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  1. Burned - Thanks for the response. I agree with starting with the recommended settings...but which ones? For my altitudes and temps, theYZ uses the blue needle and a little fatter main, WR uses the red needle and a little leaner main. With the cams, gray wire and ACV mods, etc, I think the bike is really more "YZ-ish" than "WR-ish", so I'm thinking that starting with the YZ baseline is the way to go. Your thoughts?
  2. I tried to search this, but couldn't find an answer... I have an 01 WR426 going back together with the following mods: Hot Cams intake and exhaust cams, Wiseco 13.5:1 piston, porting by Eric Gorr, Boyeson Quickshot, Power Now, grey wire cut, air box snorkle removed, Air Cut Valve blocked off, stock YZ pipe (w/Pro Moto Billet spark arrestor), and twin air filter. I'm also installing a JD Jet Kit. My question is, should I start at the YZ recommendations or the WR recommendations? I really hate dorking around with jetting, so I want to get as close to right as I can out of the box. I live in the So Cal High Desert, and typically ride between 1500 ft and 4500 ft ASL, and temp swings anywhere from about 45 F in winter to 105 F in summer. Any help or experience would be appreciated! Greg
  3. Birdie426

    yz 426 rebuild cost???

    Oh...as far as cost, new crank, primary drive gear, balance shaft drive gear, crank bearings, all the gaskets and seals, and rings (piston is nearly new wiseco 13.5:1) needed to rebuild was $530 from the Thumpertalk OEM store. I'm also doing the head...$550 from Eric Gorr with Kibblewhite valves and springs.
  4. Birdie426

    yz 426 rebuild cost???

    I am in the process of fixing a similar noise on my 01 426. The primary drive nut backed off a little (don't know why...the bottom end had never been apart, and the tabbed washer was still bent up) and allowed the primary drive gear and counterbalance gear to "rock" on th esplines on the end of the crankshaft. As the splines began to wear, the noise got louder and louder. By the time I took it down to investigate, the splines were worn to the point that it was time for a new crank. It's not a big deal to pull the wet side cover off to look. The looseness of the primary drive nut was obvious to even the most casual observer.
  5. Birdie426

    New Frame

    Many years ago, I had to replace the frame on am RM125. From Suzuki, it came with a VIN number stamped on it. I would verify with your Yamaha dealer that the frame doesn't come with a VIN number. I think in reality, the VIN number is also a "Production Serial Number" that the OEMs use to track failures, accomplish recalls, etc., so there should bea serial number stamped on the frame.
  6. Birdie426

    lost dog- plaster city west

    Did anyone hear if pup and owner were hooked back up?
  7. The wiseco pistons are a little louder than stock as they run a little looser clearence...could that be what you were hearing? It does get louder as the bike warms up. On the other hand, I had a similar experience that turned out to be a loose primary drive nut, whic allowed the cb gear and pri drive gear to wear the splines onthe crank. The noise was caused by all the slop...my new crank and gears should be here this week...
  8. Birdie426

    Best Dirtbike Movie

    What's wrong with the music and hair styles? Aren't they trend setting by today's standards? Oh, byt the way, another vote for On Any Sunday, followed by Dust to Glory...but what about 3 minutes of "The Great Escape", and "Little Foss and Big Halsey"?
  9. Birdie426

    Need Help In San diego( spark arrestor)

    Buy a rivet gun. They're cheap. Then it's easy. Just drill out the old rivets, slide the PMB end cap on, and pull the new rivets with the pop rivet gun. You could use sheet metal screws instead of pop rivets if you absolutely had to, but they would need to be kinda big...
  10. My 426 looks the same way...I mthink it's from where they heat the crnk halves to open up the holes when they press the rod in. I ordered a new crank from the TT store yesterday (the primary drive nut backed off and dorked up the splines on the drive side), so when it gets hgere I'll post my observation of what a new, never been used part looks like (I expect it will be the same). As far as "lateral" movement, if it's only side to side, that's ok. You don't want the wrist pin lands on the piston to pinch the connecting rod. Any radial (up and down or fore and aft) slop is not good. If you are talking about sideways play at the big end, there should be some. The allowable limit is in the book. Same comment for radial slop tho. If there is any, get the crank rebuilt.
  11. Birdie426

    A question for all the dads out there

    Kawirider- Great that you found a solution. Props to you for keeping your cool, and props to your mom for jumping in. If you ever get out to Cali, shoot me a PM and we'll hook up for a ride.
  12. Birdie426

    A question for all the dads out there

    From a dad's perspective (I have a 14 year old who rides a WR250F), I wouldn't let you go without a responsible adult presence. Notice I didn't say "supervision". No matter how good you are, how dialed in your bike is, how much you stay in control, and how much gear you wear, crap happens. If you get hurt, with no adult there to sign medical consent forms and authorize treatment, you will get the minimum care necessary to stabilize your injuries and keep you alive. It's a big responsibility for an adult to take someone else's kids riding, as if they get hurt, the adult signs all those forms saying they authorize the treatment and will be financially responsible.Not many are really willing to do that. We have addressed this situation in my family a couple of ways. First, if dad's away, mom will go along and watch if no other adults are around (she usually gets stuck hauling the bikes and driving as none of my son's buds are of driving age either); Second, we have made it a point to go riding with the families of my son's buddies so we know who's folks are responsible and who's are spodes. That way, if his buds want to ride with us or he wants to ride with them, we're all comfortable assuming responsibility for each other's kids. I know that's not the answer you wanted to hear...maybe your mom, or someone else's parent could be convinced to go? Maybe you could talk to your dad and convince him to take you and your buds riding when he gets back? Best advice I could give you, though, it don't blow your top over it and start fighting with pops, cuz in the end, he's responsible for you and you ain't gonna win...
  13. Birdie426

    Wr450 Cam In Yz

    Gartracer513 - I noticed a significant reduction in compression braking when I put the hotcams autodecompressor cam in my 426. It still has some, but it's alot more like a pinger now.
  14. Birdie426

    Wr450 Cam In Yz

    It's not just about the kicking...the autodecomp cam mod also allows you to bump start and eliminates the stall when you stuff in hard into a corner about three gears to high and don't get on the cluth quick enough. Oh yea...and "compression braking"...what's that? It makes a great bike all the more enjoyable to ride.