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  1. goondock

    How worn is too worn? valve job questions.

    Thanks again!!
  2. goondock

    How worn is too worn? valve job questions.

    Thanks a lot, very helpful.. Starting to be a bit over my head mechanical wise.. i have the service manual and I will check out the stuff you said.. Thanks again!
  3. 2005 KX250F question. I posted it in the Kawasaki specific forum but figured i might get more views on here plus it really isnt a specific kawasaki question more of a possible engine problem check it out here please and thanks!! http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/1127609-how-worn-is-too-worn-valve-job-questions/
  4. Ok doing a valve job on a friends 05' KX250F ( i have done valve jobs before but never ran into this). I am a weekend warrior not a professional mechanic ha ha ha.. The bike stopped running and woudln't start so I said I would check it out. Anyway the exhaust side was good, the intake side I couldn't even fit a .04mm feeler in there to check. Took the cam bracket off and the cam and bracket all came off together it was tough to separate. then noticed the channel where the cam sits was pretty worn so much there was a bit of mushrooming on the edges. I had to trim that with an exacto blade to get the buckets out.. it is so wornthe groove in the middle is gone.. see pictures below. Is this too worn, or should I set the tolerances and put her all back together and we are good to go??
  5. goondock

    Got my 2012 crf250r!

    nice! i have a 2011 and I really like it. ENJOY!
  6. goondock

    2006 KX250F valve shims work for a 2011 bike?

    I don't know what you are talking about and why you think I am telling stories? What do you think I am lying about, i am confused? Do you think that i am lying about the bike not having a carb? read here http://motocrossactionmag.com/Reviews/News/2011-KAWASAKI-KX250F-MOTOCROSS-TEST-KAWASAKI-DROPP-7417.aspx Do you think i am lying about thinking i had a 2006 and found out it is a 2011? the 2006 manual didn't match up with the idle adjustment. but the 2011 book i bought does match up so not sure what your problem is either way thanks for answering my original question and the reason i started this thread. YES THE SHIMS WILL WORK. that is all I wanted to know.
  7. goondock

    2006 KX250F valve shims work for a 2011 bike?

    no carb on the 2011, Digital Fuel Injection (DFI) System. i have the 2011-2012 service manual now so i should be good to set the idle tomorrow. looks quite easy.
  8. I am 90% sure the valve shims will work in both bikes. Here is the fun story. I traded a 1995 lexus with 189K miles on it to a guy for what i though was his 2006 Kx250f. Even up trade. I was given the car and just wanted to get a bike. I would say the bike was worth more than the car. Ran the vin to make sure it wasn't stolen. all was good. Bought hotcams valve shim kit for a 2006 bike did the valve job last night. today i was trying to adjust the idle and i was following the 2006 manual i downloaded on the internet, things didn't seem right so i went inside and ran the vin. Turns out the bike is a 2011, ha ha ha that is freaking awesome when you thought you got an 06 and it turns out to be a 2011. I have been out of the bike world for a little while mostly jeeps so getting back into it. so back to the question, will the 2006 valve shims i put in my 2011 bike work out.. they seem to fit perfectly.
  9. goondock

    "The Recovery Room"

    well i jsut pulled the trigger, bought a graphics kit and i will use that as my template i will keep you fellas posted.
  10. goondock

    Honda CRF250L/M Pics & Video

    Not to go off topic in this thread, but thanks for the positive vibe guys. i just need to MAN UP and take the time to make the die line for the kit and start designing some graphics for yall. I will find the time and let ya know!!!
  11. goondock

    Honda CRF250L/M Pics & Video

    I do like the grips. They grippy for sure, as for softness or padding they are pretty hard. I usually use oury grips on all my bikes they are nice and cushy but figured i would try something different this time so if grippyness is important then these are great..but they are hard. i like them.
  12. goondock

    Honda CRF250L/M Pics & Video

    Thanks guys, and it is not a done deal yet, just kinda a thought that was rattling around in my brain.
  13. goondock

    Honda CRF250L/M Pics & Video

    well still havent had time to fit the graphics kit I designed.. got the headlight done and the tail done. I need to make a template of the side plastics so i can cut the graphics out to stick them on..No time.. So in the mean time i uesd some vinyl paint on the seat, came out really nice and holds up really well no wearing of the paint at all.. also painted some things with plasti dip.. that stuff is just plain old fun.. paint something the color you want it with the plasti dip.. you dont like it anymore you peel it off and you are good to go! no damage to the original. Side sad note i think i am going to have to sell the bike.. need the money now more than i need the fun of the bike.. Sad day specially after all i put into it.. any Suggestions on asking price? here is what she has: Purchased the Best Dual Sports Power kit which includes: 13T sprocket FMF MegaBomb Header, Powercore exhaust, stock insert, as well as a quiet insert to make is sound like the Q4 and the FMF Fuel programmer. That kit TOTALLY transformed the bike from fun to really fun! $835 + shipping Then I added Some DRC LED markers smoke front and rear, New flasher relay so they blink at stock tempo, and the DRC smoke tail light and fender eliminator kit. $175 Folding aluminum shift lever $39.95 + shipping HBD Handguards with integrated mirrors, some new aluminum Pro Taper bars and Scott Grips. $260+ shipping I created a custom wrap for the bike. The headlight and tail are currently wrapped but haven't had time to put the side graphics on.. They are included in the sale or I can take the graphics I have on there off and return the plastics to stock look. The fender and lower shock covers are painted with PLASTIDIP which if you are not familiar is a rubbery coating. If you don't like it, it just peels off and you have the factory stock plastics back with no damage what so ever. Vinyl cost $200 bucks plus design time I have all the stock parts that were taken off the bike that will be included as well as an ALPINE STARS riding jacket I will throw in for free along with a pair of ICON gloves if you want them. So I paid 5k+ for the bike and put in around $1310+ not including the graphics kit. not looking to make money at all jsut trying to get rid of it. and i do owe on it as well any input?