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    Is the XR400 the best bike ever made?

    It is the "best bike" for my needs. I have one through several KTMs and Huskys over the years. But the XR400 has been a constant and is now my sole ride. R
  2. I'll be attending some business meetings in Temecula CA in early May and figured, why not bring along the bike and mix in some fun? Any suggestions on good places to ride in that area would be appreciated. Prefer singletrack or trails, but will do anything. Time may be tight, so the closer to Temecula the better. Thanks.
  3. I'm getting a plate for my EXC and am wondering that kind of rear view mirror others are using. 90% of my riding will be off-road but a mirror is required by law. It also comes in handy for occasional blasts down the freeway between trails. The Acerbis mirror I'm using on my XR is a total POS and useless. If you're happy with your setup, please let me know. Thanks
  4. EM_rider

    planning 4,000 km road trip

    Re-gear the bike, hit the road and have fun. People have ridden xr250s, xt225s, tw200s and many other smaller bikes around the world. Maybe not the most comfortable bike for a long ride, but easily within the bike's capability. R
  5. EM_rider

    XR 250 or 400

    I've owned and ridden both and am a big fan of the XR in general. If I had to pick one, I'd choose a well kitted out dualsport xr250 over a similarly setup xr400. I just liked the trail manners and handling of the xr250 more, and the six speed tranny is nice too. Never tried one, but suspect the xr300 option would be trail perfection. R
  6. EM_rider

    What Did You Do To Your XR Today . . . .

    Live in Pasadena, but visit SB often. When I get the XR ready will send you a PM. I'm looking forward to checking out some of the backcountry stuff up there. R
  7. EM_rider

    What Did You Do To Your XR Today . . . .

    Are you heading up to divide peak OHV area? Just curious because I was out on the trails (cold spring) yesterday on the MTB. Conditions were excellent. I like the low/dense fog. I've never checked out divide peak but will get up there when I get the new xr400 setup properly. Have fun. R
  8. EM_rider

    Thanks for Blowing Up Carly's 24 Hour Money Bomb

    Keep your checkbooks open and the money coming. I attended an event with Carly last night and she stressed two key points. 1) We're 18 days away from the election and the outcome will come down to who can spend more on the media blitz. This is the sad reality of politics in CA, but if you ignore this fact you're dead. Matt Fong was even in most polls with Boxer 3 weeks before election day 12 years ago......and then he ran out of money. In the end, he lost to Boxer by 10% points. Boxer has 2x the campaign war chest as Carly and plans to spend about $4mm on media airtime before election day. Carly needs to raise another $2.5mm to $3mm to be able to match Boxer's media spend over the last 2-3 weeks of the campaign. 2) Because Boxer has no record of accomplishment, she will do what she always does, get ugly and attack. Fortunately, she has made herself vulnerable here and Carly plans to be very aggressive. You'll be seeing a lot of this gem over the next few weeks. 10 months ago Carly was bald and in the midst of chemo-therapy. To remain fully committed to a campaign under those circumstances takes a lot of determination. I'm a perma-pessimist when it comes to CA politics, but I do like what I'm seeing today. Suffering does seem to change minds. R
  9. EM_rider

    Why did you choose XR250 over XR400?

    I've owned both and most recently picked up a plated xr400. Like many XR owners, I consider myself an idiot for selling in the past. If I had a choice between an equally farkled and plated xr250 and xr400 I'd go with the xr250. Great trail and dualsport bike. I could not find ANY late model plated xr250s, so went with the xr400. Good luck in choosing. Both excellent bikes. R
  10. EM_rider

    XR400 on the trails?

    I've had this experience many times. Not sure why/how either, because 10-15lbs should be hard to notice. IMHO, the heavier feel of the XR also comes with a greater feeling of stability. That I do like. R
  11. EM_rider

    250 vs 400 for a blend of MX'ing & Trails

    I've followed a similar cycle, and after a decade am back on a plated xr400. Started with an xr400, then went to a KTM 400exc, picked up an xr250, then tried out a KTM 200exc and then rode a Husky TE450 for a few years. For my riding needs/wants today, low-end torque, reliability and ease of maintenance are critical. Fortunately, I was able to trade the Husky for a friends almost literally brand new plated xr400. I'm looking forward to getting it ready for some long DS rides. R
  12. EM_rider

    Gas Tank for 2002 XR250

    I've had good luck with JB weld in fixing pinhole leaks in two tanks. Just rough up the area with sandpaper and follow the basic instructions. One tank has been trouble free for 4 years with two JB weld patches. Good luck. R
  13. EM_rider

    What Did You Do To Your XR Today . . . .

