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    150xc with sx cdi?

    What about putting the 150 XC cdi on the 144 sx? That’s what I’m considering, just to some the 07 144. can it be done? or put my 08 300xc cdi on the sx just for kicks and see what happens.....thoughts?

    New boots what should I get?

    I love my Tech 8s; I am on my 3rd pair.....I just get a size 9 (I wear size 10.5 shoes), take the booty out and put some Dr Scholls inserts in - I do this as soon as I get them. I may try some SG10 or SG12 next go round based upon what some friends have said from their experience.

    Educate Me, 200-people!

    I am enjoying this thread, my 13 yr old boy started on a RM50 and has been on a CRf100 for a few years now. He wants a new bike so bad, he rode a YZ125 that I bought and then sold; he also rode a friends TTR230 and he has ridden my XC300 - which scared him. The deal has always been that he would buy his next bike, but I really need a riding buddy (and he does a great job of keeping up) so I decided that his next bike would be one that I would ride occasionally. When I asked him what he wanted next........he said a 230. I was so pissed! Of course I havent bought anything for him, but Im pretty sure I will not be buying a 4 stroke, let alone a 230 :). Ive been shopping for a 200/150xc or xcw, way too many sx in these parts.

    Single track in St. George, Utah?

    When is the best time of winter to go to St George and ride? We have been talking about riding there for years but havent pulled the trigger yet. Id hate to schedule everything, head down and have it be the worst weather of the year the few days we are there. I know, I know, its Utah...the weather changes. Have you found a week or two that just works every year? We do a snowmobiling trip to Bear Lake, we do it every year at the end of Jan/first of Feb......Its has been amazing every year.

    Places to ride near northern Utah

    Another that is not on your list is Mueller park trail in Bountiful - super fun, its like a sidewalk. BUT there are alot of hikers, bicyclists that use it too. We always go in from North Canyon and ride through Rudys Flat. Skyline has been my go to for a few years, close and a very fun trail AND not alot of other users, yet.

    How much do you think my bike could go for?

    What will the dealer give you for the 200 as trade-in towards the 250?

    How much do you think my bike could go for?

    Dependent upon total machine hours, you shouldnt have any problem getting $2500-$3000. The bike looks fantastic in the pictures youve posted. Why dont you just stick it on craigslist and see what happens? Or put it on the classifieds here and on ktmtalk? If it was a bit closer Id be calling. You already stated "I live in the PNW and these bikes seem to sell really well." you obviously know what these bikes have been selling for.

    rotella oils

    6 yrs later...are you still running Rotella in your bikes?

    Making a great trail bike - 2018 150 XC-W ??

    Did you build your yz150? Ive been thinking about doing that for for 13yr old son - buying a yz125 and when a rebuild is needed, making it a 150. Pretty tough to find a ktm150 locally, unless buying new.

    KTM 200 top end power terrible!

    Can the spark arrestors be cleaned out or is it a throw away part?

    Dual map switch

    Ive had mine on the clutch side, after 6 hrs of riding..fiddling with it, I think Ill take it off and leave them unplugged.

    sx vs xc suspension?

    There has to be more of a difference in the SX than the XC line; guys are always putting the CDI and head from the SX on the XC line. This is what I know: the XC and XCW will have kickstands and e-start. The W will also have a headlight. Spend some time on KTMtalk and you'll find all of the differences quickly.

    Boot marks long plastic

    I always use wd-40 or armor all on the plastics.

    RK Tek performance head vs Slavens S3 vs cut stock heads

    You should send Kyle a message about the differences as he has had both - on his 2015 he ran a Slavens and the 2017 has the RK Tek. Slavens is widely known among this group where RK Tek is very well known with sledheads. I actually have the same question as you so hopefully someone with some seat time with both will chime in.
  15. These bikes are going for over retail if in good condition in my area. AND they arent listed for very long.