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  1. A skilled physical therapist worked much better than I thought it would. Highly recommend excercices for your specific injury. The place I went to had a machine that strapped me in a doohickey like I was was being drawn and quartered. It stretched and un-stretched my back slowly and helped A LOT. Even just one visit can do wonders.
  2. Drz400s Ossa 300i
  3. "Normal" as in "not racist" OBVIOUSLY.
  4. And if the land owner was a KKK member and a "normal" 15 year old was horribly maimed or killed, your opinion would be?
  5. In response to people getting caught in, and/ or seeing various forms of booby traps: Setting a booby trap, even on your own land, is a 3rd degree felony. In fact, it's so serious, it even goes against Geneva Convention laws. People who do this are basically terrorists (and I don't throw that word around loosely). It's a VERY serious crime. Even if you KNOW you're in a place you're not supposed to be, report it immediately if you see one. There was one scumbag here in CT. An anonymous blogger, who was talking about using high test fishing wire because of how hard it was to see to use it to cause injury to anyone who made tire tracks on his favorite trail (which he didn't even own!). In his mind, possibly MURDERING someone who is riding around NOT hurting anyone is a ok in his book because his ideology and aesthetic sensibilities tell him he is right. Absolutely disgusting. I showed the fishing wire post to the police (again, something I RARELY do). I certainly hope they found him and paid him a visit. Scariest thing I've seen on the trail? Cultural Marxist/ Orwellian/ 1984/ Littering Hippie / REI-type Scumbag Hikers.
  6. .
  7. Mostly interested in U.S./ Canada. But curious about worldwide as well. Australia looks awesome from what I've seen. Washington/ Oregon seems pretty nice from what I've researched so far in the U.S.. Quebec looks like fun too. I'm in CT. The "REI-ish" attitude of most people and places here is almost unbearable. Noticed some places like ME, VT, NH looked ok until I found out about their "4wheelers only" policy in many areas...even if on fireroads with a plated dual sport. RIDICULOUS! Anyway, rant over. Just wondering if there are any places in the world where intelligent people are calling the shots.
  8. My girlfriend and I were lost and ended up in an area where we weren't supposed to be and were yelled at with great venom and hostility (no idea if they had any authority over us or not). I told them we would love to leave, which way to get un-lost? Took my helmet off in an attempt to try to get them to relax. No go. Then, eventually my girlfriend took her helmet off, and wouldn't you know it? They went from being TOTAL a**holes to, "How may we help you?" after realizing she wasn't a guy. Probably helped that she's pretty hot too. But ANYWAY. Tactically utilizing the men=bad/ women=good prevalence in today's society may benefit us greatly when battling the ignorant and prejudiced. Something like a "Women and Girls Ride Too!" campaign? I don't know. The whole experience turned out to be a fascinating study in human behavior.
  9. Any H/T users?
  10. Definitely don't buy from rei. That company works 24/7 trying to elimanate our trail riding areas. Other companies/ organizations to avoid, Digging a little via google might be a good idea too to find out if a company is actively trying to screw us through the back door. It's unfortunately very common with bicycling. I'd certainly hate to find out later one of my chosen brands that I may have purchased is actually working against us.
  11. I've been riding a fairly long time and STILL don't know &%$#@! a powerband is. Maybe a dyno can gauge it, but I sure as hell can't.
  12. I think the 1st one you linked would be the best climber. I have a 105 Cannondale. Check out brands that aren't the usual suspects too like gt. they usually have a very good spec/ price ratio because they aren't well known in rd biking. Never bought a bike other than local so I'm not sure. Probably wouldn't be a problem.
  13. Lol. I think you actually lucked out. That sounds like a cool combo actually. Probably both front and rear will wear almost evenly...AND you can cruise backroads without worry with the dot thing. I'm actually surprised the S/T is street legal. That's awesome.
  14. I just did a little research on your tires because the front looks slightly different than mine. I think yours are actually S/T's. Not positive though.
  15. signman606 has an I/T rear and an S/T front. I have both I/T's front and rear. Just in case anyone was curious.