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  1. Rowdstar

    Airbox Modifications

    yes. definetely. i really should throw it on a friend's dyno just to see what it is making...... probably next week. but in the sound and subjective feeling department, it does feel better. way better.
  2. Rowdstar

    Airbox Modifications

    i drilled about 12 1" holes in my airbox. i also tore out the snorkel on top. and clipped off the back fire screen. no issues other than more noise and increased fuel consumption. but i dont care about those on this bike.
  3. Rowdstar

    FMF Q4 and MegaBomb

    i'm 41. hahaha. i did the bestdualsports level 1. i'm soooo happy i got the full exhaust and efi module. it's made a huge difference and the -1 tooth front sprocket has been OK too.
  4. Rowdstar

    Newb dumb question

    im in CA. there is one hand holding the pump/handle/lever and my other hand (normally with the glove still on) is in a "V" shape between my middle and ring finger. with my hand like that i make a seal around the vapor recaputre booty. the end of the nozzle is in the gas tank just enough. and no worries, everytime someone has their first motorcycle fill up in CA they face this issue.
  5. thank you! succint answers to long questions, awesome! the bike is a million times better now.
  6. so i changed out my front sprocket to a 13t today and have a couple questions as i didn't pay much attention to the stocker before i took it off. i got the 13 on fine, chain tension adjusted fine per the manual but...... the clip that mounts over the sprocket and around the splined shaft, it is supposed to sit in a groove on the shaft, with the teeth somewhat offset from those of the sprocket right. kind of like the only way to keep it clipped on, right? secondly, there is a just a tiny amount of free play when i pull on the sprocket on the output shaft. mabye 1/8 inch i'm guessing...... should it feel rock solid, ummovable or is this little bit of play normal/ok? i rode it up and down the neighborhood and didnt hear any odd noises or feel chain slippage or anything like that... but just making sure. finally, after putting on my new full exhaust, the fmf one, after above said ride around the block, there was smoke whisping out the end of the tail pipe for about 8 minutes. just something that happens on break-in or...???
  7. Rowdstar

    power up kit install tips needed

    so in otherwords no one has anything to add other than what i found on my own googling... no one here has done this themselves and has anything thing to share about it?
  8. so i just got my level 1 power up kit from bestdualsports and haven't ever really installed this sort of thing, especially a front sprocket. any tips from those here who have done it on getting all this stuff installed right? -full exhaust -airbox and filter mod -efi controller -front sprocket -CA emmisions removal -anything else while it's all apart? thanks!
  9. Rowdstar

    Honda CRF250L/M Pics & Video

    so now i've chopped my rear fender/plate holder. protaper bar. msr folding shift lever. richochet skit plate. and the bestdualsport kit arrived today! now i gotta get it installed, with some help. maybe just some different footbpegs and then i'll be done. anyone whose done the level 1 power up intsall have any tips as the kit's instructions are pretty bare.
  10. i wiegh 145lbs. 60 feels easy on it. 70 is pinned.
  11. Rowdstar


    The email I got from Yoshimura says their pipe will be available in January. I think that's the one I'll get.
  12. Rowdstar

    New owner, some questions.

    seriously, not a single person in CA has taken their charcoal can off and can help me with this? darn.....
  13. Rowdstar

    Honda CRF250L/M Pics & Video

    i messed up the music and sound, so best to watch it on mute. i had 15 miles on my 250L when i went on this ride. =)
  14. 1hour 5minutes. 138bpm avg. 182bpm max. 15%bf

  15. Rowdstar

    New owner, some questions.

    ramz, yes you have. you come up pretty quickly when google-ing anything about the crf250l. but sadly, you didnt have to pull the evap can so your, admittedly awesome site, doesn't help me with my main concern right now. but it is inspirational and helped me plan out what i want to do to my crf over the coming year.