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  1. Deanorino

    What city in Calif do you live in? 4 ride hook up

    Looking to ride soon. This week wed thurs or fri preferably. Georgetown would be perfect. Also okay with Prairie city or some other OHV as I havent road since november. Feel like ages though... Located in vacaville and would be willing to ride together. Have a long bed tacoma, gas splitting is welcome
  2. Deanorino

    Is Georgetown rideable now or under snow/ice?

    I want to go up there and ride sometime soon as well..With all this no rain or snow stuff might get lucky! Have a happy new year Dan! -Dean with the Husky from Vacaville
  3. Deanorino

    georgetown open?

    Went last Friday it was open. Bathrooms were locked but that's it!
  4. Deanorino

    Advice for family enduro?

    No tips, but crazy miner will be my first as well, excited to go out there and ride. Hopefully follow some of the experienced guys to help out.
  5. Deanorino

    What GoPro do I want?

    Honestly for space wise, 1080p and 30 fps is the best in my opinion. 120 fps is great for slower motion, but really not needed for regular filming. I have the black and love it but I probably could have been fine with silver. Only reason I chose black is someone was offering a brand new in box black for same cost as silver on Craigslist. As far as battery life I get about 1.5 hours of straight footage , but a third party offers a thing called wasabi battery packs that give you more life and multiple batteries so that won't be an issue. Your issue is then your sd card size which I reccomend larger if you can afford it.
  6. Deanorino

    Nor CA ride this week ?

    I can pick you up if we go somewhere where you are on the way. I'm in vacaville, any ideas? That is if you stil want to go.
  7. Deanorino

    Nor CA ride this week ?

    Where to? I would like to ride on friday.
  8. Deanorino

    Friday day ride? (Northern ca)

    Big thanks to ServiceCenter radiator for welding up my radiator after I got a nice crack in the portion where the rubber hose attaches to the metal radiator port. drove the truck down the the shop in Auburn, removed the rad, had it fixed, bolted it back up, and drove back to foresthill all in around 2 hours allowing for plenty of time to ride. Unfortunately I missed you A rider, (now I understand the name though!) but next time will be much smoother im sure...
  9. Deanorino

    Friday day ride? (Northern ca)

    Yeah I am sorry for the late reply. Il message you my phone number. What time ? My bikes loaded up.
  10. Anyone want to go? Il be coming from vacaville, thinking maybe foresthill or something.
  11. Who wants to ride this weekend? Sat or Sunday, whatever day is better for the majority. I'm also free in the weekday now. Thinking of foresthill or somewhere within 1.5 hours of sac
  12. How much does that usually run? And just curious, what did you see? I haven't tuned the bike to me yet, and I would love to hear some tips.
  13. Thanks! I am going to definitely post more, I have been busy the past few weeks with work and school but I am returning to a normal pace here after this week. Hope to get out there and ride at least once a week again!
  14. I used my chest mount from ebay, pretty sure it isnt authentic but it was only 20 bucks and works great. I love the angle an viewing area. Il check, but Im pretty sure I used the embed link for forums. It might have auto formatted it to embed with just the link though!
  15. Deanorino

    Moving to Northern California?

    Look into Vacaville/Davis/walnut creek/Roseville. All nice places, all within about an hour of the coast (with the exception of Roseville which is farther from the coast but closer to the forest). Good places for family and commuting distance to cities without living in them.