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  1. Deepseadan

    FMF 2014 500 exc

    The 500 exc’s don’t have the spring tab.
  2. Deepseadan

    Best DOT tires in the sand?

    The best dot tires I’ve run in the sand are the metzeler 6 days extreme tires. They’re still not even close to dirt tires mx3s or irc m5b I currently have.
  3. Even though I really like my 16’ 500 exc I am excited to see how the Honda will be. Every Honda I’ve ever owned has been great. I’d have to ride one to find out. I’m just a little nervous about the emissions on it, cause I know how much of a nightmare the 17-19 KTMs are.
  4. Don’t forget most of the weight difference between the 12-16’s and 17’s and later can be both good and bad. I’d hate to have no skid plate, no kick starter (which I have needed once) and less oil in my engine. However a lighter lithium battery is nice to lose a couple pounds but is easily purchased. The stock tires on the 17’s are also a little lighter but they aren’t the best for offroad. By the time you equal everything out the weight difference isn’t much for what you loose.
  5. Wondering, does raising the rev limiter 500 put the motor at any risk over the long term? I would think that since ktm engineers designed the motor they would know more than anyone, including the vortex makers, on the safe rpm operating range. I’ve also read somewhere that Ktm lowered the rev limiter from the 12-16’s but aren’t the 17 up motors a little different? I know they hold less oil. Just wondering, and does the vortex change the rev limiter on the 12-16’s as well?
  6. Are you sure? I have the key eliminator on mine and everything goes off after 10 seconds on its own. Maybe a relay though. Spud, do you know?
  7. No mine only came with one throttle cam.
  8. Jeff, this may seem backwards but does the vortex allow you to calm down the throttle response and slow the bike down a bit. I ended up getting a throttle tamer cause I had a few close calls. I think if I could calm down the bike a bit it may be a little less fatiguing to ride long distance as well. I know getting the fmf pipe for my 16’ was the wrong thing to do for less performance but I really wanted the sound and look.
  9. Deepseadan

    2015 500exc popping on decel

    Hey spud so how many miles and hours do you have on your 500 now. What have you rebuilt or replaced on the motor, or bike for that matter?
  10. I own a 2016 500 exc with the euro map, desmogged, and fmf 4.1 titanium muffler. I have been hesitant to believe all the vortex claims that 17 and 18 owners have been raving about. My 16 has never had any flame out issues, pulls forever and has crazy power until the rev limiter. More than I’m ever able to use. I’ve ridden a 17 500 exc and thought it ran great but didn’t really push it because it wasn’t mine. But maybe ktm changed more than I thought from 16 -17. Has anyone on a 12 - 16 with similar mods like mine replaced their ecu with a vortex? Did it completely transform the bike?
  11. Deepseadan

    Can a kick starter break the case?

    I can kick start my 500 no problem but I’m to lazy to use it. Last year my son was 13 years old and weighed 108 lbs. He was able to kick start my 500 several times when I told him he was to much of wimp to start a 500. He did stand on the kick stand though. He is used to starting his rm250.
  12. Deepseadan

    2014 500 exc, so much confusion....

    Yeah I think you’re right about the intake noise being louder.
  13. I’m pretty sure my brother in law saw 110 mph on his 500 but that’s speedometer not gps. I suspect the Speedo was off since mine never saw those numbers, but I am heavier. I don’t think the at 109 “and still accelerating” is possible though. Unless of if you have a vortex [emoji849] and then it would 129mph and accelerating as I’m sure some on here would swear by [emoji23].
  14. The 350 or 500 would be a great choice for you. The 500 is going to feel a lot lighter than your klx250 because the weight is carried closer to the ground and it’s around 20 lbs lighter than your klx. The 500 also has very controllable power for cruising or with a handful of throttle it’ll put a smile on your face. I have a 2016 500 exc and absolutely love it. It’s a great bike for all ages.
  15. Deepseadan

    2014 500 exc, so much confusion....

    The fmf 4.1 with the dB killer installed is almost exactly as loud as stock. It’s a little deeper sound but not louder. In fact some of us think it’s even quieter than stock. I’ve never run mine without the dB killer either and my bike runs super smooth.