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  1. I buy everything from RMATV. You can't match their customer service, return policy, prices, or benefits. RM cash is wicked. Last year I spent a couple grand and got a couple hundred in free stuff.
  2. Doug.

    Airoh Aviator 2.1

    I would link you directly, but I'd probably get banned. So, do a google search for "airoh aviator 2.1 for sale" and you will find what you're looking for.
  3. Doug.

    CRF250R 2018 oil choice

    Call the dealer with the VIN and make sure the recall on the clutch was done, or get a complete aftermarket clutch.
  4. Doug.

    Dealer in Iowa just received 2 450l !!!

    From what I'm told by people who work at Honda, the X will be available next month sometime. I don't think they've done the press intro for it yet.
  5. Do you know the ownership history of the KX450F as intimately? I had a 2010 and loved that bike. It is a five year old four-stroke though, so depending on how it's been ridden and maintained, it may need some money in the near future. Or it could be fine. If money is a real concern though it is always smarter to go with the two-stroke if it suits you.
  6. Doug.

    2015 CRF450R vs YZ450F

    I was out of the sport when the '15 Honda came out but I'm pretty sure they have air forks, which in my opinion are garbage and a failed concept. Every manufacturer jumped on the bandwagon except Yamaha, and they are better for it, as now everyone is back to springs.
  7. Doug.

    2015 CRF450R vs YZ450F

    Buy the YZ450F, the Kayaba SSS suspension components are long in the tooth but still set a high standard.
  8. Doug.

    Between 250F and 450F?

    What part of the country are you in? For a relatively tall guy approaching 200 pounds, a 450 would suit you well. However the big-bores are better for open desert trails than tight woods riding. Any modern fuel-injected four stroke's power delivery can be altered to suit your riding style and conditions. I would rather have a bike maybe to grow into a little bit than one I will grow out of or away from.
  9. Doug.

    Motion Pro Cables...

    I put a Motion Pro throttle cable on my YZ250F and never had an issue with it. The only Motion Pro product I was ever disappointed with was their clutch hub pliers. They broke on me almost immediately! Kudos to their customer service though, they were keen to send me a new one but by that time my clutch was already installed.
  10. Doug.

    looking for some leverage

    For your budget, you are going to be sacrificing quality for feasability. That cheap stuff on ebay will likely get you back on the trail and last long enough for you to save for the setup you want. Sift through the reviews and see what people say, I'm sure some of the stuff listed is decent.
  11. Idiots run rampant everywhere on the internet. I stayed off this forum for a lot of years because of it getting out of hand in some places, and I know more than a couple very well-respected members who had a ton of real, useful knowledge who left for similar reasons, and TT is worse-off for losing them. Such is life. Sift through the bullshit and seek out what's useful. When I want a real, correct answer to a technical question I usually send a private message to a particular individual(s) who I know is good to go. If it's more open-ended I will ask the forum.
  12. Doug.

    Made the switch

    Maxima 10w30 full synthetic, I dig the way the quart looks.
  13. Doug.

    Rekluse dragging and slipping

    Call Rekluse. They have amazing customer service. You'll talk to an expert, not a receptionist.
  14. I know some guys use compressed air, but I just dry everything off that I can reach and use water-dissipating electrical contact cleaner on the connections.
  15. Doug.

    First time buyer

    Is your experience riding on a two-stroke or a four-stroke? The way power is delivered on the two different types of engines are vastly different and important to know. Four-strokes are a lot easier to ride, but with regards to the bike you are looking at...I think the advertised price is a little high. Most guys who do a hack spray-paint job on their tanks don't generally take good care of their bikes. Definitely ask when the last time the top end was replaced, but I would budget that price ($75-$300) into the sale price. Being that it is also fifteen years old the bottom-end might need some rebuilding as well. It wouldn't be a lowball offer to give him $1000 for that bike. You said you were vertically challenged, this is not a big bike by any means...but how much do you weigh? 125's are best for guys who weigh in the 120-150 pound range. If you go on YouTube and type in "buying a used dirt bike" you'll get a bunch of good videos with valuable information.