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  1. It was tougher when 1st built, it's now much easier.
  2. Ryan 187 is easy if you putt along at a snail's pace... If you want to know how it became a "black" trail, you'd have to open the throttle a bit more. There is a short, newer trail called "Short Weasel" I think and it will test your metal below the power line. Sadly a huge portion of the trails below the power line have been groomed to the point of needing to be reclassified. There wasn't a time years ago where Switch Blade & Gordy's for example were tough. Still though, if you're that damn good now where everything is easy then it's time you ride The Line, Tire Trail, LMS and Express Lane. You won't be able to go slow enough to make them easy...
  3. My GSXR is the only supported bike in my stable right now. As much as I love my Sherco Factory 300 trials bike it does bug me that all Canadian support was pulled so for that alone I'd not buy another one. I've made too many bad-ish choices over the last few years, not that Beta is a bad choice at all. Just for me, one of the big 5 as you called them may be a better choice. You'll not see me get a Gas Gas or TM for the same reason even though I think they have some outstanding bikes.
  4. Not really true, being a big guy on a bike may slow you down in a race or hinder your extreme terrain capabilities but you can adapt. Picking up an overweight bike gets real old fast and will wear you out. That issue also compounds real fast, the more tired you get, the more you screw up and the more you have to handle that extra pounds on a bike. Now in the case of the little Beta piggies, they're extra few pounds are at least kept low and the bike handles the weight real well. Add to that the low seat height and the bike is a winner IMO. Hopefully all the things that the Beta's are keeps you upright longer so that you don't have to deal with the extra pounds. One of my good riding buddy's is vertically challenged and the Beta is a no brainer for him, a 2018 or 2019 350 is on his short list. The Husky or KTM's are just too tall. The extra height will wear him out faster than the extra weight. I think they're both amazing machines.
  5. [emoji38] - do-you-need-help?
  6. This is what worries me, I know the new starter in the late model KTM 4 strokes are built in and supposed to be amazing but...
  7. Ok you got me there but I never mentioned anything about the 2 smokers not having a kicker, just the 4 strokes. Isn't that what we were talking about? Smartazz
  8. Woops ---^ spit it out, what ya trying to say?
  9. My family used to have a Yamaha dealership may years ago, all the bikes back then had brochures with Dry Weight listed even though they came shipped with engine and fork oil etc. I've built hundreds of bikes from crates and all I had to do was put fuel in them at the end to fire them up.
  10. I've been talking about the FX350, never once mentioned the damn 300 2 smoker
  11. Don't get me wrong, I really like the Beta bikes, just wish they weren't so unsupported here. I'm done with buying bike brands that vanish or have no local support. I used to have a Buell XB12, now they're gone. I have a Husaberg TE300, now they're gone. I have 2 Victory's, now they're gone. I have a Sherco trials bike, no more Canadian support. I'll be sticking with KTM or the Japanese products from now on.
  12. My bad but this still makes the Beta a fat b1tch. ... 221lbs with engine oil is better than I thought, awesome. Kinda not too impressed that the Husky doesn't have a kick start, does the Beta?
  13. Nobody puts wet weight on a bike brochure.
  14. Megs does McNutt justice...