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  1. California

    Gotta be a joke in there somewhere... something to do with riding orange and flaking.... [emoji38]
  2. Funny you say that but your wife called me and asked if I would come get it. $2000 was a pretty good offer but but I felt guilty. Looks like she may have another buyer anyway.
  3. Mods, I think this thread needs to be "Sticky"
  4. Heal up Groot, maybe we can meet up in Moab this fall or next spring. I've got some healing to do myself too. This is giving me nightmares about the stick that drove itself into the top vent of my Fox Helmet last year, I had all but purged that memory out of my mind until you did this.
  5. Thanks Weezer, I can't figure out how to post a link to my channel here but here's my Moab video from our ride again. You can link from the video itself to any of my other vids. I cannot wait to heal up and make it back down there. Maybe I'll be healthy enough to do it this fall.
  6. I've been researching this for quite some time and there is not really an affordable option for a follow me drone on the market yet that will work in a single track wooded environment. Lots will follow you in the open but collision avoidance is not quite there yet. Most like the awesome DGI Mavic Pro will avoid a collision well enough but cannot find their way around the object, find you and keep going. They will just sit there until they die and crash. If you dont see it happen, good luck finding the dead drone in a forest. I've heard success stories about DGI's flag ship Drones the Phantom 4 and Inspire models which are huge money and completely unpackable, being able to avoid and navigate around simple objects but nothing like a forest full of trees. Still I'm considering the Mavic Pro for my needs and just working around its limitations.
  7. That was awesome buddy, very jealous you're able to do that. I keep saying that I want to bust my ass back in shape and do that but sadly life is just my way. Keep up the awesome riding.
  8. Part of me wishes I could still race, the rest of me is happy not to. Happy to see Hans doing so well. Like to see you do something with that pro tag now. You ruled the lower classes for a long time, time to see what you can against other talented riders like yourself.
  9. It was a long drive but riding the likes of I'll not soon forget. I came from the rain forests of BC and ended up in Mars Utah, was awesome.
  10. Nice shot, I like Meg. Chick has some talent and was a very nice young lady the few times we've spoken and ridden together.Barry is an awesome dude as well, fun as hell to ride with and a real character off screen.
  11. Washington

    Are the extra batteries expensive? My only worry about getting one of these is how long will the batteries last, (as in how many cycles) and will they still be available in a few years. Last thing I need in a hobby saw is one that cost me a small fortune and is obsolete in 5 years with 2 dead batteries and no hope to buy new ones. I really do like the idea of this saw though and may just get one anyway. I dont really need a full on gas saw as far as I can see anyway.
  12. California

    Looks like a typical Monday in California... [emoji38]
  13. Xrays don't show any breaks but still after weeks I cannot raise my arm and deal with a massive amount of pain. When I get home from Scotland I will have to get back onto getting this thing taken care of. Have an MRI scheduled for late Sept but no way do I want to have to wait so long. My guess is a serious tear or maybe a couple. Possible bone and muscle bruising. I'll bounce back, it's just a matter of time. Weaser, good to see you're still riding in that heat but have no idea how you pull it off, I'd melt... Pat I didnt know that you broke both hands, that sounds horrible. Have you made a full recovery from it?
  14. california

    Outstanding [emoji38] ---^