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  1. justarider

    fork oil leaking out

    If the seals leak, definitely they need to be replaced. Also if too much air pressure builds up in the fork leg, that can cause the seals to leak. Bleeding the excess air out of the forks on a regular basis is a good idea. Also as 2007RM250 said, any scratches or damage to the fork tubes will cause rapid fork seal failure. Keeping the bike up on blocks is a good thing for springs and tires. The springs don't sag down so much and the tires don't flatspot. Whenever possible, store the bike up on a stand.
  2. justarider

    07 kx250 clutch basket wobble

    Ditto on the washers. It sounds like the spacing is off on the clutch assembly.
  3. justarider

    05 250 fork oil height

    2005 Manual Says KX250-R1 = 300 mL (10.14 US ounces) KX250R6F = 310 mL (10.48 US ounces) I believe the KX250R6F is the European Model. You probably have the KX250-R1. This is the amount of oil that goes in the outer fork leg. The HP 5wt Pro-Honda fork oil, the pink stuff, works pretty good from my experience.
  4. justarider

    04 KX250F What do you think.

    I had an 04 kx250f. Run the other way and don't look back.
  5. justarider

    Why is motor oil leaking out of my air box??

    Too much oil on the air filter? Did you just clean and re-oil it?
  6. justarider

    I hate Everything! Help me with KX 80!

    Wow, that's a really nice looking 1994 KX80. Green Stickie Too !!!
  7. justarider

    Better desert gearing for KDX

    Go up 1 tooth on the front and try it. It's cheap, quick, and usually your chain will still fit. You might have to loosen your chain. If you go down a couple teeth in the rear, you will probably have to take a link or two out of your chain.
  8. justarider

    Chain Links - Stupid mistake

    I too have used two master links in a chain, the clip type, not the rivet type, and no problems. I seem to have problems with riveting chain links. Either I feel they are too loose, or I rivet them too good and the link binds. Can't seem to find the happy medium on the riveted chain links. Plus if you want to take a riveted chain off, you have to grind it, punch out the link, replace the link. I think the snap clip master links are fine as long as you get it snapped together properly, in the right direction.
  9. justarider

    Cleaning exhaust pipe ???? Best cleaner ??

    I've seen guys take their pipe off and put it in a campfire to clean it. Sometimes the pipe gets too hot, warps, and doesn't fit back on the bike. I know the propane torch method works ok, but it takes a while and smokes like crazy. You might find a radiator shop or engine shop in your neighborhood that has a heated acid tank. If you want to really clean it out, that might be an option, acid tanking it. Plan on repainting it afterwards though.
  10. justarider

    New top end, found something very unusual LOOK

    Crankshaft bearing seals leaking just a little bit? Pulling in a tiny bit of transmission oil through them and getting burned in the crankcase?
  11. justarider

    05 KX250 Power...

    My 05 kx250 had too much off idle hit when it was new. I put on an FMF fatty pipe, fmf q silencer, and 14 tooth front sprocket to tame down the off idle hit. Even with those mods the off idle hit is BIG. Idling along in first gear, on asphalt, if you blip the throttle to 1/3 or 1/2, the bike will stand straight up. Like SAPPERS said, I don't dare nail it with a handful of throttle when there is good traction. The low to mid is the "hang on" part of my powerband. Top end is ok, but nothing to get excited about. My reeds are stock, JD Jet Kit, wiseco piston-just a replacement that runs like the stock piston, no engine porting, no crank work, stock motor with just a pipe.
  12. justarider

    Any hope for this bottom end?

    I saw the pics and the word archaeologist came to mind.
  13. justarider

    kx250 front end sucks

    http://www.teamgreennews.ca/pdf/RS03-101e.pdf The above link should help you out with your suspension settings and get you in the ballpark. The stock front brake should give you nosebleeds when you grab a handful of it. Might be air in it if the brake is squishy, or a leak. Rear sag settings can affect the front end feel bigtime. Check out the settings in the link and have a buddy help you with the sag setting. Hope this helps.
  14. justarider

    2005 kx250 engine knock

    I believe what you are hearing is piston knock. My 2005 KX250 has a noticeable knock when it's cold. Once the bike comes up to temp, the knocking goes away. I've put 5 or 6 pistons through the bike, (stock and wiseco pistons), and they all have knocked when the bike is cold, but once the motor is up to temp, the knocking goes away. Never had a problem with the bike, it has been super reliable. If your rod clearances are in spec, I think you are hearing normal cold engine piston slap. I know what you are saying on the knock.... Mine does the same knocking routine when it's cold.
  15. justarider

    Just for fun

    We witch ya dale. (hickup) Nothin like a snort of premix to getcha goin.