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  1. Trying to see if i need one for state park?
  2. Hey guys so ive had my van for over a year and a half now. I used it all summer as a motovan. I laid 2 pieces of plywood on the floor and pushed my front bench up as far as it could go and mounted it there. I am using a regular length 02 ram van. Heres my question, can i drill straight into the floor and walls? Ive seen my buddys do this with their chevys and id like to do it just asking for some advice? I have the version with windows as well if i get some responses ill try to put some pics up thanks.
  3. Can you tighten this?? I looked in the manual and the nut that you tighten has a specific torque spec. I know this is not like my Yamaha where you can tighten it so you dont get head shake, so how do you tighten in? I have gotten head shake twice bad already any info would be appreciated, thanks guys.
  4. So, i usually run a leaded 110 cam2 race fuel in my bike (yz250 2t) out of a pump near my house. My buddy got me a pale of 112 renegade leaded. I want to burn it but should i be cautious of anything or does anybody have any reservations on things like this?? Thanks in advance.
  5. Anybody tried these? I cant seem to find alot of reviews on them? I get half off so i figured i might try them out, i would love to hear some reviews first.
  6. I was thinking the same thing but everything is in spec and it was weird the other guy said the same thing..oh well.
  7. I have an ARC lever and it made the front brake really mushy. Its not a matter of bleeding it either so i got curious and was looking at sunline levers for my other bike and one of the comments said it made his front brake mushy also? Has anyone experienced this problem/ know how to fix it?
  8. Anybody own these? ive heard good things about them, but seriously, 500 bucks for a complete wheel set???
  9. Are you trolling? Do you even know what a powervalve is?
  10. I have been wondering for awhile so i took a look inside my boot. This solves the "made in china" ordeal...maybe...
  11. Thats odd heres a link to the same vid on youtube
  12. Can someone explain to me what the hell is going on here please?? haha. We have all seen the first video now this. Why is he on a dirtbike in the DR and what the hell is he doing?? Jesus the AMA thing now this.
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    lower michigan here.