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  1. 318bryan

    250sxf oil glass oil height

    thanks man, and i dont have a manual, thats why i always ask these stupid questions
  2. how high in the looking glass should oil be at on a 2011 sxf250? should it be completely filled, or half? or what?
  3. 318bryan

    fuel mixture screw on efi?

    oh i thought that was an idle
  4. 318bryan

    2013 450SXF top end help

    damn.. that blows man, im surprised ktm wouldnt do anything to help you out
  5. Recently picked up a 2011 250sxf and was just curious if there is a fuel mixture screw with the fuel injection? It recently begun to smoke a little too much and I was just curious if it could be running rich, or what could cause it, and how to correct it?
  6. 318bryan

    Whats your favorite tire?

    me too. d952 > mx51 anyday
  7. 318bryan

    Progressive Dirt Bike Insurance

    he aske if they would... i answered the question.. in no way did i say do it. in fact i wouldnt even do it
  8. 318bryan

    Progressive Dirt Bike Insurance

    not straight up, but you could make it happen by saying that it occured due to a crash..ie. you hit a tree and got knocked out, and your bike laded on the throttle side and held it pinned and it blew... insurance fraud for sure but they wouldnt know the difference, and couldnt prove it if they did.
  9. damn i thought i told my mom to stay home.
  10. i in an earlier post that thats exactly what i think happened
  11. 318bryan

    i THOUGHT rockymountain was reliable?

    i think you may just wanna write that one off
  12. i would rather have the bike without a title than sell it back
  13. thor i believe... but you cant beat alpinestars if you can find a way to get your hands on a set... i have know idea how to though and i dont think troy lee is either... dont get klim though
  14. yeah and he was really cool when i met him, and seemed like a super legit guy, which is why i was having such a hard time beleiving that it was a hot bike, if anything i was maybe worried that something was up before he got it because i definitely couldnt see him being the type to steal a bike