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  1. rm85(17 front) or rm100(19 front) kx85 (17 front) or kx100 (19 front) Shock off a kx100 will work but must use drz linkage. cr 85 shock will work with some modification.
  2. It's ironic that you said that because at almost the exact time you were typing that I was figuring it out also. Talked to my machinist and he can do the 61mm piston bore and clean up my head for a reasonable price so I'm going to go the wiseco route. Now off to figuring out carb for this set up. Any ideas ? Kx65 carb?
  3. I'll have to look into those 61mm pistons. I was going to do the chinese cylinder primarily because it's cheap right now.
  4. I didn't know that thank you! I may look into a vm24 for the drz then.
  5. I've been looking at carbs for the drz and was wondering what intake manifold everyone is running to get larger carbs to fit. Can I use a larger spigot mount 24mm carb and fit in my stock intake boot?
  6. Thank you for that information! I was planning on checking it with modeling clay to make sure there isn't any interference issues. I have a stock lt230 cam but it isn't in the best shape. That's why I was planning to get another cam.
  7. I am currently looking at running the lt230 stage 1 hotcam (part number 2066-1) and the Chinese big bore kits for a gn125. Will I have any issues with this combination such as the valves hitting the piston? I have searched for quite some time through the threads and I haven't seen anyone running this exact combo so I wanted to ask before I spent the money. Thanks in advance!
  8. Do you think that will work with the gn125 chinese big bore kit alright?
  9. This is the info. Exhaust Duration (Degrees at 1mm): 337.50 Exhaust Lift (mm): 7.57 Exhaust Lobe Center (Degrees): 100.75 Exhaust Valve Lash (mm): .36 Intake Duration (Degrees at 1mm): 235.00 Intake Lift (mm): 8.94 Intake Lobe Center (Degrees): 103.50 Intake Valve Lash (mm): .15 What does everyone think? Okay for my drz?
  10. I am looking into a different cam for my drz 125. Have a "custom" more free flowing exhaust and currently have a high compression wiseco piston waiting to go in. Could I use a stage one hot cam from an lt230 in my motor and if so would I need new springs? Thanks in advance!
  11. Getting ready to do a swingarm swap for this thing. Anyone have complete rear brakes for a kx100 laying around?
  12. Found this post very helpful! What year crf(x) has the same carb as what was used? Would there be a better carb for the application?
  13. I agree that they are some of the best conventional forks made but i have been looking at USD conversions for a while and have heard pretty good things about them especially in reference to the type of riding i will be doing. Also it seems as if XRR parts are getting harder and harder to find. Most USD forks (especially cr(f)) stuff is more obtainable
  14. kawasaki g5 shocks lifted up the rear of our xr80
  15. Ive found a complete roller frame 03 yz125 for really cheap. Has anyone put yz forks on an xrr? if not do you think that the yz forks will fit in cr tiple clamps?