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    Piggy Acting Up

    Guess I should have clarified haha no, I change my oil very often, probably more than I need to. This oil had about 500 miles on it. I change it about every 500-750 so it is fairly regular. The oil was very thin and very dark when I drained it after this ride. My dad had a similar problem on his Harley FLHTC when it would be on cruise control and under a load on the highway. It would put too much fuel in the cylinder and push it past the rings, causing the oil to thin out and become very dirty (black). Don't know if I'm having the same issue or if something else is happening. Might try running some thicker oil, but it's really not that hot where I'm riding, and the oil temp isn't getting that hot either, so I can't believe it's an oil issue. I'm fairly convinced it's jetting but thanks for the suggestion.
  2. maxwelldtowne

    Pirelli Scorprion MT 90/AT

    Fantastic for the way I use them (mostly city street commuting, speeds under 60mph), but horrible on the concrete freeways here in LA. They follow every line in the road at 75-80mph. They make up for it in the canyons, extremely grippy on asphalt mountain roads. Hopefully they last at least 7k miles...
  3. maxwelldtowne

    Pirelli Scorprion MT 90/AT

    2 reviews

    GENERAL INFORMATION Flexibility of use on asphalt roads and on rough ground, with high levels of road holding and safety on all types of surface. Tread with large central blocks for a more stable ride and V arrangement for the maximum grip in traction and braking. Optimised carcass for best stability at high speeds even at full load. Compound with balanced silica content capable of ensuring high mileage and better grip on both dry and wet surfaces
  4. maxwelldtowne

    FMF Racing Q4 Spark Arrestor Slip-On

    Sounds Rad
  5. maxwelldtowne

    Honda XR650L (2008)


    It's heavy, not that fast, and kindy soft. But big dirtbikes with plates, blinkers, and mirrors are so damn fun on the street. Wheelie, Smile, Repeat.
  6. maxwelldtowne

    Honda XR650L 2008

    It's heavy, not that fast, and kindy soft. But big dirtbikes with plates, blinkers, and mirrors are so damn fun on the street. Wheelie, Smile, Repeat.
  7. maxwelldtowne

    Piggy Acting Up

    Hi all, first post here and I'd appreciate all the input I can get, as this forum has been extremely helpful in all the little tips and tricks that these bikes have. I've had an '08 650L since 2012 and have loved every second of owning it, even after coming off of a much peppier 250X. When I got it, it had a nasty rattle in the top end and smoked like a 2 stroke. I did the rounds on the entire top end, and now it has about 3,000 miles on that new top end, is desnorkled and desmogged, has Dave's mods, and an FMF Q4 slip on. Otherwise, it's stock. And it runs really, really well...until... Last weekend I went for about a 150 mile ride (street) to the twisties of the Santa Monica Mountains here in LA. About halfway through the ride, the guys following me noticed it was puffing smoke on deceleration. Not a lot of smoke, but small puffs. My first thought was valve guide seals, as I know these commonly fail on the bikes and the symptoms include puffing on decel. But I have been commuting on the bike daily for awhile now and those seals are still fairly new (3 years old). I can't believe they would all of a sudden go in the middle of a ride like that either. By the time I'd reached the 13 mile mark on that ride, the bike would barely idle when I pulled up to a light. It was a warm day (air temp ~85 degrees) but I have an oil temp gage and it was reading at a pretty normal 250 degrees. I'm running a 158 main and 55 pilot for jetting, and it seemed to be the sweet spot for my setup. My daily commute is short (3 miles each way) so the bike doesn't run for any long periods of time on a normal basis but it idles and runs fine every day. I drained the oil out of it today and it was extremely dark, like black, and very thin. I drained the bike cold as a precaution because I plan on changing it again immediately just to clean things out (I know, it's probably overkill but what the hell, cheaper than rebuilding another top end). I think I may be running it a little rich and that might be what's causing the thin and dark oil, perhaps its pushing fuel past the rings when under a load or bogging. I did a compression check, and compression is way good But as for the weak idle and smoking, I'm puzzled Is it just the nature of these carbs when they're hot and loading up to not idle? Any thoughts? Anybody had any issues like these? All input is appreciated! Thanks all, ride safe.