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  1. Emperor racing have held up... very hard falls on rocks...
  2. I have emperor racing guards and braces... super tough.. shroud mounts to them, so you have to bend your stock rad tab out of way, but not too big of a deal.. I am a fan of bullet proof designs, I use a few of there products.. you won't go wrong with anything that they sell..
  3. xxxshiftxxx

    Las Vegas riding buddies

    Gear that sucker for the desert... plate it... will show you some great rides... in the mean time.. check out Nelson Hills
  4. xxxshiftxxx

    Las Vegas riding buddies

    What are you on? Plated?
  5. xxxshiftxxx

    2014 500 exc acerbis 4 gallon tank

    My buddy put a black acerbis 4.4 on his.. he likes it ans said it goes right on..
  6. Here is the discussion on the Next Gen with our style KTM Starts at post #5406 http://advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=682150&page=361
  7. I think I seen someone talking about clutch line not working well with the next gen setup... I think it was on advrider.. I will try to find the post
  8. xxxshiftxxx

    Las Vegas 2 stroke DMV

    I just plated my xc w.. its a 4 stroke, but that doesn't matter.. 2 strokes can also be plated.. No need to start the bike at the dmv... They will not check the lights, at least the north Decatur one didn't. All they check is the VIN and usually check for DOT tires. You will have all the lights, horn, etc checked at the dealer or service shop that does your inspection..
  9. Rpm has the ones hdb doesn't make anymore.. I have some I did myself because of that reason..
  10. xxxshiftxxx

    Woo hoo...tagged XC-W

    Man, in NV I had to do hi/lo beam, horn, two mirrors, blinkers, brake light, license plate light, rear relfector.. Reflector came off after inspection..Rear end is an integrated single tail light, tiny 1/4" front blinkers, and mirrors fold away... so its stealthy street legal. Haha
  11. xxxshiftxxx

    Woo hoo...tagged XC-W

    I just pieced together my own kit... I wanted as little wiring and places for things to fail as possible and wasn't wanting to use the blinkers that came with the kits ... came out awesome I also have a slight pop on decel, just lean. Going to increase tps slightly, should solve that... Runs great, always starts up easy... fan does it's job.. Where in AZ?
  12. xxxshiftxxx

    Woo hoo...tagged XC-W

    Got mine a few weeks ago... I can't believe I have a wicked dirtbike I can ride around the city.. Haha I'm in Nevada... also love these laws
  13. xxxshiftxxx

    Seat Concepts

    I also have complete seat, great product.. doesn't line up perfect on right side, but I can live with it I have the carbon sides, gripper top and orange stitching.. its Badass... grips nice
  14. xxxshiftxxx

    2014 EXC rebates

    Only 500 xc w I think has it.. got 2k off my 14 like 2months ago