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  1. yyz79flh

    Found my stolen xl500s

    Nope once the Sheriff deputy confirmed the VIN the bike was my property. Load it up and take it home
  2. yyz79flh

    Found my stolen xl500s

    After 3 years I got lucky and found my stolen 1981 xl500s. It was listed for sale in the local Facebook market place. Looking at the fuzzy photos. Thought yep that is my bike. VIN number matched. Sheriff deputy came by and confirmed it match the VIN in the stolen vehicle report. Seems it passed through a couple of hands in the last 3 years. A little worse for wear. But mostly complete. Broken headlight seems to be the worst of the cosmetic damage. Also stuck in 1st gear feels like the selector is not engaging the drum. Needs a good cleaning and a good going over. For now it is home.
  3. To me it comes down to how much oil is it really leaking. old bikes when they sit have a few seals that dry out but swell up and seal after a bit of running. Also if the leak an't too bad and you can keep up with the oil consumption why do a tare down. But this coming from a guy that has had a few older brit bikes. The joke goes "you know why Brits don't make tvs ?? They an't figured how to make them leak oil yet." It is a personal thing I guess.
  4. yyz79flh

    can't save them all

    When I was younger I rode worse also. Not something I need at this time too many projects that need to be finished first. As far as dismantling first, this place would run it thru the shredder as is or maybe take the tires off. They shred whole cars and separate the ferrous, nonferrous , and fluff after shredding.
  5. yyz79flh

    can't save them all

    i was on my part time job of driving scrap from the local scrap yard to the big scrap yard when i saw this kd 125 laying there. from were it was i am guessing one of the guys who work there set it aside.
  6. yyz79flh

    how many trail riders here?

    if you ever want to make a trip that an't too far get above the bridge in MI. one of the reasons i have stayed in da UP is the trails. http://www.michigan....38330--,00.html and these are just the state trails
  7. yyz79flh

    Tire keeps going into the rim

    if you are buying a new gauge get a low pressure gauge, if you don't have one already. i use a a low pressure gauge that maxes out at 20 psi (apx 1.4 bar). the standard tire gauges are made for 50 psi (apx 3.5 bar) or 120 psi (apx 7 bar) max. the scale is not sensitive enough to accurately read that low. also with any measuring device they are made to be accurate in a particular range.
  8. yyz79flh

    Another rainy weekend. Who rides in the rain!

    been riding in the rain since i started riding. biggest problem we have is iron ore. it is every were. all your riding clothes get a rust color not to mention your bike. after a bit you get to like rust stained aluminum.
  9. yyz79flh

    Honda 23 inch front wheel

    hehehehe i remember when the "woody" sticker came in a box with a thrush muffler. 1969 thrush sticker mid to late '50s mr horsepower BTW the cigar chomping woodpecker has been around since the mid 30's when it was drawn for camshaft designer Clay Smith.
  10. yyz79flh

    Honda 23 inch front wheel

    digging around on a couple of parts sites it would appear the 1981 xl500s has 160mm front brake but the 79-80 have 140mm front brakes. now in 1982 honda went back to the 140mm but with a twin leading shoe instead of the single leading shoe. now the xr500 (79-80) had 140mm front brake x25mm just like the xl but in 1981 the xl500r had 130mmx30mm front brake with a twin leading shoe till 1983 when it got front disk brakes. it appears the 1981 xl500s is the only 23x3 rim with the 160mmx25mm brake drum.
  11. yyz79flh

    Honda 23 inch front wheel

    I have 2 stock 1981 xl500s front rims. Both have 160 mm brake drums. Checked the manual (clymer xl/xr 500-600 1979-1990) the spec listed is for front drum xl500s xr500 to be 140. Now the xl500r and xr500r is listed at 130. Could the book spec be wrong, yep. Also the r models had 21 inch tires if memory serves me right. If I get bored I see if I can dig anything else up.
  12. yyz79flh

    Cracked 500 case Help

    yep get it to a good shop and have it welded and machined back to spec. it will never be cheaper then right now to have it fixed.
  13. Also do a compression test. Low compression will act like that. If you can hook up a vacuum gauge next time it is running. Here is a good article on the vacuum gauge. Look at scenario 4 and 5 http://www.secondchancegarage.com/public/186.cfm
  14. One other thing to check. I doubt it is a problem as you say it is not overheating but worth checking any way. Restricted exhaust. I have had animals and insects build a nest in the muffler. Makes it a bear to start.
  15. Sounds to me classic valve set to tight. Or ign timing advanced or stuck in a full advanced state. Both of which can happen when a bike sets for years. If it was me I would set valve clearance and check the timing. You will be surprised what a little rust will do.