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  1. cosmoKenney

    New Shnit

    Grow a Chuck Norris 'stache and you won't need gear.
  2. cosmoKenney

    Need help getting an old bike ohv certified

    I've had really good conversations when calling the DMV: (800) 777-0133. Do the call back thing and my experience has been that every person who called me back was very knowledgeable and helpful. Then even know the forms by number and can tell you where to go on their site to download them.
  3. I had good success with the Pirelli MT43 trials tire on my 500 dual sport. And, like Jeff mentions, I did air down for dirt, and air back up for pavement. But a lot of my dual sport rides involved a long drive to dirt, then all dirt, then a long drive back on pavement so I only had to air down/up once.
  4. cosmoKenney

    Any dirt bike clubs in the northbay / Norcal / Sonoma county

    There are members from all over NorCal. Talk to Rene about becoming an organizer and you should be able to post up rides of your own. And you will most likely meet some nearby members.
  5. cosmoKenney

    Any dirt bike clubs in the northbay / Norcal / Sonoma county

  6. https://www.meetup.com/adventuredirtriders/
  7. cosmoKenney

    Georgetown is thrashed...

    If little Megs Brap can do the trees, so can we!:
  8. cosmoKenney

    Crappy CA gas and 2T shelf life

    Anyone find that it's getting harder to find startron in ca?
  9. cosmoKenney

    Crappy CA gas and 2T shelf life

    Yep depending on where you live pump gas can be good or bad. All I can get here in northern California is e10 or e15, can't remember -- or avgas. When I was using e10/15 my 2T lectron float valve would be stuck within a week. So before each weekend ride I would have to hit it with carb cleaner. Now I run avgas, and no sticking valve.
  10. cosmoKenney

    Beginner Trails - Nor Cal?

    We have a meetup group. Most of the members of the group are local. Lots of beginner's in the group. I just broke 4 ribs, but when I get back on the bike I'd be more than happy to show you around the easy stuff at foresthill and elsewhere.
  11. cosmoKenney

    MX 2 Stroke VS Enduro 2 Stroke

    I had a 2013 Husky TE511. That was a great bike, but I decided to build it up for dual sport rather than trail riding. I bought a 300 2T enduro bike and almost never rode the 511 anymore. Only took it out about twice a year for way-backcountry fishing trips. The modern 300 enduro bike such a finely tuned instrument of trail domination its hard to describe. My current bike is a 17 husky tx300 which is basically the same bike as KDY's (above) KTM 300 XC. And I've said the exact same thing as him to many people. Best off-the-showroom-floor bike ever. The AER fork is tremendous. And the Husky version is claimed to be 216 lbs dry. It feels it. I ride this bike at chalk bluff and never feel like its too much bike for the super tight twisty trails there. And I've been reading reports that the new fuel injected 2T ride lighter than they spec.
  12. cosmoKenney

    Unrealistic 50cc dirtbike pricing

    Kelley Blue Book does motorcycles too... https://www.kbb.com/motorcycles/honda/crf50f/2006/?pricetype=retail
  13. cosmoKenney

    Georgetown is thrashed...

    LOL, CornHole, is this you outside of the starbucks?
  14. cosmoKenney

    Georgetown is thrashed...

    If you ask me, a hand full of trees would be fun to have on the trails. Kinda like riding up in Canada. As they stand, the trails at GT are pretty tame.
  15. cosmoKenney

    Is there any difference between Lectron carbs?

    AFAIK, the HV modded Lectron is really only for the new counter balanced 250/300 KTM/Husky motors. I had a non-HV on my 2009 Husky WR300 and it was amazing. Tuned it once and never touched it again. The bike was a beast on the low end and had very smooth power delivery except for a slight, but manageable mid-range hit that you would expect from a 2T. When I got my 2017 Husky TX300, I sent the carb to lectron and got the HV mod done. It has been nothing short of hair pulling out frustratingly hard to tune on this bike. Same carb, HV modded, ruined. It is probably as sensitive as the Mikuni, now with regard to elevation and temperature. There is no bottom end power. It's very rich and sputtery and inconsistent for the first 1/8 throttle, then goes normal/lean. I have been in contact with lectron for months over this issue and have gone to a different rod (5-1) and it helped a little, but I still have a rich spot off idle. The only saving grace of the carb right now is that it's power delivery is like a 4T. Smooth, linear (once you get past the rich spot) and no hit whatsoever.