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  1. Deepseadan

    450L on sale already

    The added mark up is tax and licensing.
  2. Deepseadan

    450L on sale already

    Saw this sale at my local dealer in so cal. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it there for a while. I wonder if this is a trend, one time deal or they’re just not selling? I usually only see the sale papers on unsold older bikes, not current years. When the old ktm dealer was near me they couldn’t seem to get the 500 exc’s fast enough. Anyways anyone looking for a deal here it is I guess.
  3. Deepseadan

    450L & 450X similarity’s

    There’s people on these forums who post false information just to make a product look bad, even if there’s no truth to it. It sounds like you might be a little newer to the dirt bike / motorcycle industry so just be careful what you believe. You can easily get burned. Honestly, if you need any advice just pm me, I’ll help steer you in the right direction.
  4. Deepseadan

    450L & 450X similarity’s

    $4000? Man you’re really exaggerating if you’re claiming any bike needs $4000 to make them ready to ride, much less a ktm 500 exc. Everyone knows ktm makes the best dual sport bikes on the planet and even Honda can’t get close to them. The ktm 500 exc is what everything else is compared to. I challenge you to post the $4000 in parts needed to get the 500 exc “ready to ride”? I call bs on your post. You don’t have to make up stories to try and get your point across.
  5. Deepseadan

    2018 500 EXC-F won’t start

    Did you check the screen on the fuel pump?
  6. Deepseadan

    18 FC350 Rear too plush

    I have a ktm 500 exc and just went through this. Add a lot more rebound dampening first, then increase low speed, and last high speed. Don’t be afraid to use all the clicks to maximum in, they’re there to be used. Since rear shocks have a low, high and rebound adjustment they can usually be dialed in pretty well which I just learned. Springs are more for handling like turning and keeping the tire planted while climbing a hill.
  7. Deepseadan

    CRF450L Accessory Shopping List

    I got both a standard and low height seat concepts seats for my ktm 500 exc. I was very disappointed with both and I could feel the seat pan. My old Yamaha also came with one and it was to hard. The stock seats were more comfortable and I ended up sticking with stock on both. I think seat concepts seats are way over rated and priced.
  8. Deepseadan

    CRF450L Build

    Is that a top or sub mount for the Scott damper?
  9. Deepseadan

    Just a couple more hours - 2019 CRF450L!

    From the earlier posts the 450l seems to be having a lot more flame outs than ktms. My 16 never had one in stock condition.
  10. I had an amazing 2002 xr 400 with a full suspension revalve and respring, rev limiter box, desert tank, full exhaust, mikuni pumper carb, seat concepts seat and a ton of other things. I thought it was great. Then I rode a 2012 ktm 500 exc and it was a whole different world. Then a couple years later I finally had the money and nerve to get a 500 exc. The 500 is in a different world. It’s nothing like the xr400, really not even comparable. It handles so well it takes a sub par rider like me and makes look good. It’s hard to explain, the bike just goes and does everything with ease. The power is smooth and calm unless you decide to crank the throttle, then just hang on. The 500 also feels like a feather in comparison. The low center of gravity and it not being top heavy makes such a difference. I’m pretty sure that 450l is really good, but just doesn’t have a couple things I want. I like ktm’s brembo brakes and hydraulic clutch, clear gas tank, and the 25-30 lb weight difference is huge for me. But that’s just because I’m more of a dirt guy. If I leaned a little more towards the street or forest let roads I’d probably go Honda 450l.
  11. Deepseadan

    Honda CRF450L first 100 miles

    Mine is a 2016 and is remapped, it only came with the aggressive throttle cam. Mine is also street legal but I took my plate off cause I just went to the track.
  12. Deepseadan

    CRF450L Ride/Review

    I can tell you that I saw and sat on one at a dealer. It definitely felt more top heavy than my ktm 500 exc does. The ktm may only be 30lbs lighter, but they carry their weight lower. I agree on the reviews. I hate when people review a product and can’t say hardly anything bad about it. Every bike has something irritating and bad when it’s new. I knew the second I rode my ktm that the stock gearing was bad, its street handling manners were horrible (and still are), and I hated all the smog stuff. I watched a 450l new owner YouTube video yesterday that had a great go pro video of the first ride. I can tell tons from seeing that video. It definitely looks like the missing link between the pretty much full on 450 dirtbike with a plate ktm 500 exc and sloshy slow heavy DR-Z400. It’s probably more of a true dual sport than either.
  13. Deepseadan

    Honda CRF450L first 100 miles

    Nice looking bike excited for you. I really like the honda. Anyways, I have a ktm 500 exc and I’ve had quite a few close calls when I’ve accidentally gassed it at times. I bought a throttle tamer and it made a world of difference. The dirt tamer only affects the 0 - 1/4 throttle twist so 1/4 - full twist is still the same. These fuel injected bikes are super sensitive.
  14. Deepseadan

    FMF 2014 500 exc

    The 500 exc’s don’t have the spring tab.
  15. Deepseadan

    Best DOT tires in the sand?

    The best dot tires I’ve run in the sand are the metzeler 6 days extreme tires. They’re still not even close to dirt tires mx3s or irc m5b I currently have.