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  1. carlspeaky

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    Your derriere will thank you for that, 1 of the best changes I made to my dizzer was seat concepts seat coz I can ride it & enjoy all the performance mods for a lot longer now without my ass being tortured [emoji3] Sent from my SM-G920F using ThumperTalk mobile app
  2. carlspeaky

    Stock head gasket on bb

    Thanks for your replies I'll try source an athena gasket. I didn't know about the rivets being a problem on the cometic gaskets. I did torque it to 43 rather than 34, it lasted a few thousand miles before it started to go
  3. carlspeaky

    Stock head gasket on bb

    I know ye but takes a couple weeks to get here to UK plus they cost a lot more with shipping and tax etc so just wondered if anyone has ever tried a stock size head gasket on a bb because it would so much easier for me if it works
  4. carlspeaky

    Stock head gasket on bb

    Sorry I should of explained what I mean better. I've had my bb for a few years and my head gasket has blown so I need a new one but getting a 94mm gasket in UK is a pain so I was hoping maybe I could get away with using a 90mm head gasket as I already have one
  5. carlspeaky

    Stock head gasket on bb

    Hi could I use a stock size head gasket on my cw 434 bb kit or will the piston touch it at tdc?
  6. carlspeaky

    DRZ pics, lets see your Z

    The sign says ROAD CLOSED but I had no problem gettin through & it was a really good spot to scrub the new distanzia's in with no other traffic to get in the way of my fun
  7. carlspeaky

    DRZ pics, lets see your Z

    I'm Defo liking the Distanzia's, a great choice me thinks. & obviously I had to give the TKC80 rear a good send off & before anybody says anything chicken strips there'd only been 2or3 miles done on way home from the shop in the rain before i took them photos
  8. Like that u mean? I just cut the bottom corner off so it looks cleaner, more sharp
  9. carlspeaky

    What is the cause of repeated head gasket failure?

    Mines gone on my cw bb, I'd forgotten about the 43 instead of 34ft lbs torque :/ I can't find a 94mm gasket in UK is there enough clearance to use a stock bore gasket or would piston definitely hit it?
  10. A friend of mine has a similar set up on his, he got his from a Husky & made them fit, it looks good
  11. carlspeaky

    What to steal from a 400E to put on a 400S?

    evertyhing said here plus the swap the cams as well (more power from the cams in an E engine). u dont need to swap the petcock if u dont want to but you'd have to put a vacuum nipple on the head & connect it to your petcock on the s tank. I'd personaly swap the tanks as well (as the E tank is plastic) unless its got a graphics kit that wouldn't match, or if its in worse condition, but its not a straight swap as you'd need to make it fit as they fasten to the frame differently.
  12. carlspeaky

    Faces with names

    couple years ago the 1 with me on the dizzer with long hair, the others are from last few weeks
  13. carlspeaky

    What's these 2 wires & plug for on the speedo

    Mine is a European bike and it has the stopwatch and countdown stuff on the clocks if that's wot u mean? And afaik everything works on the clocks without that double wire connected to anything??
  14. carlspeaky

    What's these 2 wires & plug for on the speedo

    It was supposed to say without it being connected to anything not annoying to anything, it's the predictive text on my phone that's annoying lol, and I couldn't edit it as I'm posting with the app and I can't edit on the phone app