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  1. condershire

    Wanted - kick start lever - UK

    I don't know how much they are in the UK, but they run $86.26 here, and that was the cheapest parts outlet online. I would just weld it. Where is the crack?
  2. condershire

    TDC conundrum

    Yes, I had, it did not appear to make much of a difference... As for the ignition, I believe it is a wasted spark system, thus, it should not make a difference with regards to the sensor...
  3. condershire

    TDC conundrum

    I don't know if this is of much help, but as I recall, and I've done this a few times, I installed the cam first with the lobes down. I then installed the sprocket w/chain on the cam with both alignment marks horizontal with the head. I don't recall having any issues when done this way, so I suppose there is only one TDCC. My memory is a bit hazy but that is the best I can remember....
  4. condershire

    Drain The Forks

    No drain plugs... you can order the parts from an earlier model, drill and tap. The flats are still there although they may need to be machined to prevent leakage (for the gasket)...
  5. condershire

    Carb Insulator Bolts

    Is the head on or off the bike? If it is off, or the engine is out jour life will be easier. They are going to be a PITA and you will likely destroy them during removal (at least I did). Do NOT apply heat, you may damage the insulator to save a $1 bolt. I used a hex socket and long arm ratchet, made sure everything was at 90 degrees and with enough force was able to get them loose. I still had to use an easy out on one. Install new bolts and use the blue loctite. The next time should not be so difficult. Hope this helps...
  6. condershire

    XR650L valve cover gasket thickness

    I'd have to check the specs for cam to center bearing clearance, but I suspect gasket thickness is an issue and not an area I would go cheap on... Although the OEM gasket is a bit pricey, it is high quality and can be reused. MCMA11 on Advrider detailed the process, I just tried finding the link to no avail but if you peruse the XR650L thread, you will find it. Basically, when you remove the valve cover, make sure you clean off the old residue and apply some RTV or similar (I use the Permatex Ultra Black, never had a leak) on the gasket surface and re-install. The last time I did mine, I used steel wool (fine) to remove the old material off the gasket as well. I've never had a leak reusing this way and can usually reuse 3 or 4 times before I'll bite off and get a new one. On another note, there are other places to order parts than the dealership (although I order from them as well from time to time). Try looking around online, I just found it for $30.11 at one online outlet... Dealerships don't seem to be there for after sale support, their only job seems to be to get the bikes out the door...
  7. condershire

    XR 600 Crankshaft

    I'm going to go the way of a heretic here, but my recommendation, save your money. Don't get me wrong, I love the XR600, but given that the crankshaft is no longer available (they can be rebuilt, however, Google "Mr Crankshaft") as are many other parts for the XR600, you may want to look into other options. I have the XR650L and am awaiting the day that Honda decides to stop producing that model, although given that it is still being produced, I am hopeful there will be parts for some time to come after it is no longer being built. My advice, sell the bike you have for parts and buy a newer model, like the XRL or similar (even the DR650). Please note that I am basing this opinion on your statement of the bike being in "bad shape", which is obviously subjective but the picture that came into my head was not pleasant and suggested a CONSIDERABLE amount of work and money...
  8. condershire

    Swing arm problem XR650l

    I'd be ordering a new swingarm as well, that one looks absolutely knackered... Considering the "unknown" nature of the supermoto mod coupled with what appears to be significant abuse I personally would not be comfortable riding on that...
  9. condershire

    XRL Engines...

    Your engines are works of art, I suspect my spouse may be getting jealous of the attention I give to photos of your rebuilds... I'd like to send you my engine sometime next year, I've already ordered new plastics, etc. and will be having the frame painted or powder coated. Basically a complete overhaul. My XRL now has 30,000 miles on her and I will probably need to send the forks and shock out for overhaul as well...
  10. condershire

    XRL Engines...

    This is probably more of a rant and I really need to just accept things the way they are, but here goes... Why is it so hard to find an XR650L engine (complete) and when you do, they are upwards of $2,000??? I have been considering the purchase of an engine to rebuild for a spare but finding them is difficult to say the least and when I do, they are ULTRA expensive. A couple of examples: Fleabay item #191711272934, http://www.ebay.com/itm/191711272934?_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT This engine has a claimed 1453 miles and looks like it is in EXCELLENT condition, $2,400???? I could get a V8 long block for less than that. As a counter example, here is a Moto Guzzi V7 750 engine, Fleaby item #252104098543, http://www.ebay.com/itm/252104098543?_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT for $750.00??? In other words a dual cylinder engine in EXCELLENT condition, Italian, no less, goes for less than 3 times the XRL engine??? I understand the idea of supply and demand, maybe our choice in riding the XRL suggests we are at the "top of the heap" in some fashion, I just for the life of me cannot understand WHY it so hard to not only FIND an engine but PAY THROUGH THE NOSE when we do... Rant over, I need some coffee, or a drink...
  11. condershire

    New brp

    I would be wary of doing anything to it right now... Unless you are having real issues, the stock jetting is probably fine for the time being. The best mod if you are so inclined at this time would probably be a larger tank and maybe a rack...
  12. condershire

    Seating rings...

    UPDATE: The pig does not smoke as much now, if at all, only detectable when the throttle is whacked, not sure why if the rings should have seated shortly after the first start or two. I did have to go up on my jetting, not really sure why as everything I have read suggests it should have stayed the same or even gone leaner with a larger bore and higher compression piston. I am now at 52/158 and yes, that main seems fat but my engine definitely needed it, last plug inspection the porcelain was white and I still had some pre-ignition issues at WOT. Pilot jet is good, with the 50 it would die one turn out from the stop, now it dies 1/4 turn out from the stop and I am at about 2 turns out on 52. There may be some merit to a big bore kit needing a pumper carb but the bike runs well and I am happy with it. I did order an extra set of rings just in case I needed to go back in the motor...
  13. condershire

    Too lean or just right?

    Looks like it could be about right or a tad lean. I had a similar issue with my L and had to richen things up a bit, the insulator on mine was as white as could be with no blemishes.
  14. condershire

    Seating rings...

    I've ordered rings and new valve seals, time to go in again, I guess. One question, I used the supplied cosmetic head gasket with the piston kit, is it possible a leaking head gasket could cause my problem???
  15. condershire

    Seating rings...

    I have just rebuilt my 2012 XR650L, new valve seals, Wiseco 102.4mm forged piston with rebore. The engine now has about 1400 miles on the rebuilt top end. She smokes a little, particularly when the throttle is whacked and when throttle is released. It smokes more when hot and not so much when cold. It is blue smoke (light, not heavy amount) and overly rich jetting has been ruled out. Pulled the plug and it looksgreat (light tan). I assume the rings still need to seat but am concerned given the amount of miles since installed and am torn between waiting or ordering another set of rings with a re-hone. Can it take a while for the rings to seat? Piston was installed dry without excessive oil. It was broken in properly, varied throttle, hot. Any opinions?