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  1. Rode up there Sunday. Got stuck on that root going up trail 9 towards trail 3. Another group came up behind me and they all got stuck and had to push too. That's the only spot in the whole place that was so slick I couldn't take a step without slipping and falling on my arse. Some carnage -- their group left some broken fenders behind and I think my radiator is leaking because I tried a Graham Jarvis move (tried being the operative word). Rest of the trails were glory dirt!
  2. cosmoKenney

    Best Rock hounding tool kit for me

    First, before pait, you need to pull the deisel engine out and put a two stroke tripple in it. And don't forget to use Rotella.
  3. cosmoKenney

    Georgetown west side. Down Low Ride - Saturday Dec 8

    What's the west side? Trails 1, 2 and 3?
  4. cosmoKenney

    CRAFTSMAN tools new home...LOWE'S!!

    What about the home depot stuff (is it Husky)? Is that on par with the lowes brands? My local home depot is about 3 miles from my house whereas lowes is about 20 miles.
  5. I thought the condensated water will escape the case by way of the case breather in the form of steam after the bike warms up?
  6. cosmoKenney

    CRAFTSMAN tools new home...LOWE'S!!

    Not any more. A lot of their stuff went to 1 year or less. Torque wrenches, for instance are 1 year. And if you are like me you go buy a 1/2" torque wrench and use it once while your 3/8" torque wrench gets most of it's use throughout the year. Then after about 1 year and 1 day you go to do that job with the 1/2" torque wrench that you've used once and the ratchet head explodes as you try to torque down that giant bolt. 🤬 Then you spend three hours looking for the 1 year and 1 day old receipt only to find out your warranty is expired -- that is if the print hasn't faded off of it.
  7. Yea, except for Red Stickers 🤬 which are locked out from May through the end of Sept. I really don't understand the seasonal closures. During the typical closure periods, do we get more rain than the PNW? I mean they don't close trails up there do they? And it seems like it's always wet in the PNW.
  8. cosmoKenney

    Where to ride NorCal after big rain?

    Ah, the million dollar question! BTW, I think Chalk Bluff has started doing the 48 hours rain closure thing like GT. But don't quote me on that.
  9. That's so weird. Glad you got it sorted out, though.
  10. I put in a new piston/rings on my TX300 at 78 hours. I had the same exact vertical scoring above the port bridge thingy. The rest of the cylinder still had visible cross-hatch. I decided to just clean up the scoring with a scotch bright pad and WD-40. Cleaned up real well. Pretty sure it was ring material deposited on the cylinder wall. As for those whitish blotches, I cannot say what those are. Never seen anything like it. Did you get coolant on there when you pulled the head? Maybe you can clean your cylinder a little and post a close up? EDIT: I just read page 2 and see you got Slavens to look at it. BTW, it's 80:1 less oil than 60:1? Here's a pic of my cylinder after 78 hours.
  11. cosmoKenney

    Finally! New TX300!

    The 51 is probably just perfect. I might go that route too. I like the blue supersprox ones. The color matches my s3 head, bar ends, foot pegs and folding levers. 😉
  12. cosmoKenney

    Finally! New TX300!

    I'm running a 52. Only use first when I'm doing super rocky technical uphills. First is almost non-existent when you are on smooth single track. EDIT: forgot to mention that I only went to the 52 because I always felt that the bottom end was too soft on this bike. But now that I've gotten the slavens s3 head, I've been contemplating going back to stock gearing.
  13. cosmoKenney

    TX 300 for Moto

    I'd put a Slavens S3 mule head on the TX300 to get the bottom end more snappy. It really helped my 17 TX 300. And since the rear shock is so easy to take out you might look into getting one tuned for MX and swap them out when you go between track and trail. The forks can do both track and trail well. Just a matter of adjusting air pressure and clickers. It'll take a while but with some good notes I'm sure you can come up with settings for each discipline.
  14. cosmoKenney

    TX300 tall rider setup

    I'm 6'1" and also use the fastway pegs in low boy position. That helped me the most to get comfortable. I use a trailtech woods bend bar that I've been swapping onto each bike I've owned for the last five or more years. I have short legs and long torso so I use the Husqvarna low seat and run normal knobbies (shinko 216 gummie) since my favorite tire (Dunlop D803) is way too tall. The only problem with my setup is I also mostly stand and find that with my bars I cannot get the levers pointing down enough because the master cylinders hit the bar on the bend. I read somewhere that Jarvis runs the stock bars on his TE300.
  15. cosmoKenney

    CRAFTSMAN tools new home...LOWE'S!!

    This is exactly my experience with Crapsman. Or at least for stuff like the torque wrenches and 3 ton floor jack I bought from them recently. None of which lasted more than two jobs before going in the trash. However I do still have a cordless 1/4" impact driver that I use almost daily and it is still going strong. It's been dropped many times and even sprayed with water/rain several times. Doesn't even blink. A friend of mine, however has some of there many years old torque wrenches that have lasted him through many repairs.