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  1. pavetim

    AER 48 rebound

    Where do you drill bleed hole? in case I try it later. I must say tho with adjusting the clickers and sag tge way you said I'm sort of happy with it. Hate to drill bleed hole and not like it
  2. pavetim

    AER 48 rebound

    I just went out 2 full turns on the rear shock sag and what a difference in front feel and rear traction, went out another 1 more so see how that feels. Havent measure sag so guesstimated
  3. pavetim

    AER 48 rebound

    I have tuning by N2dirt with the MX tech mid. It has float but im not super good at suspension so not sure if it has bleed shims. It has .1mm float and a 26x.10 bleed shim
  4. pavetim

    AER 48 rebound

    Mog what do you mean by this Get rid of those ( with bleed holes and some real float ) and you get rid of the problem imo how do you get rid of bleed shims and make real float?
  5. pavetim

    Dr Mark still around? question on MRI

    Good question, it's his biannual scan follow up he had surgery 2 years ago but I did agree it should be the doctor.
  6. pavetim

    Broken Fibula - Autograft or allograft?

    that makes no damn sense. left it hanging there, while they were in there should have just fixed it. i call BS on that one.
  7. I had a question cause my dad is frustrated, all the PA tells him is "looks good". This is the MRI results of his post operative follow up for brain tumor. He underwent Gamma knife treatment but the wording in this diagnosis confuses me. It seems to elude to that the tumor got larger but then eludes to it getting smaller and it mentions necrosis but it doesn't say necrosis of the tumor tissue or normal brain tissue. Not looking for diagnosis, just clarification on what this actually says. "They have not increased in terms of mass effect but are slightly prominent in terms of overall dimensions. Diffusion images show no restrictions. Impression: "Treatment effects again identified with postoperative changes and residual areas of enhancement adjacent to the operative margin on the left no new enhancing abnormalities are seen. Persistent enhancement is slightly larger but has no new mass effect and has a pattern suggesting necrosis.
  8. pavetim

    AER 48 rebound

    I had mine pretty good so i tried to fine tune and 2 clicks either way seem to do same thing lol. 2 clicks each way seem to make it slide a little more. Maybe I'm just not sure how to "feel it"
  9. pavetim

    AER 48 rebound

    This is what gets me on rebound. So slow=in on clicker=softer?
  10. pavetim

    AER 48 rebound

    Just want to clarify this to make sure its the same as a KYB as I rode sand yesterday and couldn't get it right. AER 48 if the front wants to push you go put on the rebound (faster) to speed it up? If it wants to knife you go in on rebound (slower)? Or is that mixed up?
  11. pavetim

    Alta Motors shutting down?

    Huh? Tesla has electric semi trucks too so how can you say no suv or trucks. If you mean small trucks then he. And battery tech will get there but for some people what they have now is sufficient.
  12. pavetim

    Shock shims dont make sense

    He worked it out, I added the 44 and 42 shims.
  13. pavetim

    Alta Motors shutting down?

    Everybody makes it sound so easy. Oh just make a battery that weighs 2 lbs and puts out 60hp and lasts 5 hrs. What they have now is what technology has today so like it or not. I have one and Love it.
  14. pavetim

    How to crash?

    Most of my cases have been like the too 2/3 of the face. I rarely hit way short and rarely hit the very top. Last one was probably bad cause it was stock suspension settings and I am 230 lol. I revalved. And resprung it now though. Im not a pro rider and don't got big jumps but still seems casing small doubles is pretty violent still.
  15. pavetim

    How to crash?

    Any tips to do of you are going to case a jump? Try pulling the front up, getting in the rear of the bike?