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  1. Doug.

    CRF450RX Pics?

    It's a Baja Designs Squadron Pro, whole thing comes as a kit from JCR Speed Shop.
  2. Doug.

    2019 450X Off-Road Racers?

    I don't think it's just a removal and plug. Radiator, water pump cover, inlet, hoses...looks like a lot of stuff has to change for the thermostat to come off.
  3. Doug.

    Dakar 2019, bikes reliability...

    Every single manufacturer has had and will have engine failures during Dakar. It's part of the process. They made it worse when they limited the displacement size to 450cc.
  4. I've heard good things about the Flo pegs. I use the IMS pro series, not flashy but they are awesome.
  5. Doug.

    2019 450X Off-Road Racers?

    Is that an aftermarket seat or just the cover? One question....is it SOFT?! lol
  6. Doug.

    2019 450X Off-Road Racers?

    Yeah, should be soon. I'm interested to see Ricky's NHHA bike for this year
  7. Doug.

    2019 450X Off-Road Racers?

    JCR is working on a couple different methods to block off the thermostat right now, and they didn't help these guys. With some creative thought and with what is compatible between models it's likely these guys came up with it on their own and used this race as a test for it. I'm just speculating on that though. It was definitely cool to see out there!
  8. Doug.

    2019 450X Off-Road Racers?

    That bike has an R/RX head and some other modifications to bypass the thermostat/change the port for the temperature sensor. Seeing that it won it's class I don't think the stock ECU is an issue at all.
  9. Doug.

    2019 450X Off-Road Racers?

    There was a team at the BITD Parker 250 this past weekend. Took 1st in Open Expert bike hauled ass!
  10. Doug.

    09 CRF450X Desert Ripper Build (Pic Heavy)

    That pic was taken before I adjusted the mount back a little more, you are correct. If you make sure it's in the right position the brake line will not catch. I put a couple hundred miles on it and was hitting g outs at race speed, all good. I ordered the RAM mount from JCR Speed Shop as well.
  11. Doug.

    09 CRF450X Desert Ripper Build (Pic Heavy)

    That, looks awesome! Nothing better than a clean, simple look.
  12. Doug.

    09 CRF450X Desert Ripper Build (Pic Heavy)

    JCR Speed Shop sells a USB port with a switch. You can leave your GPS hooked up and turn the switch on when you are using it so it doesn't drain your battery at all.
  13. Doug.

    Cleaning a Bike

    It takes me about an hour to clean my bike. Rinse it, spray degreaser everywhere, rinse again, dawn dish soap in a bucket with a cleaning mitt and go over the entire bike. Rinse again. Spray Maxima chain cleaner on the chain and let sit for a minute, grunge brush the chain, rinse off with water. Bike is clean at this point. I use an air blower to blow it dry like in a car wash, then use a microfiber towel to get any remaining little water spots. After that I go over all the plastic with Maxima SC1, and if I want it to look extra spiffy I'll spray SC1 on the sidewalls of the tires as well.