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  1. Bucknuts21

    Roczen giving it to Anderson . Thoughts ?!?

    He really told you.........6 times
  2. Bucknuts21


    Ralph and Jeff had so many commentating mistakes I was embarrassed for them. When Jeff was talking about mcelrath losing the red plate while plessinger was clearly on the screen with it on his bike. Many more that made me shake my head. What are these guys heart rates at...... televise that
  3. Bucknuts21

    Roczen giving it to Anderson . Thoughts ?!?

    I didn't say stronger than before the injury. I'm referencing supercross physically and mentally.
  4. Bucknuts21

    Roczen giving it to Anderson . Thoughts ?!?

    His arm can't handle it when? 6 months ago, right now, when outdoors starts, ever? This sounds like pre supercross talk and I think he's doing better than what most thought. I personally think if he can make it through the thing that put him (physically and mentally) in this situation and could put him back there at any time then outdoors we will see a stronger roczen through out
  5. Bucknuts21

    Roczen giving it to Anderson . Thoughts ?!?

    If roczen finishes sx he should consider that a personal championship. He's doing well and should just build off this. Then destroy them in nationals
  6. Bucknuts21

    Watching Supercross Canadian TV

    Download the rocket media player app. Click on the globe and scroll down to fs1
  7. Bucknuts21

    How can I watch supercross live online

    Not saying you but if other people who were interested in it. Give up 10 minutes of TT and you're all setup for free hd supercross, motocross, mxgp, gp, all sports, movies, tv shows, documentaries, workout vids etc.. The only thing exhausting about it is explaining to people all the sweet shit you can watch on kodi
  8. Bucknuts21

    Watching Supercross Canadian TV

    I am usually able to watch it on my android box. Friend of mine gets the fox channels on bell satellite I believe. Correct me if I'm wrong but I heard we were getting the speed channel back..... looking forward to the non repetitive sweet commercials. In Saskatchewan
  9. Bucknuts21

    2017 MEC bench racing

    Que the red death machine comments
  10. Bucknuts21

    2017 MEC bench racing

    What time do the races start red? Central time
  11. Bucknuts21

    2018 Supercross Schedule

    It would be nice to go spend a day in the new mercedes stadium watching the races. Wander around checking it out in the down time. Staring at the cool falcon out front. I wonder if their cheap concession is for all events or just football and soccer? We ended up getting our flights to the pheonix supercross. Just need to get the tickets now
  12. Bucknuts21

    JMart's bike is a piece of shit

    Ooh the irony is heavy with this one
  13. Bucknuts21

    WAY TO GO DEANO!!!!!

    Not sure what goerkes deal is, I don't know much about him. I don't want to take anything away from the Canadian series but when guys like Alessi, millsaps and pourcel come over the many reasons why are pretty obvious.
  14. Bucknuts21

    WAY TO GO DEANO!!!!!

    Those guys would have a tough time being consitently with Wilson