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  1. Blaze45

    02/03 Engine Compression?

    I have two CR250Rs. An 03 and an 02. I think my compression gauge is broken because the one I just rebuilt reads 100psi throttle open and the other bike reads 120 psi with the throttle open. What psi should I be looking at on these things? After rebuild and when it is time for a rebuild? If the gauge is bunk, what is a good engine compression tester tool? The harbor freight ones... not working out. Thanks!
  2. Blaze45

    Can't get front brakes to lock up

    The line was routed behind the number plate and so, not looking at my other bike I kept running each newly installed line that way. When i swapped out brake systems, I left the lines open and as free as possible and for some reason, that did the trick. The line should be routed in front of the number plate, at least that's what works for me.
  3. Blaze45

    Can't get front brakes to lock up

    I happen to have another CR, sitting right next to my 02. Swapped brake systems around it worked. It was the brake line routing in the end.
  4. Blaze45

    Can't get front brakes to lock up

    Ive replaced the master cylinder with two different ones. I've replaced the caliper with two different ones. I've replaced the brake line with two different ones. I can get the brakes semi tight. But if I work the brake handle like crazy I can get little air bubbles to come out of the master cylinder. I've checked the banjo bolts and fittings 3 times on this most recent setup. I am incredibly frustrated. I cannot get the brakes tight like they should be. When I bleed the screw on the caliper, no air bubbles come out of the bleeder screw, just fluid.
  5. Blaze45

    Can't get front brakes to lock up

    Put fluid into the brake res. pull the lever a few times. Hold lever tight and then open the bleeder screw as fluid shoots out. Quickly close bleeder screw. Release brake lever once bleeder screw is tight. Repeat a million times. Eventually I used a hose to go from the bleeder screw to a bottle with a lot of fluid in it and that still didn't do the trick.
  6. I think that there may have been some moisture build up in the caliper/lines on a bike that I just picked up. They ended up locking up on me one day while I was out riding. I bought a used master cyl. and caliper and I can get solid shots of fluid to squirt out of the bleeder screw. I put a bottle of fluid with a hose almost to the bottom of the bottle from the bleeder screw and initially I got some air bubbles, but it always ends up just filling up lower bottle with fluid and the brakes never get hard. The only thing I can think of is replacing the line itself but... Idk. Its just strange. I've never had this much trouble bleeding brakes on any of my bikes or cars. Any help would be great. Thanks.
  7. Blaze45

    Best crank for 2 stroke?

    21 hard hours (dunes) on my Wiseco crank in my 250, check in.
  8. Blaze45

    TMX Users with S7 Nozzle.... Sign in!

    I'm mildly worried about taking it to the dunes again. It's going to be cooler Than it was last time. I don't want to lean out and pop it. It worked fine last time I was there.
  9. Blaze45

    TMX Users with S7 Nozzle.... Sign in!

    I take it the lower the nozzle size, just leads the mixture out... across the rev range correct? Or do different nozzle sizes do more than that?
  10. Blaze45

    TMX Users with S7 Nozzle.... Sign in!

    I am surprised there are not more people running the S7!
  11. Blaze45

    TMX Users with S7 Nozzle.... Sign in!

    A lot have complained about the 02-03 250 carb. I am looking for anyone who has lean issues. I am a bit nervous to take it to the dunes again now that it has cooled off...
  12. If you are using the TMX and have successfully got your carb dialed in using the S7 nozzle, please post up your experiences! Personally I slapped the PWK on my 03 250 and wasn't satisfied with it and so I put the TMX back on and dropped in the S7 nozzle and have never looked back. That nozzle has made a huge difference in how the bike performs. I am also looking for anyone who has ran the S7 nozzle at the sand dunes before. Anyone have lean issues with it at all? Thanks!
  13. Got my Wiseco crank and did the same test on it and didn't have an issue with runout for my 03 250. 20hrs on it with about half of that in the dunes. Works like a charm. I'm not humping Wiseco, just trying to disband rumors that they are STILL garbage. A few years ago they had issues with them but from what I have researched (called many performance shops and asked people who are working on these motors) AND experienced the newer ones seem to be fine. Will report back when I reach 40 hrs. If It pops I will eat my words and everyone can laugh. If I make it to 100 hrs.... well... Lets just see if it makes it that far.
  14. Blaze45

    When to replace piston? 03 CR 250

    HP2 blue bottle synthetic, 32:1, dialed in on the jetting 390 main, Wiseco piston, VP 110 non oxygenated, every ride or every other ride depending on if it was dusty/needs it. I sealed it with the MX bones kit, but when I go to the dunes there is still a fine mist of sand INSIDE the air intake boot. Running a UNI twin with the proper oil.
  15. Blaze45

    When to replace piston? 03 CR 250

    Lol, true. I do love the XRs... heavier compared to the CR250 though. I prefer a light bike. I do ride a lot of wide open desert and trails. AZ surprisingly has a really good mix of terrain to ride.