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  1. I was in the same boat with the same bike, only in NJ. I jumped through a bunch of hoops and managed to get a plate. It's an awesome bike. Congrats!
  2. Just make sure the eighth digit in the VIN is not a "3". My XC came with a Virginia street title and I got shot down.
  3. People are &%$#@! and against everything. I belong to a little lake club with a volleyball court. We want to put up lights so we can play at night after wotk. People came to the town meeting to complain saying it would encourage underage drinking. I don't know about you, but we did that in the dark. Of course the town shot it down. Forget about an OHV park.
  4. Are you street legal? I ride a bunch of small areas but have to ride on the street to link them together.
  5. Even if you had 1000 acres and tried to open a park on your own property, every neighbor for miles around would complain and you'd never even get a permit to get your project off the ground. In rural areas in other states almost everyone has a quad so they're sympathetic to offroading. They use them for transportation. You'll see 10 quads outside a bar on a Friday night. But that's another issue.
  6. I'm in Montville. Alfred- what are you riding?
  7. Bikes only go so low. If it's not a total basket case it'll never go under $1000 no matter how old it is. I paid $1000 for my bicycle and it's nothing special. I've bought and sold several used bikes over the years and usually am able to sell it for what I paid 2-3 years later. I'll fix or upgrade a few things along the way but beside that I almost ride them for free. If you're patient, you'll find a good deal. Good luck.
  8. Still a work in progress. Headlight, taillight and brake light. Mirror on order. This will see 98% dirt. Anyone else dual-sporting one of these babies?
  9. I had good luck with Pirelli Scorpion XC mid-hard on my XRR. I believe they are DOT legal too.
  10. The bolts are loose in the picture. I had a leak at the stator cover grommet. I managed to fix that. I've got the skit plate off and the bike totally clean so I could find the leak. It leaves a decent little oil spot overnight on a paper towel. So it's enough of a leak to worry about. It's not like I can't ride it, but the bike is mint and the oil makes a mess of the bike and my garage floor. I'm going to try the liquid gasket stuff I used for the stator grommet. Thanks!
  11. I've got an oil leak from here...the part in the picture with the Husqvarna logo. I replaced the o-ring and it still leaks. Any other ideas? Thanks!
  12. Removed my forks. Bringing them to Works Enduro Rider to have them serviced and set up for my weight and riding style by Drew Smith. Looking forward to this change.
  13. It's time to get this topic back on the first page. Here's a pic of my XRR. Most people won't believe it's NJ.
  14. Take the T.A.T. for as long as you can. That'll keep you off the highway.
  15. Just changed the oil and it's leaking around cover for the oil filter. WTF? I'm still trying to get it to stop leaking around the stator wire and now this. I don't want to over-tighten the bolts. I didn't notice any gasket. The thumb drive doesn't give much detail. I'd love a good old fashioned repair manual. Awesome bike to ride, just this little shit that's aggravating me.
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