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  1. notoriousE-R-I-C

    Full throttle engine blowout

    Well I got plenty of Skittles, so what's up Alex? Tell us. Or just tell me cause I'm interested. And you know Horri would be too. Maybe this will bring him back!
  2. notoriousE-R-I-C

    Turn signal question

    I use a vfr800 relay for my signals. One oem Japanese part. 4 lights.
  3. notoriousE-R-I-C

    Signal Dynamics brake modulator

    I just have em on my front brake. I've never kept a bike with rear brake lights! And these things are 10 bux... shop around.
  4. I 110% support and use all of Ricky Stator products. I support local businesses as well. This $300 kit is exactly what I use on my xrs. That batteries perfect size for the airbox. The stator gives two hots. So what I do is run one through the stock voltage regulator to the AC headlight to run with motor on and spark. This is my "LO". And the other hot runs through the Trail Tech reg rec, then to that battery, then to my DC lighting system that van run entirely with motor OFF. If you're trying to be on the streets and you're bikes papered, you could ride it til you get caught. Or setup like this and your whole lighting system works with motor OFF. Which is how the federal brake and lamp inspection is done.If your bike doesn't have papers, this is how you'd get them. Not saying anything bad about the BD kit. But Ricky had my bases covered. $300
  5. I've ran that without a battery and capacitor. It works. But not with the motor off obviously. And at stop lights or lower rpms the light pulsates. So I get a battery to hold a consistent light. Cause it's usually when I'm stopped (brake) or stopped and turning (signals). It's probably no problem but I don't like it. And I usually run spark and my always on headlight Lo on AC. Lights on DC.
  6. notoriousE-R-I-C

    Tail light bulb keeps burning out

    Yup...voltage isn't being REGULATED...
  7. notoriousE-R-I-C

    1987 xl600r rectifier upgrade and relocation

    Good job! Great air flow. I have a vfr with rec heating issues and I have a 4" rad fan that pulls air over it and heat off it. And thicker gauge wire to a higher fuse in the harness. Reg/rec stays cool now.
  8. notoriousE-R-I-C

    Anyone Try these pivoting levers?

    Those will look like that for 10 years +, Backwoods Bomber...! But sometime within those 10 years...you shall get an f4 upgrade...I feel as though... We got something to do with footpegs. That's why I'm no on Flo...
  9. Yes of course pull the cover off. Get a schematic
  10. notoriousE-R-I-C

    Bike really difficult to start

    Ya dude those valves are peanut butter.
  11. notoriousE-R-I-C

    Anyone Try these pivoting levers?

    It's not me personally shipping anything, it's the business... I would think they would ship overseas. I will ask today. Are there ASV levers in your motorcycle shops out there?
  12. notoriousE-R-I-C

    Anyone Try these pivoting levers?

    Holler when you're ready. They're worth the money even with no discount. But I got you beezer.
  13. notoriousE-R-I-C

    94 XR600R Compression release arm broke.

  14. notoriousE-R-I-C

    94 XR600R Compression release arm broke.

    I've done head work removing all motor mount bolts but the back bottom one. And just tilt it forward/down. On a 600r. Don't start it and hope it's at the top...antennae magnet...
  15. notoriousE-R-I-C

    Anyone Try these pivoting levers?

    One each side on the clamp. This is another unbreakable feature. The levers ability to rotate up or down decreases the amount pushed on it vs a fixed one. Not just pivot outwards. With these inserts, you're supposed to tighten, then lefty loosey 1/8-1/4 turn. You pulling a lever won't make it rotate. But if you push down it will pivot down, and you could pull it right back up with some effort. You'll get your tightness right. One insert per lever, and it is only on the rotator clamp. Which is an ASV clamp.