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  1. I can tell you there are no problems with the 12-16 ktm kickstands. Not sure on the earlier Ktm’s though.
  2. Boy isn’t that the truth. Of course there is one on Craigslist in Murrieta for $6500 but the mileage is a little higher at 14,400.
  3. No the 1st high pressure bladder to fail was the rear tire at just over a year of use. Jeff sent me two new bladders just in case the front had the same defect so I replaced both. Then a couple months of riding later the front high pressure bladder blew at the same weld. So different wheel and tire all together. I absolutely love tubliss more than anything, but I just can’t afford to lose another desert trip over bladder issues. Jeff viewed this same picture and told me he was sure it was a defect. The second bladder had exactly the same weld come loose, and at this point I didn’t even bother contacting Jeff. To frustrated to try and deal with it anymore. Easier just to go and pick up a couple tubes and drop them in a 20 minutes. One other note, when these inner bladders pop, there’s no easy camp fix.
  4. I think I’m a couple days late but I just recently had to switch back to tubes after I had two high pressure bladders pop at the valve stem weld. After the first one blew I called Jeff at tubliss and he said there was a bad batch and sent me a new one for free. Installed this new one and it lasted 3 months then blew in the middle of desert trip when parked at camp. The other blew when it was parked in the garage. Bummed out tubliss was really awesome and I loved the extra traction and comfort but I don’t trust it anymore. So I just used a washer under the rim lock nut and all is good in the bigger drilled hole.
  5. I’ve had a standard seat concepts and low seat concepts and wasn’t impressed with either. Both aren’t as comfortable as my stock 16 500 exc. The seat concepts seats are all a bunch of hype. If you’re not happy with stock you definitely won’t like the seat concepts. I’d say try the Acerbis.
  6. My bother in law has a 12 and I have a 16. Both of us got the euro maps at the same time. Neither of us noticed a difference in mpg when we switched maps. Our mpg is only affected by the way we ride.
  7. I have a 16 with similar map and setup. You were able to get the euro map specifically for the akro. You also could very easily get it mapped if you need to. The locked down ones are the 17’s and 18’s from what these forum guru’s claim. I just talked to someone I know who still remaps the 12-16 exc’s. Anyways not sure if the vortex would work with our bikes, but there’s really no need for it. The guys with the 17’s and 18’s have to get the vortex to get their bikes to run as well as ours do.
  8. Like an earlier post said, even with tubes you have air down your tire. Tubliss is no different.
  9. Yeah I removed my hand guards and bought the flex composite levers which I really really like by the way. Also I forgot, I went tubliss both front and rear which weigh nearly about the same as the stock tubes but allow you to run really low pressures without pinch flats. Tubliss is definitely lighter than hd or uhd tubes, by lbs.
  10. How'd you get to 8 lbs below stock? I took off much of the same stuff as you and could only drop maybe 3 lbs and that's stretching it. I did the titanium fmf muffler too. I actually weighed all my removed parts and new parts and it wasn't as much as I expected. My Scott's damper made up some of that dropped weight. What actually made me hit the 3 lb mark was my rear tire was a couple pounds lighter? I'd suspect if you weighed your bike you'd probably find you're real close to stock with scotts damper. But I could be wrong. Take a good quality digital scale and place the front tire on the scale first, balance the bike and write down the weight. Then put the rear tire on the scale and do the same. Add the numbers together and you'll have a very accurate weight for your bike. I'd be interested in hearing your results.
  11. Agree, on my 16 I noticed absolutely no change when I removed all my smog equipment. If I had to do it again I would have left it on since I also see the day when California wants to start smoging bikes.
  12. I impacted my 16 500 exc's off. It was loctited on. It was normal thread or counter clockwise. It was super tight or locked in place with the loctite. I used blue when reinstalling it.
  13. Obviously the vortex changes the timing on some settings correct? Or does it leave the ignition somewhat stock?
  14. Steve, how did you come come to the conclusion that the eu map is lean in the top end? When installed the eu map on my 16 500 exc I actually felt it was a little richer in the top end since I lost a tiny bit of top end. When I added my fmf 4.1 to my u.s. map it let a lot more out which leaned the motor out and my top end really increased. When I got the eu map the top end calmed back down a bit. But I have no real evidence of the either the U.S. or EU maps or bikes being lean or rich for that matter. Just the feel of the bike and the common knowledge that without adjusting the ignition adding more fuel generally cools the motor down and adding air makes the explosion bigger and heats things up. Maybe the eu 17's are different than the 12-16's though.
  15. So the bikes they're riding have 63 hp they say in the video. Wonder what's been done to them? Can't find much info on they're bikes.