    Thanks Mark, I'm in pasadena, but come up to visit SB often. The front range MTB trails are outstanding, but I'd like to explore the area on a dualsport too. I won't actually take possession of the bike for a couple months, but will get in touch when it is ride ready. Going to have ESP do a few things to it first. Rob
  14. EM_rider

    What Did You Do To Your XR Today . . . .

    I bought one......a street legal 02 XR400 that has been sitting in my friend's garage for the past 9 years. After a 3 year hiatus from riding, I figured that a plated XR was the best fit for my riding needs. Reliable, low maintenance and very capable relative to my skill level and risk threshold. I want/need a wash-and-ride bike. This is full circle for me. An xr400 was my first bike more than 10 years ago. Then I went thru a bunch of KTMs and a Husky TE. I'm now firmly in the less is more camp in terms of fun and ease of ownership. My focus is on longer dual sporting and exploration, not hammering technical trails or speed. SB, once I get the new XR setup, I'd like to check out some of those areas for a ride. I'm in in SB often and have ridden the MTB all over that area. Very cool to be able to hit up this stuff only minutes from a crowded city. R
  15. EM_rider

    26th annual Sierra Safari

    Great ride this year! Dust wasn't really an issue because the riders were so spaced out and the weather was absolutely perfect. As usual, some of the long sandy sections were a challenge, but all fun. Art, Dustee and Louis, it was fun to finally meet and ride with all of you. I'll be there next year for sure. R
  16. Just finished my fourth Sierra Safari today. Awesome ride. 3 days of fun trails between Mammoth Lakes and Hawthorne NV. Rode about 120 miles each day with everything from 5 mile long nasty rock gardens, long stretches of 70mph fireroad and lots and lots of sand. The TE was flawless, and even after 1,500 miles this bike still impresses and surprises me. I softened up the suspension a bit and it handled everything very well. In past years I've struggled in the sand (more like talc really) because it is all about momentum and handling is critical. The Husky motor, tranny and suspension made it easy. Kept it in 5th at about 1/2 throttle and blew through it all with zero trouble while the bike tracked like it was on rails. There was always power available with just a twist of the throttle. All I did was clean and change the air filter each day. Nothing else. My buddies and I enjoyed sipping beers on the balcony and watching other riders fussing and wrenching on their bikes for hours each day.
  17. EM_rider

    Camping in LPNF

    Mt. Pinos campground is a real gem, and at about 7800ft, relatively cool this time of year. Also has good tree coverage. I was up there two weeks ago for a few days on the mountain bike. The MTB trails up there are unreal, but not moto legal. There are also excellent hiking trails in the area, particularly a fun 2 mile hike to the summit of Mt. Pinos at about 8600ft. It has about 15 sites and there were only 3 other campers that weekend. It is accessible for a 21ft trailer no problem. Only thing to keep in mind is that there is no water available in the Mt. Pinos area so ya gotta be fully self contained. R
  18. EM_rider

    Got Cannondale Mnt Bike

    Wow, a nice cannondale super-V. Very cool bikes. I owned one for 10 years and rode probably 3-4,000 miles on that bike. Your comment is also 100% correct. Getting a singletrack fix is so much easier on the MTB. Not more satisfying, but far easier. I can hit very nice singletrack only 15 minutes from home. More like 2+ hours for anything I can ride on the Husky. R
  19. EM_rider

    You ride a husky? What's your profession?

