bike! I had a 17 for a while, it's an awesome bike for what it's designed for.
  2. Doug.

    450L Rally Concept

    This gem came out at the EICMA motorcycle show in Italy this past week, I presume to gauge interest. Thoughts? Possible production variant in 2020. https://dirtbikemagazine.com/honda-crf450l-rally-concept-bike-adventure-bike-spotlight/
  3. Doug.

    When new isn't really new?

    I ride/race desert. I bought a brand new CRF450RX in 2017. Added all the mods made it perfectly equipped for the desert. Nine months later I sold it for a 2009 CRF450X. When you find something you like that works, stick with it.
  4. Doug.

    Best off-road helmets under $350.00?

    I've been looking at these the past couple years. Top off-road racers have been switching to them from major brands. Price point is kind of unbelievable, but seems like an incredible value considering the best in the world trust them. http://scorpionusa.com/products/helmets/offroad-helmets/vxr70.html
  5. When I bought my house I bought a bunch of Husky tools, box, and stand up cabinet from The Home Depot. They look good and are well priced. Tools have all been reliable so far, and they told me if one breaks just bring it in and exchange it for free. I have a Lowe's closer to me and went with Kobalt torque wrenches.
  6. And if you drive a Ford or Chevy and are screaming "Murica"...you might want to check your VIN. Btw, most Tacoma's are built in San Antonio, Texas.
  7. I bought a Tacoma TRD Off-Road 4x4 new in 2016 when they first came out. I'm happy with everything except the transmission. It's stupid, literally. There are fixes I have read about but I don't want to spend any money on this truck, it's partly why I bought it as I spend enough money on my bikes. It is awesome though and I'm going to keep it another few years until I get a toy hauler and have to upgrade to something with a lot more towing capacity.
  8. There is absolutely no harm in not starting your bike after washing, as long as you plug the exhaust and tape up the airbox vents. If you're concerned about your neighbors I would just let them know what you're doing and they generally will be cool about it.
  9. Doug.

    2006 YZ 450 Decel Pop

    Check for exhaust leaks?
  10. Doug.

    2019 450X Media Reviews and Videos

    Carbs do generally require a little bit of tuning to get running well you know. My X starts faster hot/cold and runs smoother than my injected RX ever did on any day. It's instantaneous.
  11. Doug.

    2019 450X Media Reviews and Videos

    So, we seemed to have wandered wayyyy off topic here. What does everyone think of the media reviews so far? What you thought/hoped it would be? Plans to purchase or stay with the tried and true carbureted version? Any word from local dealers on when it will be available for purchase? Anyone actually have one ordered?
  12. Doug.

    IMS 3 Gallon Tank for the 2019 Honda CRF450L!

    Check out Seat Concepts, I believe they just released one.
  13. Doug.

    IMS 3 Gallon Tank for the 2019 Honda CRF450L!

    It's a Rocket exhaust.
  14. Doug.

    450L & 450X similarity’s

    The L has a fan, the X does not. You can however, mount the fan from the L right onto your X.