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  1. Warranty? LOL You took a super lean condition and made it worse by giving it more air. JD kit is the shit.
  2. skip 7 go to 11
  3. Heaviest flywheel you can find and an R cam.
  4. They sure are not marketing a such........
  5. Ugh...... This bike is a total pig. Notice the way they don't show you the jump landings. This bike has more in common with the NC700 and the CTX 700 than it does with any of Honda's dirtbikes. Seriously. Should not even be discussed in the 450X forum because it is so far removed from what X riders are lookin g for in a bike. You'll see.... even the adventure crowd will not like this compared to the 990 KTM. When you think Africa Twin this is the lineage of the bike http://powersports.honda.com/2015/nc700x.aspx http://powersports.honda.com/2015/ctx700n.aspx Sad but true. IMO Honda is all excited about a bike that nobody is going to buy once they get a good look at it. Plus most people that want a bike like this have already bought a KTM. We want a plateable 450x type bike......this is not it.
  6. Gonna be expensive if you ever drop or crash on one of those......and if you own one.....you will.
  7. Adding a plate to the mix IMO is the only thing they could improve on. Honda really does not care if people are bored, they know nothing touches the 450X so they let it ride. Again......what do you want to see that could be a potential game changer? Same performance with less weight would be nice but I don't think that is possible. Every short coming I have ever heard about the 450x (aside from no plate) can be cured by learning how to ride. It's not the bike that is lacking trust me.
  8. your 06? Friggen war horse.
  9. So what "updates" have Yamaha done that are so groundbreaking and game changing?? Oh wait.........nothing. And again just out of curiosity what could Honda do to the 450x that can take it to the next level ? Not much left to do aside add FI to the mix. The brakes, suspension frame geometry ect is dialed and STLL smokes anything else out there.
  10. I keep reading posts about people arrogantly claiming the 450x is "outdated" yadda yadda yadda......I just have to laugh every time.
  11. Motul oil comes in bitchin colors
  12. If your coolant is foaming your bikes has rabies.
  13. Guy asks a stupid question and gets pissy when the stupid answers flow...... TT delivers again!
  14. California

    Hey you were the one that said it is simple....
  15. California

    People without the means or talent to do something always want to say things like this. If it is so simple then why don't you do it yourself ?