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  1. Edit...... Not playing this game. I see the high road over there, think I take that.
  2. Tore up the trails today, not literally of course cause that wouldn't be nice [emoji38]
  3. This thread is used as a threat of banishment from the old thread if you dont tow the line there, [emoji38]
  4. Yup in Canukistan the Government and insurance corporations have seen the light. There is money to be made from anyone wishing to have fun... If you're not working making money that they can take from you then you'll pay in other ways on your precious days off.
  5. California

    That's kinda my point [emoji38]Kids or other relatives will come in, hold a giant garage sale and liquidate everything for pennies on the $ My son wasted no time once telling me that when I'm gone he will sell the house and all my "junk" and move downtown into an apt with modern plastic and black leather cold furniture, beanbag chairs, big TVs and gaming consoles everywhere. He finds no value in anything I hold dear which stresses me out some... Some jerk somewhere in the future will come in and buy a couple hundred thousand dollars worth of my "useless crap" as he'd call it for a few grand if they were willing to just take it away. I told him I'd haunt him for the rest of his miserable life if he did that. [emoji38]
  6. California

    You're making quite the place for yourself out there in the middle of nowhere.
  7. TGP, you weren't the only one riding angry with consequences this last week.
  8. Fox, [emoji38] isnt every thing on that channel dumbed down for its loyal viewers.
  9. Thx I'll try that.
  10. I'm a bit jealous of you US boys and your cheep TV. Costs us a damn fortune up here for TV no matter the source so a couple years ago I just removed it all together. All we have now is Netflix, YouTube etc along with an Android box for movies etc. The Android Box is a huge PITA and I seldom use it. It would cost me a few hundred bucks a month to have TV with the added channels to watch motor sports etc.
  11. I'd post my last video here but I was riding angry that day and dropped a few F Bombs. I couldn't even edit them out so posted it on YouTube as is with a disclaimer [emoji38] Its upsetting to me how the world of dirt biking is changing. A lot of our riding places have been closed down forcing more people into smaller places. We now have to all have registered dirt bikes with all sorts of insurance and the list goes on. All this because of the few who ruin it for the many. The day I made the last video I showed up to my favorite spot, began to unload my bike and a fellow riding came by warning everyone that the Forestry Department Duche was handing out $600-$700 fines to everyone who didnt gave plates, decals and insurance. When I bought my new Husky FX350 I got it with street legal status cause I thought it would add value to the bike. Now it cannot be turned into an offroad bike with cheaper insurance needs without being decommissioned by ICBC and reregistered. I had been procastinating doing it for too long and didnt have it done for that ride. So I had to load up and burn down to get it all legal before I could ride. Cost me $500, that put me in a mood and came out in the ride. Was lucky to actually make it home in one piece [emoji38] There... did that change the topic
  12. Nice bike, in '85 I had a buddy who was vertically challenged, buy one of the 1st years of FJ1100 when it came out, I really liked that bike. I think they 1st came out in '84. Weather here is finally getting better, temps are the same but rain is letting up. Put plates on and rode the Phat Gurl to work today.
  13. I was 24
  14. California

    Ahhh, terrain like that is what I commute on to get to the tuff stuff lolololol [emoji38]