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  1. pavetim

    Alta Motors shutting down?

    Yeah by a kx250 weighs what 230lbs? Throw 15 kind of duel on that and they are close
  2. pavetim

    Alta Motors shutting down?

    I bought one last week, love it. Hope it's not true, who will service and warranty this bike then. And getting parts, oh geez. And for all ypu guys knocking the bike, have you ridden one? They are so much fun, fast and easy to ride. And if you had the 220v charger it's only 1.5 hrs charge time.
  3. pavetim

    Suspension work for Alta

    I emailed alta and they got back to me fast but the sheets say MX even though i told them MXR
  4. pavetim

    Suspension work for Alta

    Cant' find it anywhere but does anybody have the valving specs for the 2018 MXR? Trying to figure out if i need to order shims and shock spring. i read they are oversprung and good for 200 plus lb rider. I'm 230
  5. pavetim

    Alta MXR prices

    Was wondering if any of you that bought an alta were able to talk the salesman down on an alta from the $11995 price and/or get them to throw in charger for free?
  6. pavetim

    Suspension work for Alta

    So shock can be fixed with spring and shimming and not all the fancy stuff? How about the forks? Don't suppose you have the stock 2018 MXR settings? i have never worked in WP but i have done my own revalves on KYB and Showa. I'm going to test ride one next week so see how i like the bike.
  7. Anybod know any good suspension guys for the new Alta? I was thinking Creft or Still well, Mx-tech. And i don't have the cash right now so any recommendatioms on tuning I can make for now? I'm a slow 450C rider amd weigh 230
  8. pavetim

    Powder coating front forks possible ?

    Can have them Kashima coated but it's pricey.
  9. pavetim

    Re-springing an Alta Redshift MX

    Little off topic but i'm really considering this bike instead of a new KTM 450. Realistically how does it compare to a 450? I now it has a ton more torque which me being 230lbs would be good but i'm worried at the HP level they claim it may not be as fast as a 450. Whats your thoughts on that? They claim the new one correlates to a 300cc
  10. pavetim

    Dirty riding or clean?

    Awesome advice. I also noticed what I could have done had I caught in earlier is instead of him pushing me wide amd letting off I could have slid my rear wheel around and cut to the inside of him
  11. pavetim

    Dirty riding or clean?

    Yeah it looks different in video but i see that i have to charge longer into corners, i'm letting off too soon. And I have been to MTF training for the week training, it made me better but i need to work on cornering. I suck at soft corners, soft sweepers I seem to be fine with like the turn after the start but if it's a 180 degree turn and soft i suck at them.
  12. pavetim

    Dirty riding or clean?

    Its Alma mx in alma Georgia. Yeah good dirt and he keeps really good care of it. The people that blew me away was different class. He combines classes in same gate to save time.
  13. pavetim

    2014 Kx450f won’t start without spray.

    The timing marks on my 2013 seem to be a tad off from the manual. You need to make sure you put a good straight edge across the head so it's easier to see where the marks line up. And make sure your are counting the pins on the timing chain, 1 tooth off can do that. You sure your valves are adjusted right? maybe valves are too tight. One problem i had when i rebuild mine and it wouldn't start is i had to take a syringe and full the fuel line that goes to the throttle body. If you really wanted to check your fuel pump just pull tank out, put hose in a bucket, and use a 12V car or lawnmower batter. Red is + and black is -. you will for sure see if it's pumping, there is even a ml limit in the service manual but i forgot what it is.
  14. pavetim

    Problem with my buddy’s kx450f

    Try to kick it with throttle wide open and then tape your throttle open over night, or leave spark plug out. Have you done any maintenance? What fuel is he using, I ask cause VP U4.4 makes it a bitch to start. Or get somebody to pull start you with a car, if it doesn't start then you have issues.
  15. pavetim

    Dirty riding or clean?

    That was the first lap so really didn't get a chance to judge him and make a pass on the inside. I almost passed him a couple times. But yeah I do agree I could have gotten him and if he didn't knock me down i would have gotten him on that upcoming jump. Stuff like this makes me worried, what if I were to try and pass him in the air and he can't hold a line for shit and I land on him. Granted i'm not the fastest rider obviously but I can at least hold a line. It can go either way i think, i see the rut your talking about but on the other hand he pushed me 3-4 times before, even almost off a jump. And believe me he was aware I was there, even last race made a comment "i'll do what it takes to win". Anyways thanks for the comments.