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    I’m a Full-Stack Developer from Portland, Oregon. Technical Director at https://cincodesign.com/.
  1. Yeah I wish they had trail names on the GeoReferenced maps. Guess numbers will have to do. Diamond Mill is just kinda brutal. Rocky and steep as hell. I think most the trails I rode downhill in neutral with the bike off. Basically mountain biking on a dirt bike. Haha. Jordan Creek has some great challenging trails that aren't just brutal with no reward.
  2. You can find Angry Elf on the more recent GeoReferenced Map. It's #34 just above where it says Jordan Creak on the map. The GeoReferenced Map is awesome to have when you're out there. Download an app like Avenza Maps app. Load the map PDF into Avenza and you're good to go.
  3. I've done out and back from Council Lake to Jumbo Peak a number of times and then made a loop on to Sunrise Peak and around. Pretty epic riding. Only really gnarly part is a couple washouts as you pass and go around Jumbo Peak. The hillclimb to Sunrise Peak is really one of my favorite hillclimbs. Goes on forever. Lots of exposure but not bad if you have experience with it. My advice to prep for Gifford is do Angry Elf out of Jordan Creek in Tillamook State Forest a few times in a row. If you're good with that you'll be good with Gifford. The attached photo is just past Jumbo Peak Looking north-ish towards Sunrise Peak and Mt Rainier. So rad.
  4. I did this twice in a row on my CRF250X. Bent the shift shaft both times. Total pain. I bought a Hammerhead Billet Shift Lever and didn't have any other issues. The stock Honda ones stick out way too far and the Hammerhead one seems to tuck in more.
  5. Best bet is to head over to the Oregon Department of Forestry site and grab the latest GeoReferenced Map and then download the Avenza Maps app. Load the map PDF into Avenza and you're good to go. Diamond Mill is pretty gnarly. If you're looking for a solid beating that's the spot. Jordan Creek is advanced but more enjoyable to ride, less rocky than Diamond Mill. From Jordan I'd do the follow using the GeoReference map as a number guide. Trail 39 - Angry Elf, awesome single track Trail 89, 90, or 35 Trail below the 39 label - double black diamond across the river/road Then connect together some 41s Then loop it all together Hope that helps. Have a blast out there!
  6. I have a 4Runner with a Versahaul hitch carrier and haven't had any issues in Washington or Oregon. Get the burliest hitch carrier you can afford. The Versahaul VH-55 is legit but not cheap. Highly recommended. http://www.versahaul.com/vh55ro.php
  7. Anyone else up for a Saturday ride in TSF?
  8. Heck yeah man, Saturday would be rad. I've been out about 6 times. Mainly riding the easy trails around Diamond Mill. I do know that super muddy/wet conditions kick my ass, need to get my skill up there. Anyway, let me know if you're down for it.
  9. Looks like it might turn out to be a nice weekend, fingers crossed. Anybody heading out to TSF? Looking for some good folks to get out and ride with. Hit me up if you want to head out and don't mind riding with a newbie. Cheers!
  10. Great shots! Makes me wish I headed up there on Sunday, almost did. I'll definitely have to this weekend. Looks like it could be a sunny one. Cheers!
  11. Looks like a good time despite the snow! Thanks for the update!
  12. Not sure. Only rode that main trail out of the staging area.
  13. Yes, meant Nicolia. There was patches of snow but it's rideable. It's pretty muddy and kicked my newbie ass!
  14. Hwy 6 was closed at Banks due to a land slide, so we didn't make. Damn! So we drove all the way around to Nicolet to get some riding in. I tried to look it up and didn't see it listed in the closures so I think hwy 6 is open again but worth checking before you head out in the morning. Have a good ride!
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