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  1. EFI idle adjustment is the same knob as the choke, but instead of pulling it, rotate it. It has idle adjustment clicks. I Beleive counter clockwise raises the idle.
  2. I would buy it in a heartbeat, take him down to 350 and slap those parts on ebay.
  3. I know they changed something up between these two years, but wasn't sure if I could make it work somehow. Anyone have any imput?
  4. Seems counter intuitive, but colder Air will actually make your bike run hotter by creating a lean condition. When the air is cold, there is more air available, thus requiring you to richen your mix.. (air/fuel mix) not oil/fuel mix.
  5. I went to do a regular valve shim on my 08 Crf250r and I notice my left intake valve spring is "free", as in, it had no tension and I was able to pull it out from around the valve with my fingers. What could cause this? What is the remedy? Has anyone experienced this?
  6. Great online community I've found here. I really appreciate all the input and suggestions. I threw a 48 pilot jet in that bad boy and it runs perfectly now.
  7. Welp, I checked my timing and it is spot on. The popping was getting better as the fuel screw was turned about about 4 turns, so I ordered a 48 pilot jet that should be here by the end of the week. Updates to come.
  8. I hadn't thought about the timing.... I'll check that and get back with you. Thanks for your insight.
  9. I understand that it isn't a "play" or "trail bike" but maybe I wasn't clear earlier. Its not like it pops maybe every once in a while, the damn thing is popping LOUDly EVERY single time I let off the gas. I also have a Crf450r, it does not do this AT ALL. My yz450f (the one popping) starts up and idles eaisly. So if thats not the problem (and the exhaust isn't leaking) what on earth could it be??
  10. I don't understand what this comment means, you think that the way I'm riding is causing the decel popping?? I have owned several bikes in the past and have not had this problem. I can take it up to the rev limiter and it is still popping.
  11. Ok, now I am confused...the main jet being too is making the bike run lean. Correct? My header is glowing like the sun. I thought running a richer mixture would stop the popping?? But enlighten me, as I am still relatively new to all of this. The pilot jet is stock, what size would you reccomend for a bike with 70 hours and is running lean on a 155 main jet? (and there are no leaks in the exhaust and the silencer was just repacked.)
  12. Ok, I picked up an 08 Yz450f from a guy in Houston who said he just got back from Colorado where the reccomendation for the main jet size is a 155. Here at sea level the bike is popping like crazy even with the fuel screw backed almost all the way out. So I obviously need to get a bigger main jet. My question is, with the bike having about 70 hours on it, what size should I get now here at sea level.. 170? Bigger? and should I only replace the main jet or get a bigger pilot jet as well? Any help will be appreciated! -Matt
  13. My 06 CRF250r will crank and idle great, but as soon as i touch the gas it bogs out and dies. So my immediate thought is to clean the jets, but even after I did that, nothing changed. Still dies when I give it gas. Have any of you experienced this?? Any input would be appreciated. Thanks!
  14. Hey everyone, I've got a Crf250r that will crank up on first kick and idles great, but as soon as I touch the gas, it bogs out and dies. So my first thought is, obviously I need to clean the jets. So i did that.....no change. Have any of you experienced this? I would really appreciate your help. Thanks
  15. Guys, I really appreciate your help, I will give the hot start more play (as it is pretty tight and does not snap back), inspect the choke and pilot jet internals. I will be back with an update this evening. I'm guessing the jet size will be inscribed on the jet itself?