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  1. It keeps you from going too fast. If you go over 60 your head starts to flap in the wind and makes you want to slow down
  2. 870

    Embarrassing question

    IT smells the same by usually has a blue green color to it
  3. I would say go for it. Get a manual. Take your time and ask questions. Your going to make some mistakes but that's how we learn.
  4. What's the best easiest way to get the water pump bearing out? Manual calls for a special tool.
  5. If your loosing oil it's probably getting sucked past the crank seal and needs to be replaced
  6. So I recently purchased a left sided crankcase for my sons cr125 Honda has done such a good hub that they just bolt together. Does anybody know if you can do the same with a beta? Reason I ask is I realylike the beta 300 but parts availability has turned me off. If I order an oem part for a jap bike from rmatv it's on my doorstep the next day.
  7. Wait is Suzuki still making dirt bikes??
  8. I need new left crankcase half can I bolt this up to my old right side without machining? Honda sells them separately not in pairs
  9. I'm almost embarrassed to admit this but on mine even though it seems like there is a little gas in the tank it is not enough to feed the carb. Happened to me once spent several hours chasing fuel and electric problems when I just needed some gas.
  10. 870

    Lowest price for cylinder replating?

    I've been really pleased with millennium technologies
  11. 870

    Unidentifiable part 2005 cr125

    Problem solved it's the power valve stop
  12. 870

    Unidentifiable part 2005 cr125

    Power valve governor appears to be intact. Thanks for all the suggestions. This is frustrating
  13. 870

    Unidentifiable part 2005 cr125

    Thanks I'll look into that
  14. 870

    Unidentifiable part 2005 cr125

    Could this be a big end crank bearing that slid out slid out? When you remove the collar there is a hole between the crank and seal. I don't know what the big end crank bearing looks like. I'm not sure this is possible without an obvious crank problem. Crank feels good.
  15. 870

    Unidentifiable part 2005 cr125

    I had also wiped down the clutch side pretty good previously to remove any excess oil and never saw it maybe it just somehow ended up on the bench. I did do my swing arm bearing a couple months ago maybe it was a roller stuck in the swing arm bolt hole and it chose this opportune time to dislodge itself