    21 years in the investment biz, and past 15 years as a portfolio manager. My mission is to allow clients and shareholders to retire comfortably.
  20. http://www.snopes.com/legal/lawsuits.asp How can anyone believe this stuff is true?
  21. EM_rider

    xr 400's are slow

    I'm just an intermediate MTB rider and I can easily carry a faster pace on downhill singletrack on the MTB than on my dirtbike. A really good MTB rider would be picking off dirtbikers on technical downhill trails all day long. If you ride both, the original post would come as no surprise. MTB bikes today are 25-30 pound marvels with excellent suspension and great handling. And when you hit an unrideable section, you just pick up the bike and hike through. Obviously, the advantage changes a bit on uphill or when the trail opens up....... R
  22. EM_rider

    Right to search, illegal searches

    http://www.nolo.com/article.cfm/objectId/DED24689-ADA8-4785-887A0B4A19A694DE/104/143/127/ART/ If no cause exists, you certainly have the right to say no and demand that the LEO get a warrant prior to conducting a search of your private property. But if you go that route, you face a number of potential problems when dealing with an a**hat LEO. First, they can detain you while they try and obtain a warrant, and they often use that threat to get people's consent. Second, they can proceed with the search despite your lack of consent, knowing that the burden of fighting an illegal search is squarely on your back. Good LEOs that really don't have cause are likely to simply drop the issue and move on to someone else. This is really a question of both principle and game theory, and the jerk LEOs know this. There are very few people out there who feel so strongly about their 4th amendment rights that they will refuse consent and then pursue a legal remedy in court if the search is conducted illegally. That is a huge hassle in terms of both time and money. For sure the LEO will argue that there was a basis for "cause" in conducting the search and then the victim of the illegal search has to be willing and able to litigate until a decision in their favor is reached. If you've ever done jury duty, you know that this process is a huge PITA. Game theory applies because the vast majority of law abiding citizens with nothing to hide won't be willing to incur these costs. So if they refuse and the LEO searches anyways, the LEOs know there will be no complaint filed. The person will just drop the issue. Ironically, criminals have the most to gain by refusing a search because it gives them a legal basis to have what is found deemed inadmissable in court. So.....if you say "no", the cost may be a lot of time, money and stress That stinks IMHO and if faced with a jerk LEO I'd likely still refuse. But I know what doors that might open......
  23. EM_rider

    Sun Valley MX denied

    Very unfortunate. But once I heard this was going to be decided by the LA city council my expectations for a positive outcome were very low. The track sponsor/landowners for Sun Vallen MX have displayed an incredible amount of drive and stamina in getting this far, and I admire them for that. Recall that this entire process started something like 3 years ago. Good luck in whatever direction they decide to go next. Wayne, you're way more on the inside track about these sorts of issues than I am, but IMHO taking this to court would be futile. Not happy to say that, but IMHO it is the objective truth. To win in court, you must prove that you have been damaged or that proper legal procedures were not followed. AFAIK, this one was done by the book every step of the way, and it simply got turned down. R
  24. EM_rider

    Brown targets off-road vehicles

    Items like this appear every 3-6 months in a new thread and almost always trigger an avalanche of disgusted replies. Yes, Brown is a nutcase and CA is full of tree-hugging extremists. But when I step back and look at the reality of the past several years, I feel that my range of choice in dirtbikes has improved.....dramatically. In addition, new rules always grandfather in currently owned equipment so the old bike in your garage is safe. As usual, the reason is technology. Three or four years ago, we were all miserable because most green sticker bikes had lame performance and the DRZ was our only choice in the dualsport segment. Where are we now? The performance gap between red and green sticker bikes is nil, and the range of options available in the dualsport segment has broadened massively. The Husky and KTM street legal bikes meet all CA emissions standards, which I'm sure are stricter than anything being considered for "off road" vehicles by Brown, and they kick ass in the dirt too. Honda, Yamaha, Kawi and probably a few other manufacturers I can't recall have also joined the fray and are now offering quality dualsports. EFI is also moving into the mainstream which will further improve the emissions vs. performance balance. My guess is that EFI will revive two strokes by enabling them to meet stricter emissions standards with no performance compromise. In terms of equipment performance and choice, things are getting better IMHO. The main battle front is land access and that is where our resources should be deployed. Stuff like this is a sideshow. Actually, I'd much prefer to see the enviros focus on these sorts of emissions issues instead of trying to shut down access to public land. I'm confident that we can beat them on the emissions issue.
  25. EM_rider

    It's Here, It's Here!!!

    Whew, nice to see that the 08 Huskys are finally getting to customers. My 06 TE450 is the best bike I've ever owned, but the EFI and new frame design on the 08 bikes has me thinking about buying a new one. Looking forward to a full ride report soon. R